I have a new lg hd tv and want to connect an old Phillips surround system to it and if its compatible
asked by francie rooney on 17 Nov 2013
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hi , all you need to do is look on the tv for the optical out/input which is a small plug hole approx 5 mm square, then look to see if this is on the surround sound unit, if so there will be no problem in using this, however if it isnt on the surround sound then it will be an old analogue system that will more than likely have phono plugs, if so then look on the tv for phono input/output, most modern tvs dont use phono anymore as optical is far superior, you may need to buy a new suurround system if thats the case, we know because we did exactly that, we couldnt use a sony analogue sa va 15 on anew tv even though the old sony is 10 times better than the new surround systems.
mrs n j hickman answered on 17 Nov 2013
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Sorry I don't know about your system but I CANNOT connect to my Panasonic LCD TV. I contacted Panasonic and they confirmed it is not possible so I suggest before buying that you contact Phillips.
Dorothy answered on 19 Nov 2013
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