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Welcome to the Bose ® Store at better sound matters. Here you will find exciting new products that allow you to get the most out of your music, movies and games. Search for Acoustic Noise-Cancelling ® headphones, audio and mobile headphones, wireless speakers, SoundDock ® for iPhone and iPod, Bluetooth headsets and computer speakers.

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At the Bose UK store at we stock a wide range of high quality Bose UK audio products. Our Bose UK selection includes: Bose headphones and Bose earphones for those who listen to music on the go. The Bose Quiet Comfort noise cancelling headphone range offers active noise cancelling technology, reducing ambient noise that surrounds the listener - ideal for travellers and frequent flyers wanting a peaceful journey or flight. We also stock Bose headphones and Bose earphones designed for those who listen to music during exercise. These Bose earphones, featuring a secure fit design, ensure great sound while running.

For those who have music on their mobile phone, tablet, Apple iPhone or Apple iPad, and wish to listen better sound, whenever, wherever, without the cables, the Bose Soundlink ® Bluetooth ® Speaker range is perfect. The Soundlink Bluetooth mobile speaker works wirelessly with Apple, BlackBerry and Android devices, and equally with tablets and laptops, by simply pairing a compatible Bluetooth-enabled device.

Our Bose Sounddock ® range for iPhone and iPod, at the Bose UK store at, gives the listener the ability to dock their Apple iPhone and enjoy quality sound within the home. Eliminating the need for cables, docking is quick and easy, whilst the sound is crisp and balanced.

For an immersive sound experience, the Bose Cinemate surround sound, speaker system range delivers compelling sound, bringing out the full audio potential of your HDTV when watching a movie or sport, playing a gaming or listening to music at home. Bose speaker systems, such as the Bose Cinemate range, comprise of compact but powerful speakers and an Acousticmass module. Simplified setup means only a few connections must be made.

The Bose Solo TV Sound System is ideal for those looking to enhance their Bose TV experience, revealing depth and sound detail to everyday TV shows. The Bose TV sound system experience, courtesy of the Bose Solo TV system, allows the listener to hear what they have been missing. Sold at the Bose UK store, the compact Bose Solo TV system is a single speaker solution that, like many soundbars, fits neatly beneath your TV with only one connection needing to be made.