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4.5 out of 5 stars217
4.5 out of 5 stars
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This is a romantic suspense novel with the emphasis very much on the romance (it doesn't pay to consider the suspense/crime elements too closely as there are some plot holes and a lot is left vague). It centres on Eli, who has been suspected of killing his wife, and Abra, who runs a few local businesses including yoga classes and massage. The two of them come together as they investigate who killed Eli's wife, who is trying to kill them now and what happened to a treasure held by the family in the past. As is usual with this author's books it is well written and plotted and has some witty dialogue and a feel-good ending. If you like this sort of a book (and I do) then you will find it enjoyable enough and certainly better than many other books in the genre. Compared with many romantic suspense novels on the market this earns its fours stars.

If, however, you compare this novel with other Nora Roberts books you may find yourself disappointed and wanting to reconsider the rating. This author has used most of the elements in this book before (sometimes many times before)and I really wanted her to do something different in this novel - alas, it is more of the same. The love story between Eli and Abra is predictable and inevitable. Abra is a typical Roberts heroine in that she is independent, self-employed and hard working. Eli is rich (at least one person in each Roberts couple usually is) and a writer. There is a close village community, a supportive family, wacky best friends and a charming dog - we have seen all these before. The sub-plot about the lost treasure has also been used before several times by the author (and is really a bit cheesy in my opinion). This is Nora Roberts writing by formula - it is a good formula and better than many of her competitors but it would have been nice to see something new.

This is not of the calibre of Birthright or Northern Lights or even of The Witness. It was well done and enjoyable enough but routine. I hope that Nora Roberts can come up with something original and exciting for her next stand-alone title.
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on 25 April 2013
I have bought and read all Nora Roberts books, I cannot get enough of them, I waited with anticipation for this book, and I have to say I was a little bit disappointed with it. Bit weak and didnt really hold my interest, normally I cant put Nora Roberts books down, but I found this a little bit dull. Will look forward to the next though.
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on 26 May 2013
Nora Nora Nora Im just shy of actual disappointment I read all of the books but this is just not up to the usual standard.The plot is weak the two love interests are weak and boring .To be honest the woman at the start of the story is weird and a cross between a door mat and a female Ghandi.SO TICKED OFF I BOUGHT THIS AND DIDN T WAIT FOR THE PRICE TO DROP
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on 30 June 2013
Nora Roberts can write extremely good books which keep you engaged as to who did it. Unfortunately this is not one. It
was obvious and I found it boring.
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on 1 October 2013
Eli Landon found his estranged wife murdered in their home just hours after confronting her over her affair. He went from being a successful lawyer, on his way to making partner, to being suspected of murder.
With no evidence proving he did it, Eli wasn't charged with murder but his life was destroyed. His friends drifted away, his law firm let him go and the life he once had was a distant memory.
Now, a year later and filled with questions and the nightmares that haunt him, Eli moves to his family home in Whiskey Beach somewhere he hasn't been in years.
HIs grandmother, Hester, had a bad fall and is now away healing and in need of someone to look after the place. Nothing Eli needs more is some solitude and a nice quiet place to write the book he's been working on.
Enter Abra Walsh, next door neighbour and friend to his grandmother and local yoga instructor.
Hester has asked Abra to keep an eye on Eli. Knowing the young woman well, she knows Abra can get a little weight back on her grandson and hopefully a little light in his eyes.
Now, as they grow closer someone's coming out of the shadows and looking for something in the house that was rumoured to be hidden there years ago. And they're willing to kill for it.

My thoughts-
I loved the book! Yes, it's slow to start off with and takes a little while to get you involved but when you do your hooked!
A lot of people have reviewed saying that Abra is annoying and that's plain wrong. I loved Abra! Eli is in such a depression you, and he, needed her to bring life into the story. She pushes yes, but he need's to be pushed or he'll spend the rest of his life hidden away and alone. Most likely die of starvation, too.
Eli, like other's have pointed out is a lot different to a lot of her leading men. He starts out as kind of weak, for lack of a better word, and very lifeless. It only made seeing him slowly find himself all that more special to me.
Another thing I read in a review was that it was more like Abra just made him feel peace rather than love and I think that's wrong and a wrong way of thinking of it.
Eli's relationship with his wife was turbulent and so has his life been since then, to have someone like Abra is exactly what he needs... even if he won't admit that.
It was a great book, not her best but still pretty great. I didn't see the murderer coming like others have said was so easy to spot and like Abra I watch a lot of cop shows so I normally have pretty good radar.
For those who are thinking of reading but are put off by some bad reviews, ignore them like I did!
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"I am slow of speech and slow of tongue." -- Exodus 4:10 (NKJV)

If you have never read a Nora Roberts novel, you will probably like this book better than I did. I expected a lot more than the book delivered. As I read it, the book felt to me as if it had been written as a brief plot draft and padded out to novel length. There was enough here to make a nice, tight novella ... but not enough for a novel. As a result, it's oh so slow!

Having shared those views, the book has one redeeming quality: Abra Walsh is an interesting character, well developed in every way. Otherwise, I would have described Whiskey Beach as a one-star book. I hope Ms. Roberts will write a whole book about Abra Walsh. Now, that would make for good reading!

The lead character, Eli Landon, reminds me of the lead sinkers that I put on fishing line to get the bait below the surface where only the fish will see it. Abra Walsh needed a male foil, but Eli Landon is as leaden a one as I've had the misfortune to read about in some time. Ms. Roberts could have just called him, "John Victim," and let him soak in his victimhood for 80 percent of the book ... and few would have noticed the difference.

There are some tiny mysteries in the book (not much more than what would sustain a short story), and I don't think those will draw you in.

While there is a love story here, it's more of a "nurse Abra takes on the self-crippled victim" than a love story that would inspire many readers.

It's very watered-down whiskey, indeed!
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on 20 February 2016
Good in some parts, lacking in others. I held on to this book till I found the perfect time to read it, hot bubble bath, kids in bed, hubby working away, perfect quiet time to get stuck in to this, sadly, I was only left feeling robbed.

The main female, Abra, annoyed me to no end, her little miss perfect, I'm amazing at everything I do, act, did nothing but irritate me! The main male, Eli, didn't irritate me as much, although coming across as a gentle, sexy, lost needing to be found, individual, his pretentious, Landon by name crap didn't wash, the whole Landon family came across as stuck up, not proud or humble.

I found myself skipping the parts that continuously droned on about the 'treasure'. The biggest problem for me overall was, It was a book that didn't quite fit into a category and left me feeling a bit lost and robbed of my time...

For anyone else who read this. Was I the only one thinking, why do they not just stick cameras around the house and find out who the culprit is?! I found it unbelievable that a big historical house with tonnes of expensive items in it did not have more security, it's almost laughable at the lack of detail and common sense in this story.

I usually judge a good book on this - If I can say, 'Right, it's 10pm so I'll just read one more chapter and go to bed, by 12am, if I've still not put it down, it's a good book', sadly, this just didn't have that spark or flare to keep me clinging on.
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on 1 December 2013
When I read about this novel prior to its publication I decided that I was not so keen on the story as such. I stand corrected! It actually reminded me a lot of NR's 'Sanctuary' (which is on the list of my favourite NR novels), and ended up exceeding my expectations by far. Eli is the kind of protagonist that you cannot help identifying with, even if his life story is far from ordinary. His struggles are easy to relate to, and anyone who has ever been in the position where uncertainty rules one's day-to-day life (for whatever reason) will be able to relate to what he is going through. Yes, he is from a wealthy, privileged background and has a loving family, but his fears work as powerful reminders of the misfortunes that can befall every single one of us.
Although, Abra's character is not as strongly developed as Eli's and I had trouble suspending my disbelief in regards to her background, there is something edgy about her that I really liked. She has made mistakes and is not afraid to change direction in life in the most radical of ways.
It is true that this novel is heavier on the romance than some of NR's other romantic suspense novels, but this is far from off-putting in this instance. There is something refreshing and very uplifting about this novel, although, it begins as a story of loss and includes elements of a murder mystery.
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on 2 September 2015
I started to read this book as it was an add on to one of Nora Robert’s I had just finished. It seemed all right, another light romance for holiday reading. I was sadly mistaken. If you like ‘whodunnits’ then I am certain you will like this book. I like my romance and ‘whodunnits’ to be separate. If I want a murder mystery I will read Agatha Christie, if I want romance I read Nora Roberts, or I used to years ago. I hadn’t realised Ms Roberts also writes detective novels with romance attached, my mistake. I was at chapter 6 when I realised, skipped to the last page and deleted it from my kindle. I could care less who murdered the hero’s adulterous wife.

I am sure if it is the kind of story you want then it would be a good read. Personally, I feel a little duped but as they say ‘buyer beware’. I should have read the synopsis instead of believing it was going to be a book in the same vein as the one it was attached to and bought it after the ‘teaser’. It did mention something about a murder in the 'teaser' but I thought that was history, not, the story.

The star rating is my personal disappointment. As I said, if you like murder mysteries coupled with your romance then I am certain you might give it more.
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on 27 April 2013
..books by Nora Roberts. For me, the narrator spoiled it, someone else would have made a lot of difference. Normally I can listen again and again to audios of NR books but I'm not sure I could with this one. Maybe actually reading the book would have worked better in this instance. Having said that I enjoyed the story, although it isn't one of the stronger ones, and I did have several deja vu moments where scenes/characters seemed to be slightly familiar. I love the setting and description of Whiskey Beach, it's my type of place.

This title has been re released with a different narrator (Luke Daniels) so I have high hopes!

**Revised Review**

Revisited this since it's been recorded again with a new narrator....and it's a completely different listening experience. Luke Daniels gives the characters life and personality, which was lacking in the first narration, and makes it incredibly easy to care about and empathize with them. You know immediately who's talking, each character has a distinct voice, brilliantly done. The story took on a different perspective with much more depth and was like a first listen. There was more tension and suspense, loved it this time round.
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