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on 11 February 2012
I purchased this for my Nikon 3100 and on the first attempt I could not get this to work. I then read the previous reviews to find some say that the 3100 doesn't have wireless capability. I thought I should have done my research better.
Then a few days later out of stubbornness I decided to try again before possibly returning the product. I checked the 4 little switches on the remote and the receiver were in the same position and these were correct. Then the eureka moment... I noticed a on/off switch locatated were the cable to the camera leaves the receiver . I switched it over then pressed the remote...IT WORKED!!
Maybe the lack of instructions with the product or an oversight on my part but I can confirm that this product DOES work on the 3100.
Overall I'm now a very happy with the product.
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on 29 December 2012
I bought one of these recently (Dec 2012) and got it working perfectly on my NIKON D3100 - but I did have to overcome a couple of simple problems. Overall, I am really happy now, and it is a good price. The lack of instructions is the downside. Even the support website on the box does not work.
Thanks to other reviews, I found the switch on the main unit. But I still could not get mine to work. Then I found that the supplied CR2 battery came wrapped in a thin polythene film - it looked part of the battery - but was there just for protection and covered the terminals. So I cut that off and all was fine.
As stated, the kit comes without instructions, so here is my step-by-step guide on my D3100.
1. Empty the box, you'll have the main unit (one with cord attached), the remote activator and the CR2 battery.
2. Remove any sealing film from the CR2 battery, and insert into the battery compartment in the main unit.
3. Slide the switch on the main unit inwards, the LED should glow for a second.
4. Plug the cord into the side of the D3100 - it is the top rectangular connector, marked as GPS, it is the only one of the correct shape. But which way? On the metal plug at the end of the cord, there is a small groove - align that with the small slot on the socket on the camera. Alternatively, there is an arrow marked on the rubber "grip" at the end of the cord - align that with the arrow near the socket on the camera. Make sure it goes in all the way.
5. Turn on the camera. Use Auto initially to ensure everything works easily.
6. Now use the button on the top of the main unit just as if it were the shutter release button on the camera. Half-press the button and the LED on the main unit turns green and the camera starts to focus. Press the button fully to take the shot.
7. To operate using the main unit like this, it is not necessary to have its button switched on, or even have the battery - they are only required for the remote.
8. Now for the remote. Make sure the switch on the main unit is on (slide inwards as above). Slide the switch on the remote activator away from "B" and towards the time symbol.
9. Half-press the button on the remote activator - the LED on it and the main unit will turn green and the camera will focus.
10. Fully press the button on the remote activator and then release it. This will turn the LEDs red and start a 3 second delayed shot - identified by the LED on the main unit flashing RED.
11. The "B" setting on the remote is used when "Bulb" mode is used - and opens and closes the shutter as you press and release the button on the remote.
12. You can mount the main unit on the camera's hot-shoe, but it blocks the flash - so I don't.
13. On both the main unit and the remote, there is a bank of 4 micro switches covered in film. These should not be touched - but on mine, the tiny switches are all set identically.
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on 20 January 2012
No instructions included, basic packaging but not difficult to work out even for a novice like me.
It works through walls any direction inside and outside, no cables, distance restrictions no problem,
good value, good service, a must buy, I use it with the D7000.
Yorkshire people like value for money this one hits the nail on the head. Superb
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on 2 August 2012
I am delighted with this item and it does exactly what it says on the tin. However, the remote comes with no instructions and does not necessarily work straight out of the box. It consists of two parts, a receiver and a transmitter. On the back of each is four tiny buttons. If the receiver does not pick up the transmitter you need to make sure that the buttons on the back are switched to the same positions on both. Also, there is a less noticeable problem. The little battery that comes for the receiver is wrapped in this celophane. It is wrapped so well you could be forgiven for thinking it is intended as part of a sealed battery. IT IS NOT. If you don't take it off the battery will not work. Other than that it is a delightful little product :-)
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on 13 November 2011
Great piece of kit, works like a charm, no issues with putting the plug in the camera or taking it back out like some. I use it on a D3100. If you need a wireless remote for a Nikon that works and won't break the bank this is the one for you.
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on 17 May 2012
I bought this for a D7000 and it worked first time although the connection into the camera was initially tight. I thought I would then try it on a D3100 and it failed to work but I persisted. I removed the connector into the camera and refitted and eventually after three or four presses of the remote it worked fine. There is a button on the top of the unit that can also be used to fire the shutter which allows testing without the remote. The LED on the front of the unit will change to green if the button on the remote is lightly pressed which activates the autofocus on the camera (same as pressing the shutter release halfway) and to red when taking a picture so could be useful. The on off switch is not labelled but when it is off then the LED stops flashing. Overall I am pleased with this product.
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on 23 August 2012
Purchased this remote release for my Nikon D3100. Took blue wrapping off battery to reveal contacts. Put battery into receiver. Put receiver on camera hot shoe. Plugged into GPS port of camera with supplied cable Turned on receiver and camera. Pressed button on sender,and click, took a picture. Simple as that.
I haven't tried at any great distance or through solid objects but I have no reason to believe it won't work.

Only downside is the receiver interferes with the built in flash but that is down to the design of the camera not the remote, and I was aware of this before purchase. The receiver also has a metal tripod screw thread, so you could use that mount it, or just let it hang loose quite happily.
So, all in all, very good and inexpensive accessory.
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on 8 February 2012
This is a great piece of kit for the price.It works and does exactly what you expect
It operates autofocus and shutter
I did put the plug in upside down at first-then sussed it, and hey presto -The reviewer who says it doesn't work on Nikon D3100 must have had the plug in the wrong way round-it works great on my Nikon D3100!!
Only 1 gripe (and it's being picky)Probably difficult to change receiver battery without undoing screws on unit-but for the price ,it's insignificant
I would imagine it is as good as more expensive unitsI'm tempted to order a spare as the price is great.!!
Very quick service from supplier-I recieved within 2 days of placing order on a normal 3-5 day delivery.
Well pleased-Get one -you know you want to !!!
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on 29 February 2012
The title says it all!

I received the remote control in the post today. It was very neatly packaged, and to my surprise when i opened the box, batteries were supplied!

Now i don't understand people are saying 'be warned, no instructions' as the device is SO simple! It was literally plug n go on my Nikon D3100! It works at superb distances and allows you to auto focus, and then snap the picture, Great for big lenses, prolonged shutter speeds, and just ease of use! They are also not lying when they call it 'Pro 100m' as yes, it does work from 100 meters.

The only con is that i can't use the flash on my D3100 when this is applied, as it has no room to pop up...

+ Allows you to autofocus, and take your shot.
+ Superbly light.
+ Small battery included.
+ Plug & Go.
+ Does exactly what it says on the box, no need for £20+ remotes, this does the job just fine.
+ So cheap, and the price doesn't rub off on it's build quality.

- No way of using flash while this is connected to my D3100 Hot shoe..
- Remote to Camera lead is VERY tight, but should loosen up with use.

I was thinking of investing in a £20+ remote until i found this. And it's EXACTLY what i have been looking for. If you want a simple remote, which will allow you to wirelessly focus, put auto timer on, AND take pictures all from a distance, then you CANNOT go wrong with this device!!
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on 6 February 2012
This is my first remote and I love it, it's easy to use,fun and functional, I use it with a nikon d5000 and it works perfectly.
Maybe some instructions on how to make it work would be useful, but it's really easy to understand how it works even without any istructions.
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