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Wolfenstein: The New Order (Xbox 360)
by Bethesda
4.3 out of 5 stars (51)
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No, you don't.
16 days ago by Amazon Customer
hey sure um its not too hard depending on what difficulty you have it on I started on casual and started finding it hard about 4th level in so I changed the setting to can I play daddy the easiest setting and it was much better. some parts you do it takes a while to find your way through on the moon base level I came across a door which was locked or an area with several locked doors so I thought how do I get past her and usually it was back tracking a little or finding a crawlspace a few times I died some of the boss fights Nazi robots are difficult and you do get areas with lots of enemies who shoot at you a lot till you die because there more them than you but its not a difficult game its quite fun the last boss fight was hard but that was because I didn't know how you beat the guy in the mech. use your laser gun to cut through the wall and hide behind cover you come across a bit with loads of health armour guns ammo grab the lot and run to the two gun turrets and take out both blimp air ships deathes head final boss will fall into an underground bit and just run around aiming for his head on the mech hope that was helpful and you really enjoy the game as much as I did
29 May 2014 by Mr. Robert Watling
No, only single player.
25 May 2014 by BR
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