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Cramming in Superheroes at an alarming rate

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In reply to an earlier post on 19 Nov 2014 13:59:42 GMT
Agree with you completely, but it's still not the Xmen as we know them form the comics.

Only Beast, Charles and Logan are actual X-men. Jean and Scott and Storm, Rogue (Fully powered up version), Gambit should be where they head into IMO, we know we are getting a Channing Tatum Gambit movie, so perhaps they are sewing the seeds for a more traditional Xmen line up further down the track with the characters I mentioned.

Posted on 19 Nov 2014 13:56:06 GMT
RAB says:
The First Class cast and films are far better than the originals anyway in my opinion.

In reply to an earlier post on 19 Nov 2014 13:45:31 GMT
Last edited by the author on 19 Nov 2014 13:46:46 GMT
TBH I think that's what will happen anyway, maybe there will be a plot point of Apocalypse that allows for the recasting of Logan

and Yes Singer and others deffo confirmed this is in the 80's but not that it's a trilogy, only that each film will be set in another decade, we could therefore get a 90's reboot, though Magneto and Charles will be looking a bit young to have a 90's set movie using those actors.

So maybe it will be the end of it and then they'll wait a few years and do a reboot, but studios very rarely reboot unless the BO is falling, I would have thought they'd want to keep going with the First Class cast with or without Jackman?

In reply to an earlier post on 19 Nov 2014 13:28:34 GMT
Wayne says:
From everything I've read it seems that apocalypse is defo set in the 1980's and it is part of trilogy which started with first class. It wouldn't make sense to recast wolverine as we know how things end up in 2023 based on DOFP. Unless they mess with time again.

Re cast him after Apocalypse.

In reply to an earlier post on 19 Nov 2014 13:09:41 GMT
I kinda hot the idea that this was now an alternate 'Locked' timeline and they be starting again with the next one?

I agree about Jackmans age not bothering me, but the actor himself has said he does not think he has too many left in him and they are recasting a the other, 'younger' roles in this one.

Just might be more tricky to recast later, unless they have both version in apocalypse, 2 versions of same character could work lol

In short I see what you mean but I think despite this it's gonna happen reasonably soon

In reply to an earlier post on 19 Nov 2014 13:03:50 GMT
Wayne says:
"The most important decision they have to make seems to be whether Hugh Jackman will reprise his role as Wolverine in this or they will recast a younger actor. There's 2 points here, one that we know Wolverine will still get another solo movie with Jackman as that's contracted, and it probably would be more popular to keep Jackman for the biggest enemy in the Xmen universe arguably. However there is also the fact that if you are going to recast him, which is ultimately inevitable given his age eventually, then this is a good movie to do it for the reasons that it might make sense given the previous movie timeline messing and the fact that the other stars of DOFP are so popular right now."

Totally disagree with any form of recasting for Wolverine. Not just because Hugh jackman is so good in the role but it just does not make any sense at all. We know due to his mutant healing powers that he ages very slowly and is the oldest of the mutants we have seen in the films so far. We know from Wolverine origins that Wolverine as an adult played by Hugh Jackman looks pretty much the same throughout the origins backstory and then all through the orignal xmen trilogy.

With first class a new xmen trilogy was set up and we get a hugh jackman cameo then a staring role in days of future past. Apart from a minor bit of ageing hugh jackman has kept in good shape over the years and looks good as wolverine now. The next film, apocalypse is going to be set in the 1980's and will start right off from the point where wolverine was rescued from the water in the 1970's in days of future past. What DOFP basically told us was that when wolverine was rescued his soul from the 2023 version of himself had left his body and returned to it's correct date meaning that 1970's wolverine will wake up from being rescued from the water with no memories of the events that happened over the previous few days from DOFP. He will not regain his memories until the 1973 version of himself gets to the same point in time as the 2023 version of himself was when he returned to his correct time, although as we know is a different 2023 due to the past being changed.

Its supid at this point to change the wolverine actor. If he is contraced for one more film then as the standalone wolverine films and the xmen films are made by the same studio I would ensure he is there fore the apocalypse film and only go ahead with a wolverine film if jackman wants to do it. If not this new trilogy of xmen films will be complete and give it a few years they can recast all the other xmen and start a whole new storyline if they want.

I will say I did not like the ending to DOFP. I think it was stupid to show the new 2023 as all happy and great with jean grey and cyclops back from the dead as the next film will be in the 1980's so unless they do another "we've messed with the timeline again" story then we alrwady know whats gonna happen at the end of the apocalypse film. Time travel is such a tricky thing to put into a film because it can mess up a story and be way to compicated.

Posted on 19 Nov 2014 11:47:03 GMT
Last edited by the author on 19 Nov 2014 12:43:24 GMT
Apparently Fox/Singer are recasting Cyclops and Jean Grey for Apocalypse as logic would have dictated.

Front runner for Jean Grey Is Hit-Girl Chloe Moretz whilst for Cyclops they want a relatively unknown actor who will commit to many movies and not cost a lot of money. The most important decision they have to make seems to be whether Hugh Jackman will reprise his role as Wolverine in this or they will recast a younger actor. There's 2 points here, one that we know Wolverine will still get another solo movie with Jackman as that's contracted, and it probably would be more popular to keep Jackman for the biggest enemy in the Xmen universe arguably. However there is also the fact that if you are going to recast him, which is ultimately inevitable given his age eventually, then this is a good movie to do it for the reasons that it might make sense given the previous movie timeline messing and the fact that the other stars of DOFP are so popular right now.

So that's what I want to hear about, oh and Bryan, please get some more spectacular action happening in this one, I really want to see the Xmen use their powers to fight Apocalypse. Singer needs to prove for me he can deliver a final act spectacular which is something I felt he never did well with any Xmen movie or Superman Returns that well, beginning's and middles he does do really well though.


Sony are in a real turmoil situation, they can't afford to spend the budget on a Spider-Man 3 and have it be as unpopular as Spidey 2 was, but they do not want to give the rights back to Marvel unless they can get some sort of win for them, so they can keep their shareholders happy.

So the rumours are that Sony plan to release lower budget films from within the Spider-Man universe to milk as much money as they can from it without taking any major risks until they can either sort something out with the future of their franchise or get a great deal off of Marvel.

The rumours are very worrying, they plan to release an Aunt May movie set in the past where she was actually some sort of Spy??? Pheck that!

They may also do a Spider Girl film where all these Spider-Ladies come together from alternative Universes and we still don't know what's happening with the Sinister Six movie.

The sooner Sony realise that they don't know what they are doing with this character and never did and give it back to Marvel the better for all us fans, but it's not about the fans in any way shape or fashion, it's about the money, I just wish Sony would realise to get the money, first you need to get the fans?

Meanwhile Marvel don't care, because in all honesty they really don't need Spider-man and don't want to appear like they are desperate to get him, there would certainly be no place for him in their universe for at least 5-6 years. Though I have a feeling that somewhere in that Phase 4 line up no ones knows but them, they'll have a little post it note with `Spider-Man???' and that could really kick their Phase 4 into gear as the Phase 1 guys get faded out, I am also going to assume that Tranks FFour movie will bomb and if they have started the Inhumans (2019) I could also see a little post it note with `Fantastic Four??' attached to it as well.

Truth is that Marvel can roll out their B and C line up now and still get more attention than Sony get, Fox do well with Xmen and Marvel will have no plans at all to get that back ever I doubt, but I don't see them equalling that success with Fantastic 4 because absolutely everything we hear about that movie seems wrong.

The cast, Reid Richards is too young and he and Sue look younger than Johnny. Johnny is black simply because they could. Victor Von Doom is not Victor Von Doom, but a computer programmer who goes by the name `Doom' online. And that's the thing, Fox have probably Marvels best ever villain in their hands and they fail to use him or even understand his character at all.

Dr Doom is the Darth Vader of the Marvel Universe, if used correctly, a super intelligent megalomaniac, but one who actually believes people would be better under his rule and he loves the people of his own country he is a dictator of. Builds suits as powerful as Iron-Man, and probably only outsmarted by Reid Richards in the Marvel Universe, but he can also be pure evil and the most ruthless amoral person ever.

Great character and one so powerful he is an enemy of not just the FFour, but of the Avengers, the Defenders, Spider-man etc etc.

The MCU would be richer place with him present, he could be the Loki of Phase 4 and 5, but Fox make him a computer programmer/hacker with the online tag of `Doom'

Galactus Wept.......

Then we have Fox inability to be able to do anything with Silver Surfer and Galactus - Imagine a Guardians of the Galaxy 3 which included Surfer and big G before he ever met the FFour on Earth?

This led me to think of what I'd love to see as the Phase 4 and 5 line ups, but these will never happen

Inhumans (Confirmed as 2019)

Dr Strange 2

The Spectacular Spider-Man

Fantastic Four

The Defenders (Including Strange, Daredevil, Cage, Iron-Fist, Jessica Jones, with a cameo by Spider-Man)

Incredible Hulk 2 Gamma World ( with Ant-Man and Wasp and Captain Marvel)

Spectacular Spider-Man 2

Guardians of the Galaxy 3 (Introduce Surfer and Galactus)

The New Avengers (FFour, Spidey, Strange, Ant-Man, Panther, Captain Mavel, GOTG stopping Galactus from eating Earth and the redemption of the Surfer)

Fantastic Four 2 (The Inhumans)

Yellow Jacket (Ant-Man 2)

Spectacular Spidey 3

Captain Marvel and Panther team up and romance??

Secret Wars part 1

Planet Hulk

Secret wars Part 2.

But that would all depend on the rights to Spider-Man and Fantastic Four going back to Marvel within the next 3-4 years, so it won't happen, but I can dream

Posted on 16 Nov 2014 17:42:09 GMT
Yes Cam, every time you use a torrent site a fairy dies. For the love of god Cam think of Tinkerbell!!!! For the record I haven't used blackbeard and chums for a while now but honestly don't see an issue. If anything it's more of a reaction to the more backwards business practices of studios and tv production companies. Clearly as they've changed (or arguably forced to have changed because of torrent sites) lots of people have shifted to more legal digital streams of media.

I saw some photographs from the BvS set showing a cinema that's playing The Mark of Zorro. Lovely stuff. That along with revisiting Batman's origins juxtaposed with Superman's (the death of Jonathan Kent) I find exciting.

In reply to an earlier post on 14 Nov 2014 18:59:47 GMT
Wayne says:
Cam, every time you use a torrent site its another user statistic which goes some way to justifying the sites existence thus enabling others that don't pay for stuff access to free pirate material. I'll say no more but maybe try and learn some patience. Its not up to you or me when a company releases their blu rays so we simply have to wait.

Posted on 14 Nov 2014 17:25:05 GMT
I'm happy to hear GOTG2 won't lean towards Earth and it's going-ons. I much prefer the idea that it keeps separate.

The Skye and her father sub-plot in AOS I've really liked, clearly we know where it's heading (in the bigger scale, if not the details) but I hope the series holds onto Skye's story and doesn't spin it off into the film. The other thing is the mention of Micro. Is that a hint at The Punisher? The hints he cameos in Winter Soldier. Not sure he'd work within a series like AOS though.

In reply to an earlier post on 14 Nov 2014 14:43:07 GMT
Last edited by the author on 14 Nov 2014 14:44:07 GMT
Fair enough,

They'll still get their full money's worth off me and to be fair I'd never do it at all if they released the Blu Ray quicker after Cinema release?

But they don't and I wanted to watch it again and not pay £20 again for the privledge.

Oh I also torrent TV shows that I have already paid for through Sky as well, just because its easier to watch when I want on my Laptop than save them up on my hard drive on the Sky +

Feel free to criticise, it does not shame me at all

In reply to an earlier post on 14 Nov 2014 14:19:03 GMT
Wayne says:
"Decent copy of GOTG on torrent now so watched it first time last night since Cinemas"

Shame on you Cam and telling the Amazon community you actively watch pirated films. Don't want to hear how you've already paid by going to the cinema or that your planning to buy the blu ray either. Neither justifies the blatant stealing that is piracy.

Posted on 14 Nov 2014 11:13:45 GMT
Ok after I give my thoughts on the future of the Marvel franchise James Gunn comes out and poo poos a part of it that night.

He says that GOTG2 will not be a direct lead in to Infinty Wars, and that his Franchise will likely start to branch things off even further from Earth and its conflicts.

Also it looks like Marvel AOS is going to be the thing that spawns the Inhumans Movie, this weeks episode seems to hint at Attilan, mythical home of the Inhumans.

Which is obviously what both Skye and her Father ultimately are?

Lastly they are shooting the Wayne death scene for Batman V Superman DOJ, so that's happening again, probably in flashback mode.

Posted on 13 Nov 2014 13:06:32 GMT
Last edited by the author on 13 Nov 2014 13:09:55 GMT
My synopsis of Avengers AOU from scoops rumours and my knowledge of the comics and cartoons, and how this will relate to phase 3

We begin I think we all know with the Avengers in Team mode assaulting a castle in Eastern Europe, a Castle housing Hydra and Baron Von Strucker (defacto head of Hydra). They have alien technology, they Have the Infinity stone of Loki's and they have both Quicksilver and Witch.

The avengers heroically mess them up, though things go a bit awry for Hulk when Witch puts some kind of vision on him making him go a bit mental and unfocussed ragey. Something Tony has been concerned about.

Iron Man is in the action as you'd expect, the aftermath of which is not exactly what's expected Hulk causes a bit of damage and we see protests against the Avengers from countries where they are not supported at all, there is a discussion in the UN about the omni presence of Avengers doing what they want. We also see that Iron Man is an Empty suit, Tony is safe back in avengers tower controlling the suit remotely or having it run by Jarvis?? He does not want to be Iron Ma anymore and he has some ideas about what to do about Policing the World, ideas he has kept form his Fellow Avengers.

We then get the completely confirmed Party Scene in Avengers Tower where they all try and pick up Thor's Hammer. And then Ultron appears, as we know it's a broken down poor version, easily dispatched by the Avengers, but then it starts to control all of Tony's Iron Man suits a la Iron Man 3 and the Avengers have to destroy them all, of course this was the purpose of Ultron inception, Tony wanted an AI that could independently run all his Iron Man suits like a Global Police Force.

The Avengers think they have destroyed Ultron, but of course he can simply download his consciousness digitally to any network.

In the aftermath, Tony has to explain to the rest of the gang that not only did he not tell them about all of this, but that he programmed Ultron to be able to find ways to deal with each of the Avengers and their abilities.

I'm not sure about some of the middle ground stuff here.

But ultimately Ultron will go to Hydra and try and get them on board, selling them on the fact that he wants to defeat the Avengers and put them in their place, and thus recruits Witch and Quicksilver to his cause and constructs himself a new body and some drones also with Hydra's help.

Of course Ultron has loftier goals, to wipe out Humanity completely, which is what will ultimately end up teaming Hydra with the Avengers most specifically the twins.

Ultron knows he has a weakness to Thor's hammer which no metal he can devise can withstand, but he knows that Captain America's shield can, he also has full access to all Tony's files and knows this Vibranium material comes from Wakanda, he seeks out Ulyssess Klaw, who is obsessed with the material to aid him in acquiring this from Wakanda, I think it possible we may see Black Panthers Father as King of Wakanda here.

The Avengers all fall out, with Thor decided to leave them completely, though Cap stays semi loyal to the cause and tries to rally them. Banner and Widow also stick around and Tony has to get `back' in the suit himself in order to stop Ultron controlling it.

The remaining Avengers attack Ultron in wakanda, or close by, but with Witch and Quicksilvers help they get their butts kicked, Witch sending Hulk into a rage against his own team and that's why Tony has to break out the Hulkbuster suit, which again he mentioned nothing to Bruce about and they are supposed to be fast friends.

Ultron acquires the Vibranium and the knowledge of the material by him is complete, he knows how to work with it using the help of Klaw and makes another new body for himself coated in Vibranium, aming him virtually indestructible.

He then starts to target the Avengers who he still see's as a threat, but his real intentions are revealed to Hydra. Though Thor had left, Ultron attacks him anyway, Thor's hammer is virtually ineffective against Ultron now and Thor is battered, the rest are attacked but helped by Hydra and they defeat scores of Ultron Drones.

Because Ultron is made by Tony, he also emulates Tony in many ways and decides to create his Own AI soldier to defeat his enemies, he steals Jarvis and turns him into Vision because he both hates Jarvis and Tony and wants to hurt Tony personally. Witch pretends to be still working for Ultron and somehow educates or convinces Vision that Ultron is Evil and that the Avengers are a force of Good, and that Human people are worth saving. Jarvis/Vision starts to develop emotional responses and `fall' for the Witch.

Thor returns to help the Avengers make a last stand against Ultron for Cap's sake and not Tony's and the fact he's raging with Ultron.

Final Battle time as the Avengers now aided by Witch, Quicksilver and Hydra led by Von Strucker make a stand against Ultron's plans (Don't know how exactly he plans to kill all humans). But Ultron has developed strategies for each and every one of them.

Thor is seemingly vaporised by Ultron, Cap's shield is smashed, Hulk is blasted into Space as he can't be `killed' and all looks lost until Vision steps in and defeats Ultron where the others cannot.

By the end the world is in a bad place, Cap and Tony fall out and Cap leaves to start a new team with Witch, Quicksilver, Rhodey, Falcon and Vision.

Tony wants to find a way to get Bruce back and make amends for all he's done.

They all think Thor is dead but we see him back In Asgard, Ultron teleported him there somehow using Jane Fosters technology, or worse he is in Ragnarok where he meets his father. There will be a scene of Loki as King of Asgard and Heimdall sworn to obey him alone as Odin is dead.

At some point Ulysses Klaw will be turned into Klaw the super Villain who can control sound, but he won't return until the Black Panther movie.

This will allow for the seeds to be sewn of Phase 3.

Caps' team versus Tony in Cap 3 Civil War. Black Panther will show up and Cap will get a new Vibranium Shield, this will be a direct sequel of Age of Ultron

Tony's side has to win in this movie, they have to show Cap getting it all wrong for once and for Witch and Vision especially to swap sides and end up back with Tony as he is doing the right thing for once. It's also possible that Cap may die because the plot of the Infinity Wars means he can be brought back from the dead anyway

Hulk to appear in Guardians 2, where he will get his butt handed to him by Thanos, this will be the `oh he's a bit powerful' moment leading up to Infinity War. I also think this will all be about Thanos gathering all the stones finally to himself.

Ant-Man will not focus on Phase 3 stuff by tie in events we saw throughout Phase 2 and cover more of a backstory style to introduce Scott Lang as one of the new Avengers

Thor Ragnarok will be a direct tie in from Thor's fate in AOU and I believe end up with Loki's Death (For real this time) or he'll flee Asgard with the Tesseract for Thanos as a peace offering and turn up again in Infinity War. I also think Thor will take his place as King of Asgard and give up in Earth, that is until Infinity War part 2 of course.

I think Black Panther will also lead off from AOU because of Klaw and the Vibranium etc.

And after that I have no idea about Captain Marvel or Inhumans, Dr Strange I really have no idea about, I think he'll be hugely importnat in the Infinity War movies, but its not a character I've read much of in the past

In reply to an earlier post on 5 Nov 2014 10:55:28 GMT
It's good to be British

Posted on 5 Nov 2014 10:21:39 GMT
Last edited by the author on 5 Nov 2014 10:21:52 GMT
RAB says:
Marvel have brought the UK release dates for Phase 3 forward.

Capt America Civil War - 29/4/16
Doctor Strange - 28/10/16
Guardians 2 - 28/4/17
Thor Ragnorak - 28/7/17
Black Panther - 27/10/17
Infinity War 1 - 27/4/18
Capt Marvel - 6/7/18
Inhumans - 26/10/18
Infinity War 2 - 26/4/19

In reply to an earlier post on 4 Nov 2014 16:45:59 GMT
Both sinister six and amazing spiderman 3 may well not happen. Personally I do to think they will, I see a reboot in Sonys future again.

Most looking forward to.... All of them personally I dare say I'll watch them all though after 2 episodes I think I've given up on Constantine and Gotham is looking like it's getting dropped too

Posted on 4 Nov 2014 16:12:39 GMT
AndyBSG says:
With 2014 winding down it seems the superhero renaissance is going to continue into 2015 with the following

Avengers: Age Of Ultron
Fantastic Four reboot
Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice
Captain America: Civil War
X-Men: Apocalypse
Suicide Squad
Doctor Strange
Sinister Six
Guardians Of The Galaxy 2
Wonder Woman
Thor: Ragnarok
Black Panther
Justice League: Part 1 & 2
Amazing Spider Man 3
The Flash
Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 & 2
Captain Marvel
The Inhumans

Not forgetting the TV shows

Agents Of SHIELD
The Flash
Super Girl
Agent Carter
Jessica Jones
Luke Cage
Iron Fist

Which of these are people most looking forward to, which are people dreading?

for me The Flash has always been my favourite hero after Nightwing. Managed to avoid watching the TV series so far as I want to binge them in one weekend once the series ends so looking forward to that. Not so sure about the movie so will wait and see on that.

Also looking forward to Black Panther, Dr Strange(purely because it will be a little different with the magic/supernatural angle) and more Arrow.

Obvious candiates for flops are Fantastic Four and Sinister Six. Also hope Reynolds does Deadpool justice and have to say that I could see the Netflix interpretations struggling becasue prime time TV shows have a hard time with the effects budgets needed for super hero shows so not sure how an exclusive online series can pull in the budget needed to stop it looking cheap

Posted on 3 Nov 2014 19:53:34 GMT
Peggy carter will be in 'Ant-Man' though probably briefly

Posted on 3 Nov 2014 11:47:37 GMT
So Idris Elba's Heimdall and Hiddlestons Loki will both appear in Avengers AOU

I'll post more when I have time about when and how I think we'll see them.

In reply to an earlier post on 1 Nov 2014 05:23:27 GMT
GOTG feels like an exception to me (biased maybe because it's my favorite comicbook film probably ever, sorry Dredd) because it doesn't feel like any of the other Marvel films. Thor, Capt America, Iron Man and Avengers all feel much the same. Obviously they have overlapping story arcs and sometimes the same characters popping in and out, but it's also an aesthetic style.

That's kind of why I'd like a few films from Marvel that don't fit within what's currently a particular style (even Agents of Shield, a series I really like, carries the style). I know at the moment that style is working like crazy so why should they change it. But maybe it'll give more longevity to each standalone hero story. I wonder once one goes, they'll all go (all your eggs in one basket and all that).

Posted on 31 Oct 2014 21:30:00 GMT
that movie looked great in 3d. but it did have too many villains. it was a mistake to do that. and the rhino is NOT a man in a armor suit, oh well. I hope they learn their lesson with this one.

In reply to an earlier post on 31 Oct 2014 09:38:11 GMT
I think well get planet Hulk in phase 4 but that won't be a down to earth thing at all lol

Also IMO Gunn is getting to do his own thing GOTG is only loosely based on the comics which were very average

Posted on 31 Oct 2014 09:03:06 GMT
Last edited by the author on 31 Oct 2014 09:05:40 GMT
My only concern (and having zero information except the title it's just a faint unease lol) is Avengers Infinity War Pt 1 and Pt 2. It's the two parts bit I don't like. So Marvel has done a really good job at having an over arching story between (amazingly) most of their running films/tv programs. The whole habit in films recently of Parts one and Parts two is a really bad one IMO. I find it a shame Marvel has gone down that route. Will Joss Whedon direct those films? Because that's one of the things about this that annoys me. I got not real problem with a pretty big influx of comicbook films though I worry it bins more original screenplays with maybe more interesting and original concepts. But clearly as they soak up good directors like Whedon and Gunn we don't get to see them make something different.

Shame there's no standalone Hulk film. I'd love to see Mark Ruffalo get a more down to earth standalone film. Something that ran more along the lines of the tv show.

In reply to an earlier post on 29 Oct 2014 15:36:16 GMT
Possible but feige said well only glimpse Wakanda so I don't think well actually see him till Civil War, could be wrong
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