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Welcome to the Pacsafe store, the destination for anti-theft travel gear. Utilising eXomesh technology, a strong and slashproof wire mesh encases your valuables. Find a great selection of backpacks, travel accessories, handbags, camera accessories, locks and wallets.

Pacsafe anti-theft travel gear

About Pacsafe

As the old adage goes, necessity is the mother of invention. Sitting on the rooftop of the Palace Hotel, Pacsafe co-founder Rob Schlipper, witnessed as furor erupted in Tiananmen Square. Forced to evacuate from China, Rob discovered all too late his belongings had been stolen from his backpack. This was just one of the classic experiences over many years of traveling that inspired Rob and his business (and travel) partner, Magnus McGlashan to develop eXomesh® technology, the foundation for the Pacsafe product line today.

Outpac Designs Ltd’s, makers of Pacsafe travel security travel products was formed in 1997, their goal is to design and manufacture high quality travel gear, prevent theft, and protect travelers’ possessions and valuables. Their mission is to continue to create revolutionary security solutions for an increasingly mobile world. They want their customers to remember their trips for all the right reasons and to give them peace of mind so they can enjoy their adventure. In order to do so, Pacsafe continue to travel extensively, listen to real travel stories and work hard at coming up with practical and affordable solutions.

Pacsafe is the leading manufacturer of innovative anti-theft products. Starting out with a single award winning product, the company has developed into a full line of travel security products including adventure, urban and leisure, women’s, computer bags, motorcycle gear and travel accessories. While the company has broadened their product scope over the past decade, what has not changed is their commitment to deliver the most innovative, travel security products in the marketplace, governed by the belief that “when your gear’s secure, you can do more”.