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World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor (PC/ Mac DVD)

by Blizzard
Windows XP, Mac OS X

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Edition: Collector's Edition
This item will be released on November 13, 2014.
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  • Drop into the action at level 90 with a character boost (available upon release)
  • Stake your claim on Draenor by building and customising your own Garrison
  • Behold striking new character art and experience intense battles in great detail
  • Unleash powerful new abilities and quest through 10 new levels of epic content
  • Includes art book, behind-the-scenes DVD/Blu-ray, soundtrack, mouse pad, and digital bonus items

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Edition: Collector's Edition
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Game Information

  • Platform:    Windows XP, Mac OS X
  • Media: DVD-ROM

Product details

Edition: Collector's Edition

Product Description

Edition: Collector's Edition

Product Description

Mount a desperate charge on Draenor with new player character models and lead the armies of one world against another
Mount a desperate charge on Draenor with new player character models and lead the armies of one world against another. view larger

Carve a path through history

It is the era of an Old Horde, forged with steel rather than fel blood. A union of great orc clans, the Iron Horde, tramples the planet Draenor beneath terrifying war machines. Azeroth falls next. Worlds uncounted will follow.

You must mount a desperate charge on Draenor – savage home of orcs and adopted bastion of stoic Draenei – at this pivotal moment. Your allies are legends from across time; your fortress a foothold in an alien land. Lead the armies of one world against another, before the future itself is unmade.

Heroes reborn – new character models

With Warlords of Draenor, classic Warcraft races sport higher detail, updated animations, and new visuals that reflect the soul of their original models: teeth, bones, beards, 'hawks, and all. Look ready for action. Be ready for action.

Arise a champion – level 90 character boost

Pre-purchase now for an instant level 90 character boost
Pre-purchase now for an instant level 90 character boost. view larger

Opposing the Iron Horde are the heroes of Azeroth, at the heights of power for which they've always been destined. Even if you're new or returning to the game, Warlords empowers you to boost one of your characters to level 90 and master new abilities at the gateway to Draenor, so that you can charge into grand combat right away. Play the races and classes you've always wanted to try, wage war alongside your friends, and take your place among Warcraft's finest.

Take command on Draenor with garrisons

To clash with the greatest army Draenor has ever known, you'll need your own forces and your own fortress. Construct a mighty garrison: an enduring home base integrated seamlessly with the world, not a hiding spot far from the action. Customise it with specialised structures like farms, stables, armouries, workshops, and more.

Establish trade routes and unlock new quests, gear, and pets to support your war for Draenor. Recruit stalwart followers to man your base, and send them to loot dungeons, fulfill missions, and craft items, even if you're offline. Tame a deadly realm and build an unbreakable monument to victory.

Journey to a mythic time – story, heroes, and villains

Before the orcs first invaded Azeroth, the Iron Horde rose to dominate a historic age. Only the heroes of past and present still defy the warlords of Draenor. Through a refined, flexible questing system, you'll meet storied heroes and villains in battle without slowing your exploration of a forbidding land. As you and your allies win victories, you'll be duly rewarded – any quest can randomly award bonus rare or epic items. Stand beside legends. Break the tide of steel.

Dwarf. view larger
Tauren. view larger
Gnome. view larger

Brave a savage world

Draenor is a land of magma and metal, stone and steam. City-forges wrap her twin moons in smog, and wheels deform the earth. Vicious saberon, winged arakkoa, spike-skinned gronn, and more unusual creatures rule the edges of the world, feasting on anything they kill.

Enigmatic Draenei refugees have built a coastal foothold into a glimmering state replete with the libraries and worship-halls of their timeless civilisation. Meanwhile, the Iron Horde's slaves labour on engines of war pointed at the Draenei and worlds beyond. Kingdoms, clans, tribes, men, women, children – all are tense as coiled muscles.

Frostfire Ridge

Frostfire Ridge is a harsh land of ceaseless winter and volcanic peaks, where travellers encounter molten lava as often as painfully cold snow. Rock-hewn Bladespire Fortress, built to grandiose heights by the ogres who occupy its halls, is one of the few structures able to remain standing amidst this inhospitable wilderness. It's the perfect target for the survivalist orcs of the Frostwolf clan.


The industrial development of the Blackrock clan has left the once glistening oasis of Gorgrond a desolate, rocky badland, its only remaining natural produce the steam that boils up from massive vents beneath the earth. Gorgrond has become the source of the Iron Horde's arsenal – its foundries churn out weapons, armour, and torrents of smoke great enough to be seen from neighboring lands.


Seafaring ogres claim the south of windswept Nagrand, and they seek to dominate both the land and the orcs who dwell upon it. But more cryptic threats abound: a strange mist pours from the centre of the plains, embodiments of nature stir around the Throne of the Elements, and the otherworldly crystals of Oshu'gun draw questers and fortune-seekers from all over Draenor.

The continent of Draenor
The continent of Draenor.
The Draenei city of Karabor before it became the Black Temple.
The Draenei city of Karabor before it became the Black Temple. view larger
Talador, home zone of the Draenei in its original, pre-shattering glory
Talador, home zone of the Draenei in its original, pre-shattering glory. view larger
Tanaan Jungle

In primordial Tanaan, even the plants have teeth. Darkling fronds stab out at unlucky wanderers, or conceal canyons that plunge miles deep beneath the canopy – and these are far from the jungle's worst dangers. Each day, warlords fell even wider stretches of Tanaan's wilderness, striving to construct an apocalyptic device that will finally rend the gates of space and time for conquest unending.


Talador is the heart of Draenor. It rests at the crossroads of the continent, divided by rivers that flow from the Sea of Zangar and enable marine trade and movement from east to west. At the centre of Talador shines the glorious cathedral city of Shattrath: a museum metropolis, an architectural marvel, a preserved recreation of ancient draenei culture – entirely occupied by the Iron Horde.

Shadowmoon Valley

Hidden under a shroud of perpetual night broken only by bright starlight, the lush, idyllic forests of Shadowmoon Valley are home to a majestic Draenei tomb and sanctuary, Karabor. While many of Shadowmoon's denizens study prophecy among Karabor's ancient stone circles, plotters with darker ambitions lurk in the valley's vast underground cave network, gazing greedily at the sacred temple.

Spires of Arak

For travellers limited to two legs, Arak is an autumnal, swampy forest, framed in crooked trees that rest chin-level with giants. High above the trees towers a landscape rarely seen by outsiders: impossibly tall rock spires too steep to scale. The Arakkoa gaze out from these treacherous perches, watching their land like incarnate gods and paying homage to the blessed sun by burning the 'low races' alive.

Collector's Edition

The Collector's Edition contains the following extras: full colour hardcover art book, two-disc behind-the-scenes DVD and Blu-ray set, soundtrack CD, mouse pad, and digital bonus items. The digital bonus items include the following:

  • World of Warcraft: Dread Raven Mount and Dread Hatchling Pet – Swoop down from the dark of night on the black-winged Dread Raven, a mortal progeny of Anzu, and devour your prey in your next Pet Battle with the adorably ferocious Dread Hatchling.
  • Starcraft II: Warchief Portraits – Summon the strength of two of the most fearsome Iron Horde warchiefs, Grommash Hellscream and Blackhand, as you clash in the Koprulu sector in Starcraft II.
  • Diablo III: Warsong Pennant – Brandish this battle-torn pennant on your back, and channel the rage of the Warsong Clan against the demonic forces of Sanctuary in Diablo III.

Box Contains

1 x Game disc
1 x Battle.net code
1 x Hardcover art book
1 x Behind-the-scenes DVD and Blu-ray
1 x Soundtrack CD
1 x Mouse pad
Digital bonus items

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Edition: Collector's Edition