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X42 Xbox 360 Headset - CAN/EU
by Turtle Beach
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The headset is wireless yes, it connects to a Device which is connected to your console by wire. The only wire connected to the headset is the chat wire which can be removed at will
29 Apr 2014 by Michael
Yes it has an in line mic control volume and mute. Most turtle beach have these. Best wireless headset Ive had. still working like new best for under £150
25 Jan 2015 by tobytop
Sorry Archie, I don't know the answer to this
13 Jan 2015 by BryanD
They work perfectly out of the box as surround headphones. You'll need the xbox controller adaptor though if you want to use them for in game chat.
29 Nov 2014 by Mr O M Grist
According to the Turtle Beach website it works on Xbox One but not PS4. The XP400 works on XBone/360/PS3PS4 (with a proprietary adapters for latest gen) as does the PX4.
27 Nov 2014 by Dan
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