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Posted on 11 Mar 2012 13:08:48 GMT
P. Cobb says:
Great Tut birdie still battering its beak against the window - boy, does it hate that other rival! It's taken to perching so far down the garden now and dive bombing kamikaze-style at the glass. Even if it decides it's taught the other one a lesson, it will have brained itself senseless. It's back again and attacking remorselessly as I type!

Mater not good. Had a 'special' call from the ward last night asking me to go in - thankfully it wasn't 'the' call, but because she was asking for me and they thought it might help her to settle. She was in a dreadful condition, gasping and sorely distressed. I was very concerned. Spoke to duty doc who told me what they intended doing. Stayed over an hour and decided to go once she seemed a little less agitated - after midnight with the hospital in nigh on darkness. Word has spread, so the Doc and No 1 son are driving down from Sheffield as I type to visit. Not pleasant; it makes me feel so helpless watching her.

On the up side, glorious weather today - and the St Paddy's day procession is taking place. Normally we would be there watching the various bands and floats, but have got to give it a miss this year.

Posted on 11 Mar 2012 14:22:42 GMT
I see it would be pointless - trying to hammer my point home - that for example you have nothing to tax yourself over so I am not going to try - nor will I try making you see that no son could have done more - and go about his daily life and care for a Family. I am just going to say - there now - what I think and allow it to slowly percolate through the sorrow and concern that you feel - so natural in you Paul - to feel helpless - I know that feeling because it has happened to me, more than once.
You do not stop grieving - perhaps - but day by day you get better at it, and comfort comes to you from many and varied sources.
Keeping you in best thoughts and prayers at this time and my best Respects to all concerned.

Posted on 11 Mar 2012 23:45:47 GMT
P. Cobb says:
Thanks Patti. Much appreciated.

The doc and no 1 son travelled down because the situation appeared grave. Mater had responded to medication by this afternoon and was far less distressed, more like normal, although a little confused, tired and still poorly. To see cardio team tomorrow. We all then went to see pater and the unexpected bonus for the day meant we could go for a pub meal together. So, what started off potentially serious ended up enjoyable. They've headed back up t'north now.

No 2 son had his own day out in London with girlfriend's family, but doc + no 1waited for his return for hugs all round before setting off. While they lived with us and were under each other's feet, doc + no 1 would fight like cat and dog. I always hoped that as they got older that they would appreciate each other more. They now get on well together, which is great to see.

Oh well, now another weekend gone without doing any assignments for college and will face pestering when I go again Tuesday. Hate to give up, but I can see me just walking away from the course as I have 9 assignments to be done for April and the pressure on top of dealing with my parents is getting to me. Such a waste of time though as I've been going there twice weekly since September.

Oh, well. 'Being Human' on tomorrow. Enjoying that.

Posted on 12 Mar 2012 07:36:41 GMT
I believe you will get all those assignments done - and done very well - you can be really surprised how well things can go - when a bit of emotional pressure is lifted - you will see - trust me I know about deadlines and assignments

Posted on 12 Mar 2012 09:33:22 GMT
P. Cobb says:
I know you do, Patti, and you are inspiration to us all, undoubtedly. The assignments, however, rank low on my list of priorities when the course was voluntary, when I didn't know at the beginning that there was to be that sort of input, when I don't need a BTEC to help me and when I can't see it assisting my work prospects - and when I face constant nagging every time I attend the sessions. The ONLY thing that stops me from walking is the poor example it would show my youngest son when we want him to be making supreme effort with his GCSEs! That, and the fact I HAD been enjoying attending until recently.

In reply to an earlier post on 12 Mar 2012 23:50:54 GMT
Hey! ... just received notification from Jackie Lawson cards that Hayley picked up the e-card I sent for her birthday today ( a month later!)

Sorry to hear your troubles continue PC.... I`m afraid you`ve gone the extra mile so don`t beat yourself up. Your mum`s in the best place for continued treatment. Take a bit of chill time... it won`t do any good if you get ill

Take care snails it`ll soon be time to spring clean the shells!

Posted on 13 Mar 2012 07:50:13 GMT
Last edited by the author on 13 Mar 2012 08:39:53 GMT
P. Cobb says:
Chilling is something many are saying, but it's not easy to switch off. Especially when I question some of the attention the hospital pay to her at times. Yesterday staff told me docs were considering her discharge for Thursday! I know that won't happen, but to be even told it makes me question how much the staff have their finger on the pulse. There is NO way she is ready for that. If we can see it, why can't nursing staff let docs know in no uncertain terms? Within a week, I'd be calling 999 for her again.

Being Human on LATE last night. Enjoyable again, but can't see it at the more sociable hour on Sunday, and Monday's time getting later and later. On 12.35 am last night!

In reply to an earlier post on 14 Mar 2012 23:54:05 GMT
I've been watching Being Human as well, Paul. Pure escapist TV for sure. I like it, poor Annie! taking care of the infant. love seeing familiar face-Arthur Weasley! woot!

I do so wish your mum could be transferred here. just in my little region here, there is several 'home care' divisions and 'step-down' facilities. i wonder why the doc is pushing to get her out. that is just weird. i wish I could help you somehow.
I'm cranky because 'The Hour' has been on every wednesday night at 9pm. now they have Kitchen Nightmares on! WHY!!! i hate cooking shows. series finale of The Tudors and then KN, THEN The Hour. grrr.

it was 25c!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! too hot for march in Dairyland. no snow left. maybe some up north, but really My-like weather. Saturday's St. Patrick's Day parade and Irish fest will be pleasant at least. It's also Hannah's 20th birthday. :) she gets a parade and festival on her birthday every year.

hugs to all!

Posted on 15 Mar 2012 12:18:55 GMT
P. Cobb says:
Always the Sunday before 17th here, Grach, unless it falls on 17th. Haven't heard how it went, though. Weather certainly was good for it. Bejaysus!

Hospital trying to get mater off oxygen dependency - she's not allowed it at home because she smokes, but her O2 levels drop when they stop it, so they are puzzling over that. Her appetite is non existant as well. They are awaiting results of some scans and echo traces at present.

Watched 'Love Actually' on dvd last night. Never seen it before. Loads of stars in it including Snape and Trelawny.

BTW, do you get the Brit sitcom 'Benidorm' there, or is the humour too 'British'? Had several series now. Would have thought it would never have survived longer than one series, but it seems stronger than ever at present. Last episode featured Argus Filch and a viagra tablet.

In reply to an earlier post on 17 Mar 2012 12:12:04 GMT
Benidorm? I bet I could get it on dvd from library. Filch and viagra-my brain just shut off. 'Love Actually' is now my favourite Christmas movie except for 'Hogfather'.
Would your mother try a nicotine patch for home use? Or has she refused that already? I see the people everyday who cannot quit smoking. It's a terrible addiction, worse than cocaine or heroin..

PARADE DAY! should be mid-to upper 20'sC today. The birds are singing their heads off now. This is the mildest March in recent memory. the Wolf River opened for navigation last weekend-'Pete and Joe's' boat floated loose. :) The local sportsmen's club tether a small boat with mannequins in it with the tether being a clock trigger. People can buy tickets to 'predict' when they break loose of the ice. It's a hoot. HAnnah turns 20 today. holy cow. eek.

well, must start the day. been listening to birds and sipping poor man's mocha. patting my lying dogs. They were already fed this morning, but swear they are starving. ha!

Posted on 17 Mar 2012 13:22:34 GMT
P. Cobb says:
St Pat's today, Mothers' day tomorrow, here. Out hunting for flowers for wifey; hospital don't allow flowers, so mater misses out this year. Scandalous how flower prices have been ridiculously hiked. They consider it a cash cow. They deserve to be stuck with loads on their hands - and I guess they will.

Great Tut still visting the kitchen window to fight his rival. I reckon he will be too brain damaged to mate afterwards!

Concept of Benidorm was basic; a hotel with regular Brit holidaymakers returning for every holiday they could manage. Brit hotel manager, and a randy, middleaged Spanish waiter. It seemed limited as to how far it could go, but by bringing in different characters, and by it catering for basest of humour, it has not only survived, but has gone from strength to strength. I originally hated first series as the characters were basically 'scummy', but now it is a must-see.

Last year, while in one of her in-stays, they put her onto nicotine patches and they were prescribed after she came out. She just drifted back onto the ciggies again, though, as she 'likes' smoking.

In reply to an earlier post on 17 Mar 2012 17:02:09 GMT
Last edited by the author on 17 Mar 2012 17:03:39 GMT
Just back from having a midday "tea" with mum to celebrate her 94th birthday (last Wednesday) & mothers day tomorrow
... 4 generations Toby, Lucy , me, & mum... plus David & Ric ... trouble is she gets a bit upset when it`s time for us all to go... we have to creep out gradually... still I think she has a lot more visits than many old people.
David`s ex partner in the paint sprayshop died last week so I have yet another funeral to go to... :( .... he was only 59, but like your mum PC couldn`t give up the ciggies, ... he had first throat cancer , then they found it had spread to his lungs
Glad I made David give them up ... I refused to have any ash trays around the house when we first bought one 30 odd years ago, & he got fed up with having to smoke outside!!

Hope Hannah is having a good birthday, Grach, & the St Patricks Day celebrations go well

Talking of tv progs I`ve been watching a series of Wormtail & his wife rounding Britain in an ancient barge. Apparently he had leukemia about 20 years ago & having recovered decided to take life a lot more easily, although it seemed a bit stressful on board at times... :)

Off to see to the ponies now ... TTFN

Posted on 20 Mar 2012 16:24:51 GMT
P. Cobb says:
Just heard that Vincent Crabbe, aka Jamie ?, has been sentenced to a spell inside for taking part in last summer's riots. How the 'mighty' have fallen. What a waste of a career.

In reply to an earlier post on 20 Mar 2012 18:11:58 GMT
Last edited by the author on 20 Mar 2012 18:12:58 GMT
The H.P. casting director was obviously a good judge of character!! .... :)

Only ten more posts to go on Snails 3!!!

In reply to an earlier post on 20 Mar 2012 23:41:58 GMT
Benidorm sounds a bit of a giggle.

so many folks have trouble giving up the cigs. it's the smoking/driving/talking on phone/after eating/at the pub/watching telly.......
it's tragic when people are so ill and just can't stop.

some young people just do not have good decision making skills. it is sad.

Mum and Dad came down here to visit and we had a nice breakfast at the local diner. dad is so very grumpy though. He is in good health except for high blood pressure and bad shoulders. but grrrrr. hehehe. drives Mum up a tree.

take care, have a good evening!

Posted on 21 Mar 2012 10:32:27 GMT
Last edited by the author on 21 Mar 2012 10:34:58 GMT
P. Cobb says:
Tim! Haley! Lina! Phoebs! Patti!

Come back for the end of Snails 3 virtual parteeeee!

Who's bringing the nibbles?

25 posts per page, 10,000 posts = 400 pages.
And what page are we on? Oo-er...

Posted on 21 Mar 2012 10:46:59 GMT
P. Cobb says:
BTW, just checked with Snails 2.

It took just 5 MONTHS for Snails 2 to complete 9999 posts and to get locked; Snails 3 has taken exactly 3 years.

Just 8 posts to go...

Who's bringing the party poppers?

Posted on 21 Mar 2012 10:55:46 GMT
I have managed some savouries - lickle pickles and olives - cheese and onion in little pastries - chicken wings - I have been busy - I was given some lovely puff pastry and they are so easy to make - some are on another end the table - for Vegetarian Peoples no ham no chicken but little Asparagus pieces - and the Ham and baby sausages are down the other end. I wonder if Lina might bring some nice Greek Wine

In reply to an earlier post on 22 Mar 2012 01:03:01 GMT
PARTY! I have chips n dip, fresh cheese curds from DuPont cheese plant. they squeak they're so fresh! Dobby's favourite too. :) soon my very soon.
JK Rowling will be so proud!

In reply to an earlier post on 22 Mar 2012 14:33:04 GMT
Well let`s see ... perhaps I`d better dig out the chocolate fountain again... if you all haven`t given up chocolate for Lent!!... :)


Posted on 22 Mar 2012 16:23:32 GMT
P. Cobb says:
Hmm, HP site. Let me see, chocolate frogs? Bertie Botts AnyFlavour beans? Puking Pastilles? Love potion choccies?

Should we avoid avything that arrives in a cauldron?

Some little flasks of Felix Felicis would be nice...

5 and counting down!

In reply to an earlier post on 22 Mar 2012 23:46:11 GMT
Canary Creams! *chirp, chirp* treacle tart? pumpkin pasty? The house elves broke in to the Zittau Cheese factory again and removed all cheese, butter, and heavy cream. We should probably get ready for quite the feast whipped together by our friends. woohoo! Dobby and crew are so lovely.

I have not heard anything from Hayley at all. *sigh*

Chocolate fountain sounds lovely. mmmmmmm

Posted on 23 Mar 2012 22:28:43 GMT
P. Cobb says:
Latest episode of 'Benidorm' just been on. I swear the writing just gets better and better. Defo non pc, but I've just had the best side-splitting laughter in absolutely ages. After coming back from the hospital and feeling low, it was just the tonic I needed. One particular scene set me off and I was in fits throughout the length of the ad break, and it just carried on afterwards - family concerned at the extent of my merriment. A real treat. Oh, 3 and counting - and stilll no Hayley!

Posted on 24 Mar 2012 00:14:57 GMT
I think this one is 9999 so only one more to go Well I hope to tell you that I wish Hayley and Tim back and send Greetings to PC and Grach and Lina and Mary-Ann of the islands when may we start another forum - I do not want to be the last to write here
Love to all Patti(((SNAILS)))

Posted on 24 Mar 2012 00:20:05 GMT
I did not want to be the last buit it looks like I was - and they seem to be giving me the place to write a new one Will this be Don't Kill Snails with Salt part four -
Hail all Snails - All Hail
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