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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars71
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 3 September 1999
The book was a welcomed relief that there is meaningful life after death. Our deceased loved ones continue to grow and learn spiritually as we do in this life. Death took on a different meaning after reading this book. I have always believed in life after death because it was a part of my religious teachings. But I could only imagine "afterlife" starting at the end of the world. To me, death was so final and I feared that I would forget about my loved ones as the years passed. My son died 3 months ago and I have hope that he will be with me forever in spirit. Those experiences we shared before his death and throughout his life will remain in both of our spirits now and forever. This book helped me to realize that God never intended for us to be separated by death.
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on 22 April 1999
This was the most amazing book I've ever read. I am a Catholic and I had my own idea of death and the after life, but this book completely changed the way I think and live. I am totally not afraid of death now and I now know that our loved ones that have all ready passed, are watching over us each and everyday. They are aware of everything we do and they can help to guide us in the right direction. This was an amazing book. I wish everyone out there could learn of this book and read it. I also highly recommend his other 2 books that follow this one. They are called "We Are Not Forgotten" and "Our Children Forever." Read all 3 !!!Christopher Amodeo""
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on 28 February 1998
I have been a big fan of George Andersons for years. This is the best of all three of his books. I loved every page of it. I have a very sick father and I have read several books about the afterlife and I feel that these books have provided me with a much more positive outlook on life and what happens to us after we have passed on. I am thankful for mediums like George Anderson and James Van Praagh because I believe that they possess a wonderful gift. I recommend this book to anyone that has lost a dear friend or relative because I feel that it has tremendous healing power. After I read this book I saw life through different eyes and I think I am changed forever. Thank you George, for being you.
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on 18 July 2000
Having read this book after losing a muched loved member of my family only 5 weeks ago, has comforted me in many ways. Although I still have to cope daily with the fact that I cannot physically see my loved one, I now know for certain that they are with me each day guiding and protecting me through my life until it is time for me to meet them once more in spirit. George Anderson is such a wonderful person, who has given so much comfort to many people like myself who feel lost at this emotional time. I read the book in one day, and continued to read the sequel "We are not forgotten". If you have lost someone dear, please read this book, it will help you come to terms with your grief, and may even make you smile as it did for me thinking that although it seems eternal, I will one day see the people I love so much again, and this time it will be forever. Thank you George.
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on 23 June 1999
This is the first of George Anderson's books. It explains where he came from, how he is able to discern those from the other side and why he does. It contains actual transcriptions of discernments that help the reader to understand what happens to those we love after they cross over to the other side. This book reassures us that we will all be together again when our time comes.
I have personally attended both a group discernment and had a personal discernment with George and I guarantee to you that he is "the real deal" (Apologies to Evander Holyfield) After reading "We Don't Die" you will have no doubt of his abilities and you will understand that death is just a natural part of life that you no longer need to fear.
I highly reccommend this book to anyone who has lost someone dear to them. It will comfort you and hold your interest as you explore a facet of our existance that few realized existed.
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on 25 April 1999
Review, The book We Dont Die,is mostly about G.Andersons psychic readingswith the families and the spirits of thier loved ones. The familiesseem to validate the info G.Anderongives to them. The book in generaldemonstrates that there is possiblyan after life. I think the fact thatGeorge Anderson,has all those psychic readings demonstrates howlife can exist after the physicalbody has gone. I would say it isa great book for anyone who is grieving the death of a loved one,it gives one hope that the soulsurvives,it is not the end of them. I found this book soon after therewas a death in my family,it has really helped me with the loss andto go on and have hope.Personallythis book about life after death helped me greatly and I had a hardtime putting it down. I would definately recommend it,will mostlikely help those who had a loss,butgood for anyone interested absolutely. Sincerely M Delong
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on 15 July 1998
I've read all three of Mr. Anderson's book and recommend them to everyone that's lost a loved one. I recently lost my dad and found these books to be more of a comfort than most anything else. Whether you believe in "the other side" or not they are all worth reading.... There is so much more to the world than we truly notice.
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on 3 July 1999
I would like to thank George Anderson in person some day and I'd love to have him do a reading for me. I loved this book. Joel Martin and Patricia Romanowski did a great job writing this book and I intend to read about all of his work. George hasn't had children or a wife, so may not have deep emotions of love in this area like many of us. I think perhaps this is his help him stay neutral with his work.
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on 9 March 1999
I cannot think of another book that has had such a profound influence on my life, religious beliefs and understanding of the afterlife. George's experiences as a medium prove, to my satisfaction: that life does not end at the grave; that our spirit/soul/self (whatever you choose to call it) merely sheds its physical shell at the moment of death; that we will be united with loved ones who've gone before us and who, indeed, are actually waiting to help us make the transition from this life to the next; that it is possible to receive messages from the "other side"; and that, in time, and if we so desire, we can return to the physical world as a newborn infant, with a whole new identity and family, and lead another earthly sojourn. Although I'm a practicing Catholic, George's book has given me a great new respect for non-Western religions and belief systems that teach reincarnation, ancestor worship (which is not really "worship" at all, but merely prayer to deceased relatives for their help and guidance), and the sanctity of all living things. It has also opened my mind to new ideas and helped me shed the arrogance of Catholicism, which teaches that Catholics alone possess the "full truth." I heartily urge those who fear death (whether their own or someone else's) to read this book. So, too, should anyone who has ever wondered whether this present, earthly life of ours is "all we get."
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on 21 May 2008
if any sceptic calls this man a fraud they must be mental ! george is awesome , the help and proof he has given people is unbelievable and any body who reads his books will feel so much comfort knowing that death is not the end, please read all his books , you'll be glad you did
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