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Wild Bird Fat Balls x 6 (Pack of 3)
by Wild Bird
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Take them out of the net. The birds could get caught in the net and hurt themselves or worse. Might even tear off their legs. Always take anything provided in nets out of the netting. Any of the reputable Bird societies etc will tell you the same. I know these people advertise them as just being ready to hang them up with the net, but Please DON'T The following advice can be found on the RSPB site at Mesh bags - a warning Peanuts and fat balls are regularly sold in nylon mesh bags. Never put out any food in mesh bags. These may trap birds' feet and even cause broken or torn off feet and legs. Birds with a barbed tongue, eg woodpeckers, can become trapped by their beaks. Hope that helps
9 May 2014 by Lorna Gibbon
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