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What do you really want in a future GTA game?

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Initial post: 13 Nov 2008 23:37:32 GMT
Last edited by the author on 14 Apr 2010 02:48:59 BDT
If for example GTA IV goes back to San Andreas (I say San Andreas rather than Vice City because of the variety of the place, desert, cities, country, mountain etc.), here is some things that I really want.

1) A new time system, time/day/date/month with seasonal weather, halloween, bonfire night, christmas etc. Drunken santas like in bully, people dressed in halloween costumes, firework displays, christmas lights, carol singers etc.

2) Animals, even if they are invincible (unrealistic but could be hilarious seeing animals survive any explosion, rampage etc.) It would be great because you could have your own pet for example a dog and set it on enemies like other games, or hilariously a lion, snake, crocodile etc. A horse from your farm in the country or hilariously leave it in your garage if you travelled to the city on it dressed as a cowboy. The sound of pigs and chickens and cows, wolves or the sound of wolves howling in the woods.

3) Earthquakes and Flooding etc. It would have to be really rare though for it to work.

4) Have jukeboxes so you can play your own music from in game or custom soundtrack, slot machines, pinball tables, arm wrestling in various bars across the county and be able to somehow start bar fights by insulting the locals or just mind your own business but still end up fighting the locals.

5) Be a hitman, stuntman, private investigator (not part of main story) with various random people visiting or phoning to meet you and paying for your services.

6) Back to the fun instant vehicle handling of previous gtas.

7) A proper fairground similar to the one in Bully (canis canem edit), preferably near the beach and various activities on the beach like beach parties, volleyball etc. put a bomb on the rollercoaster tracks or in the ghost train and watch to see what happens next.

8) climbing up skyscrapers etc.

9) more indoor activities like sport events. skydive in the middle of an important football match or go ice skating in an arena during an important NHL match with the crowds booing you and calling you a jerk, loser etc.

10) Some kind of seaworld with all kinds of weird sea creatures to look at or break the glass so the sharks can eat people while you swim away without a care in the world with the army after you.

11) Set in 1970s. Such a cool decade with all the classic movies, cop shows, flares etc. No mobile phones though but so what.

12) loads of hilarious adverts to watch on the TV. I know gta 4 has them but I would like to see loads like vice city.

13) A shopping mall with cinema and various other activities.

14) Some kind of ski village.

15) A circus. Join the circus team and release the tigers as the watching crowd run out screaming.

16) Horror legends making special appearances in various parts of the county. Leatherface, Michael Myers, Krug Stillo, Cropsy, Jason Voorhees, The Tall Man, Freddy Krueger, Jaws, Predator etc.

17) Be able to blow up buildings. blow up a skyscraper and go back five minutes later to see it rebuilt like new again.

18) More things to bet on like sporting events. Buy a hundred lottery tickets and watch the weekly live lottery draw.

19) Caravans. Have one delivered to the beach like the one in The Rockford Files, maybe set up your private investigator business there.

20) An isolated haunted house/mansion/hotel. Maybe you could buy it and scare the hell out of the guests in various evil ways.

21) Be able to hitch-hike

I know most of what I want is really silly and not very serious gangster but these are just some things to do that I think would bring the gta world to life and make it so much endless fun.
I could go on, but I am interested in hearing what others gta fans would like to see, thanks for reading.

In reply to an earlier post on 20 Nov 2008 19:38:50 GMT
mr n f quinn says:
"swinging your katana or your chainsaw, going on a rampage with your tank, wasting oodles of money on clothes and stuff, flying a plane, investing or bodybuilding" - this was taken from a review on amazon but its really relevant because in gta its the small things that make a difference. I think Rockstar were just plain STUPID for getting rid of the above its like taking the icing off a cake.

In reply to an earlier post on 20 Nov 2008 23:55:32 GMT
Last edited by the author on 20 Nov 2008 23:56:17 GMT
I agree mr n f quinn, the small things do make a difference which why animals in particular would be a fantastic addition. I can forgive GTA IV for not having as many things to do as San Andreas though because that was the third of the last generation, where as this like GTA 3, is the first of this generation. If it goes back to Vice City next and then back to San Andreas, which I expect it too, then I do expect and predict they will have much more variety.

I know I sound greedy, but another thing I would like to see is the ability to cause power cuts.

In reply to an earlier post on 21 Mar 2009 01:28:08 GMT
Last edited by the author on 21 Mar 2009 02:32:19 GMT
DonkeyDong says:
I agree the next GTA needs MOAR! The lack of animals in particular is kind of creepy, and the new in game vehicle handling in GTA IV is poo. I find the handbrake impossible, you could end up facing just about any direction after using it, whatever happened to going cleanly around a 90 degree corner, and what's with the cars oil-tanker-like turning circle? What's with the pathetic brakes?

Animals could just be invincible to keep animal rights activists happy and complaints down, making them walk-thru items would be old hat. With appropriate sound effects and perhaps limited interaction, animals would make for a more realistic world setting. Just simple things like feeding horses a handful of grass would add unique depth to the game environment.

Give us checkpoints, for the love of God! I've just played through a mission from the beginning about 20 times, shot dead the same team of gangsters outside a building, shot dead the same gangsters in a factory building, rode a motorbike after him along a beach as his speedboat speeds away, then launched myself up onto the helicopter my friends are flying, crash landed the helicopter to chase the lead mobster down on foot again. At the point I crashed the helicopter THERE SHOULD BE A CHECKPOINT! It's the perfect place for one! At very least a checkpoint at the start of the motorbike chase section would be nice! Pick what holes you will in this argument, it needs MOAR checkpoints!

All the things from GTA:SA should return PLUS MOAR!!!

Posted on 31 Mar 2009 18:24:11 BDT
lazy pete says:
i second the animals idea , just imagine a field full of cows and you ploughing through in a patriot , i dont thing animal rights actavists come in to it as the whole game is based on shooting people in the face and getting away with it , i miss the use of tanks and planes a bit , instead of flying rats (pigeons) how about some stray cats , and some more adventurous weapons anyone who has played dead rising knows what i mean , (chainsaw , hedge strimmer , golf clubs , bowling ball and so many more they could just be lying around the city in gardens or stores) if your going to make a game bloody then go the whole hog ,

Posted on 1 Apr 2009 20:55:27 BDT
Elliot says:
Animals would be cool, like jumping over fences into peoples gardens and find yourself being attacked by a BIG DOG or yapped at by a little dog! go into parks and see people walking there dogs.
They should incorporate a 'Saints Row' customize mode such as choosing what colour tops and buying things for your house - which are interactive.
Bring back the hair dressers, gym & tattoo parlors - also bring back the car modifications (from GTA: SA)
Bring back parachuting too!
Yeah I'd like to see everything become a weapon - bowling balls etc...

I'd love to see seasonal changes such as summer, winter, autumn the like.

Posted on 2 Apr 2009 08:46:15 BDT
I want San Andreas back!

...with optional mouse/keyboard control
...and checkpoints or a proper trip-skip

GTA4 simply wasn't enjoyable to wander round and there was no real point/motivation to doing so unlike GTA SA where 'aimless' driving improved your skill or covering tags bore some relevance to the character/game - why does NB hate pidgeons so much? anyones guess...

Just bring back all the stuff that made SA great and then add to it instead of taking it away - greater interaction, I never thought I'd say it but the SA story was better/more coherent than GTA4 etc etc etc and bring back the Truth...

GTA4 was a big step back and one of the prettiest disappointments in gaming history... I just hope it was a stop gap to fund the next 'proper' GTA game...

In reply to an earlier post on 7 Apr 2009 12:43:21 BDT
Elliot says:
I wouldn't say GTA4 was a 'step back' that's a bit controversial, the game is very good and can provide hours of fun even when just driving around smashing into brick walls and flying out your windscreen. I and others will say it is a good game, and i think they did a good job debuting on the next gen consoles.
GTA SA is undoubtedly an incredible game with all the features it had and I'd love them to incorporate similar aspects of this game into the next release they make, i mean if they can do it on a PS2 & Xbox then surely the limits on a PS3 or 360 are endless.
I look forward to the next GTA release as i know they keep getting better and better each time, the one thing I'd really really love to see is customization of your character, clothing, vehicles the lot (bit like Saint's Row how you can customize clothing etc..)

Posted on 13 Apr 2009 22:35:47 BDT
A suggestion of mine is that you have the option to play as a gangster (like Tommy Vercitti) or as a cop trying to bring this gang to justice via going through all their shady connections etc. With the new alternative it could be intruiging and in between crime solving you could go around the city, seeing sights that range from people getting newsapapers to a frickin' hurricane coming towards you. There could even be past GTA characters (such as CJ or Niko or Roman or all three) carrying out what seems to be an innocent conversation....

Posted on 9 May 2009 21:14:22 BDT
Mr. J. Lampe says:
I love number 15! LOL! Great Idea! I think you should have 1-4 co-op campaign!

In reply to an earlier post on 9 May 2009 21:24:37 BDT
I must say number 15 does sound amusing in a slightly viscious way....

Posted on 13 Jun 2009 13:43:16 BDT
it needs kids but make them invincible so pshycos dont go killing them as well as cheats like san andreas remember the flying cars and then jumping out with a parachute good times good times
also being able to do any job you want e.g. cop lol
do any crime like rob someones house or a bank whenever you want
co-op online is a must

Posted on 13 Jun 2009 21:45:15 BDT
Perhaps there should be zoos too so you can send alligators or crocodiles onto the poor hapless zoo wardens lol.

Should have cinemas in the city and have celebrities attend the premiere of a film there.

Fully customise your character i.e. SR2 style.

Same for vehicle but with more options than SR2.

Reports of your activities should be boradcast on the telly!

Posted on 21 Jun 2009 21:28:06 BDT
Would definitely like a zoo in there Daniel and a huge realistic amusement arcade with various slot machines with nudges, various pinball tables, air hockey etc.

Like the idea of news reports of your activities on TV and radio.

Posted on 29 Jun 2009 12:33:01 BDT
That's a good one Lando about the amusement park. Just imagine getting into a fight with someone or a group of people whilst on a speeding rollercoaster. Could be epic to watch. Slot machines and pinball tables would make great side-games like pool did in GTA4. Like the idea of Air Hockey.

Posted on 27 Oct 2009 22:15:37 GMT
I know I've already mentioned animals, but how amazing would it be to ride a horse? Maybe horse and carrage to as an alternative to catching cabs. Would love more interaction with pedestrians so you could get up to some really cheeky stuff. Imagine if it featured a big waterworld/park with loads of chutes or something like universal studios.

Would like to have pet shops throughout the city, with tarantulas and snakes aswell as dogs, cats etc. Great if you could own a crow or something and have the option to take it with you anywhere on your shoulder or leave it in one of your homes. Imagine the fun if you could order it to attack by the press of a button. For example you're on a mission and you're chasing someone down the streets on foot but they're too far ahead so you set your crow, dog whatever on to them and you will be guided to where they are, find them and they're lying on the floor in agony with one of their eyeballs hanging out.

I know it's all really outlandish but I like having these options mixed with realism. Being able to do loads things you can't do in real life in a realistic environment is what I want. I know some people love the realism but all the silly stuff I mention wouldn't be forced on the player because it would be each individuals choice on how they play it.

Maybe it could have some kind of option on the settings like serious realistic mode or outlandish fun mode, then everyone's happy.

Really do still want to read other peoples ideas of things they would like to see. Have I already mentioned movie theatre? or opera? I want pedestrians in the game to actually be doing real things like having parties, wedding receptions that you can gatecrash etc., bands performing in bars and concerts etc. live sports events with realtime scorelines on the radio.

Ice skating either in a park or rink, much more fun than darts I say.

Posted on 30 Oct 2009 22:48:45 GMT
Last edited by the author on 18 Nov 2009 22:39:10 GMT
D. Climo says:
Perhaps if you could go on a tour in a movie studio park like Lando's idea you could start taking photo's of thing's like the animatronics and suddenly they come to life and go on the rampage in Liberty (or whatever the setting is) city like in 'Westworld' lol!

Another idea is that you could learn martial arts.

In the next GTA video game sequel you could shoot electrical wiring hanging over water and watch civilians getting fried lol!

Choose what dialogue you want your character to say and it can change the outcome of the video game.

Be able to actually enter the radio station and have your own interview on the air or be a DJ.

Another one is join a Performing Arts Parade so you can fill the Big ballons with Marjianna and disperse it out on the crowd of civilians. A city of people fully stoned, just imagine that lol....

Posted on 1 Dec 2009 21:35:38 GMT
D. Climo, you and me are definitely similar in what we want from a future gta. Some more things I would like are below:

Hang Gliding
Various sized tents, with a save system same as caravans below.
Various sized and prices of caravans to buy. Ones you can travel with could give you the ability to save the game wherever you decide to park.
Hot Air Ballons
Underground fighting (taking part or watching/betting on fighters)
Have internet in any of you're homes, and ability to buy/order various things to be delivered like home slot machines, pinball tables, bigger and better TVs or have the place decorated how you want it.
Travel to places outside of the city like:

A Jungle, with all the wild animals and maybe some gory missions that could include cannibals. Great to fly out of Vice City to a jungle and parachute into a group of cannibals or monkeys or something, what fun. Maybe you could take one of the monkey back to vice city and keep it as a pet.

Dream/Nightmare missions. You could have an option when saving you're game to play random fun/scary missions that are just dreams or nightmares and don't make any sense, like for example being chased by another version of you're character shouting "You say tamato, I say tomato and he/she's throwing loads of tomatos at you and you have to avoid as many as you can, or flying like superman or something in a gorilla costume with a water pistol shooting as many seagulls before you wake up.

Posted on 21 Jan 2010 23:34:14 GMT
Having recently watched the film "Deliverance" again, was thinking it would be good fun to have canoes and rivers.

Posted on 25 Feb 2010 17:03:06 GMT
Usainuk says:
there are some very good ideas here.

for me.

1) character creation like in SR 2 where you get to choose the race look gender ge ect of your character heck even a reintroduction of character cheats like previous GTA games had would be something.
( even if you have to use a set character for first time play through due to storylines, having a character cheat would make it more fun to carry on with after the main story was done with)
I would sacrifice some depth of storyline to get character creation /choice/

Better check points its annoying having to do mission from so far back if you fail.

save at any point like you can do in games such as fallout 3 and oblivion.

something that prevents you losing your car so often.

I like the sabre but itas really hard to find (unless you have one then you see them everywhere.) it was annoying to lose it if you happened across one of those random missions or if you got killed.

in car viewpoint when driving.

ordainary jobs to do 9so you can make money without risking death among other reasons.)

ability to redo certain missions or ever recurring missions.

Ability to become a cop.

the animal idea sounds quite cool hell why not add in a ability /cheat to become a animal.

more cool cheats (character cheats ect ) for completing the main story.

customize vechilles.

more building damage

play basketball.

more character interaction choices friendships romances ie like in bioware games.

abily to customize and buy houses.

Posted on 11 May 2010 21:27:53 BDT
Last edited by the author on 11 May 2010 21:28:31 BDT
D. Climo says:
Another one is that really random things happen at the least suspected times like when you could be going to catch a train on the subway a Werewolf comes down the stairs and attacks the person just down the platform. Or your character is walking through the park and you find Frankenstein's Monster reading the Financial Times lol.

Posted on 9 Jan 2013 15:23:18 GMT
Last edited by the author on 9 Jan 2013 15:46:58 GMT
P. Maurice says:
Sounds far fetched but depletion to earths recources could endorse the need for universe theft auto on planets that could open the gauntlet for developement ideas for serious or mellow dramatic tones within transitional yet dense inter-planetary faction choiced conflicts. This would stretch the next gen capabilities nicely.
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