Has anybody got this working with Sky Anytime+? I have a connection between router and the Sky box - but not a link into the On Demand service since changing from old modem/router. What settings do I need to have - I'm using PPPoA and changed it to LLC.... what else am I missing?
asked by C. Johnson on 3 Feb 2014
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The TD-8817 is a simple modem/router with one output. If you have connected directly to your tv it will not be easy to troubleshoot it. Have you connected it to a computer (directly or via a router switch), or is connected to a wireless router? You need to be sure it is working correctly on a computer. Next, are you sure that it is actually operational on your tv? the Sky+ box must be signed it to the router with a password. Finally, if your connected wirelessly, be sure your have s strong enough wireless signal getting to the tv.
Paul C. Taylor answered on 3 Feb 2014
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There is a TP-Link helpline 24/7 on 0845 1470017 or at support.uk@tp-link.com
Stuart Brockbank answered on 3 Feb 2014
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