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on 7 August 2012
I'm 36. I've been a member of a gym for 22 years. I pay 40 pounds a month. Thats over £10,500 I've spent.
I love working out, feeling fit/pumped/ripped/toned. I don't really like smelly changing rooms, especially in wet winters.
I bought the Ztrainer for my home gym. I have cancelled my gym membership. I no longer need it.

To clarify: as a new father i no longer get to the gym 4 times a week. I started building a home gym in my basement 2 years ago - bench, squat rack, free weights, mats etc. Simple stuff.

I've now added the Ztrainer - suspended to a hook in my (concrete) ceiling. Its replaced 90% of my weight work. Now I do bodyweight stuff with the XT system. Its awesome. And controlled. And secure. And i can do 10 minutes or an hour - and feel the benefits immediately. And see them too.

Note: I also took it on holiday with me - barcelona - hooked it to goalposts and volleyball posts in play areas/beach. Worked perfectly. Took it to the park - hooked it to a tree. Got told to take it down (botanical garden you see).

I've used it hooked to doors - and although doing chest flys and pushups isnt quite as effective as when you have it hooked to directly above your head - its still better than using a bench.

If you're looking to get TONED, and generally just feel toned (like you own your body). This could be your best investment ever. (and if you want to add muscle - use this - and eat right. Sixpacks are made in the kitchen)

Now, what to spend that extra £500 a year on?.......
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on 31 December 2010
I run a Personal Training studio and outdoor Boot Camps and I have to say this is by far the most versatile piece of equipment on the market.

You can have 1 or 2 people using each unit at the same time, you can do pushing, pulling rotating actions, I can get my clients to use their legs, abs, upper body the limits are endless.

It has also been great for my clients that work away and spend a lot of time in hotels as they are able to keep their training up by taking one of these with them due to the light compact nature.

I previously used another major barnd for my suspension trainers but with these being UK made and half the price plus the ability to have two user on the at the same time I am totally converted.

When my new studio openes in March we will be purchasing more units and running Z Trainer classes.

Definate 5 stars from me!

Mark Tipping
Body Fix Fitness Ltd
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on 23 January 2013
Never written a review before, but felt compelled with this item. It is brilliant. I have been training for 20 years, and use all sorts from regular weights to a Bulgarian Bag and Kettlebells. I am a fit chappie, but after my first hour with this I realised that I am not indispensable. It is well made, compact and offers a multitude of exercises that you can perform at infinite levels of self changeable resistance according to where you position yourself and how long the straps are. I have never used the TRX, but do not see how it could be worth double the dough. This offers separate straps too, so you can train using them singularly. I did question how this could cost nearly £100, but when you see the quality and attention to detail you will understand. I can't really say much more, apart from very pleased. Made in England too!
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on 21 June 2012
I'm a personal trainer and was using a different brand suspension trainer. I needed another one but really didn't want to pay the best part of £200. I found out about the Ztrainer but thought the price was too good to be true so was quite dubious when ordering. It came the next day with an exercise manual which is really handy. I'm so pleased with it, there is no need to pay more when the Ztrainer does everything that the more expensive makes do. And in fact I prefer it as you can remove one of the straps for single arm exercises which you can't do with the other brand I was using. I use the Ztrainer in my classes and always tell people to buy one of those rather than a different suspension trainer. Really excellent value for money - would definitely recommend to potential buyers!
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on 14 May 2013
Very pleased with this -- a high quality product with no skimping on materials.

Still quite expensive though and I was a bit reluctant to fork out extra for the door anchor, especially as it doesn't look like much in the product photo. I was easily able to improvise one by putting a couple of knots into the webbing strap that comes with the core product. These are big enough to wedge on the other side of the door frame, and on my door still leave the handles at the correct height between knee and waist. Maybe worth trying before buying the separate door anchor if you are also feeling tight...
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on 1 November 2012
I would like to say what a great piece of exercise kit the Z-trainer is. It is the best money I have spent on a piece of gym kit. It is worth its weight in gold! I bought it in the summer after some extensive online research into suspension training equipment. Suspension training caught my attention last year when I first saw the TRX but I was slightly put off by the price even though I thought it was an excellent piece of kit which had been well thought out, packaged and marketed.

When I revisited the idea of buying a TRX recently I also wanted to compare other similar suspension trainers. There were a few others that I looked at which were both less and more expensive and also marketed more but the factors which persuaded me to buy the Z-trainer were its elegant design and reasonable price.

The product created is probably just as good as the TRX (I have never used one.). It is beautifully designed, well built and it does look sexy as the creator says!

I have now been using the Z-trainer for almost two months and I can say that I thoroughly enjoy using it. I use it in the morning and in the evening, perhaps four or five times a week and the I can both feel and see the results of the hard work that I have put in when using it. I have only followed the basic exercises but look forward to exploring how else I can use it to push myself to another level of fitness.

I have travelled with the Z-trainer and have now used it in the UK, HK (Hong Kong) and in Saudi Arabia. I can say it travels well. Light and portable and indeed very versatile - you can indeed keep up your fitness routine without needing to find a gym.

In summary, an excellent piece of exercise kit which gives a great workout!
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You know what it's like, a new piece of training equipment or running shoe is launched and looks interesting until you get to the high price. That's what I was like with the TRX suspension system. Then if you see something much cheaper, you question whether it's any good. That's where I was with the Ztrainer, so it was a leap of faith to order it.

What do you get as standard?
The suspension system is constructed from 25mm wide robust polyester webbing. A single piece of webbing is used to fix to a support and adjusted to length by a spring loaded cam buckle; the buckles are stated to be rated at 450kg each. That webbing support has a O ring rated at 500kg that is used to fix two climbing grade carabiners, one for each of the adjustable straps fixed to the handles. The straps to the handles also have the same type of buckles as the supporting strap. Handles are chunky foam with a tubular core. It packs away into a nylon carry bag 440mm x 370mm that has enough space for some kit as well. The system includes a booklet with instructions, and illustrations of exercises to get you started.

What are the options?
There is an anchor strap for use on a door; this would need some care for any make of suspension system as most internal doors in a house are not solid. A Velcro strap to use in place of the supporting strap that comes with the Z Trainer. A stainless steel wall fixing plate. A spare support strap that allows the handle straps to be detached and fixed one to each support strap to do chin-ups etc.

How good is it?
I'm able to use the Ztrainer alongside a TRX in my local gym. The Ztrainer is easier to adjust than the TRX. When I put one foot in the handle loop the of the Ztrainer the other handle stays at the same level. Unlike the TRX the Ztrainer can be used with just one handle strap, so that two people can use it without affecting each other; great for personal trainers. The Ztrainer foam handles fit better into the hand are move more freely than the TRX when doing press-ups face downwards at 45 degrees. The Ztrainer doesn't have foot loops - the TRX does - and during abb pikes my feet rolled over the Ztrainer handles and ended up at my ankles. I fitted my own foot loops to the Ztrainer by using 25mm wide luggage straps cut into two 500mm lengths threaded through each handle, overlaying the ends by 50mm and sticking with two part epoxy glue, and leaving for 24 hours to harden. The end result is better than the TRX.

Well made, ease to use, considerably cheaper than the main competition and, designed and marketed by a UK Company. You can see the Ztrainer system on YouTube when Zita Alves does a presentation at a UK Bootcamp event
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on 11 April 2011
The Z Trainer has made a fantastic difference to my training and that of my clients in the last few months. I use it in my gym and outdoors, its highly portable, versatile and fantastic value for money. Its one of the few bits of kit that allows you to do pulls at all angles and is flexible enough that you dont have to be particularly strong to use it. The straightforward instruction manual makes it simple to set up and gives you a good range of exercises to get you going. Easily 5 stars from me
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on 30 June 2011
The Ztrainer is a simple but effective piece of fitness equipment. It adds a new dimension to bodyweight training. You need to have something secure that you can attach it to that can support your full bodyweight. I have mine attached to a pull up tower. I have a large UFC grapple bag laid across the base at the other side of the tower to stop it from rocking or falling over. Without the seven stone bag I couldn't use the Ztrainer so I had to improvise. You can buy a separate door anchor that should enable you to use the Ztrainer when attached to a sturdy door that can shut fully in its frame. Unfortunately, the doors in my home are not that good so that option is out for me.

There's a reasonable number of exercises that can be done using the Ztrainer and I often improvise and come up with some movements by myself. The degree to which you angle your body will control the level of resistance so you can make some exercises easier or more difficult as you progress. Using the Ztrainer is rather like gymnastic ring training. If you've ever seen a gymnast using the rings then you have some idea as to how suspension training works.

A good product that I wholeheartedly recommend.
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on 9 June 2011
I bought this before I bought a TRX and I prefer this. Both do a good job. Both highly portable but for me the karibiners make such an easy piece of kit to set up and start training. Or lash a strap round a tree and off you go. Also at half the price than a TRX its a no brainer.
You can do ever exercise you can with a TRX. So save some money and get this. It's light and easy to carry. I will take it with me when I run and will do little sets here and there or sometimes when I'm with my dog in the woods I will get a work out and let the dog have a run at the same time ....awesome!
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