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4.6 out of 5 stars1,177
4.6 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 2 August 2015
Waterwipes are stronger, thicker and softer than other baby wipes I have tried including Pampers, Johnsons and Tesco Loves Baby. They are also wetter so are great for newborn poo instead of using cotton wool and water. The main selling point of these wipes are that they are 100% natural so can be used from birth and are great for sensitive skin. I used these wipes after the first few weeks of using cotton wool and water but I wished I had used them sooner as they are a lot more convenient.

There are two main drawbacks to these wipes. Firstly they are not as easy to remove from the packet as some wipes as they can't be pulled out easily with one hand. Secondly, they are expensive when compared with other brands. Buying in bulk from Amazon doesn't represent good value as you can often find single packs on offer. I would recommend these for newborn babies but would suggest stocking up when the packs are half price.
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on 12 May 2015
I came across these wipes in Tesco just by chance.
My newborn son had a terrible reaction to the two well known brands of baby wipes, even the sensitive range upset his skin.
We resorted to water and cotton wool balls initially, which isn't practical all the time.
Upon trying supermarket own brands of wipes and now these, I am going to stick with Waterwipes.
As I haven't used them before I can't comment on any changes made, as said by other reviews left here, but I find them strong enough fabric wise, but gentle enough on baby's skin.
I've also change my son's nappies to NATY.
They work well together in being kind to his skin,.
Happy baby equals happy mum.
They are a good price on Amazon, single packs I found for about £2.30 in Superdrug. Cheaper than Tesco!
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on 22 June 2012
Completely agree with the latest reviews - product quality changed drastically for the worse!! Seller contacted and they admitted that wipe quality has changed, but were not prepared to offer refund or replace product (with the original quality wipes). They claim that the new wipe material is the same as that used by leading (supermarket) brands... So they take the same wipe material as eg Pam**** but rather than adding some cleansing concotion to it, they add pure water with a squeeze of citrus (no doubt very expensive ingredients... Ha!) and then charge you 2.5 times as much as e.g. Pam**** would... Hmmmm... Quite some Value Pack! And it is no longer biodegradable - which was quite a major selling point! I feel this constitutes False Advertising as there is no mention of these horrible changes in the product description on amazon, so you don't realise that you are being scammed by DermaH20! AWFUL, ANNOYING and very DISAPPOINTING. Am going back to extra large cotton wool pads soaked in boiled water with a few drops of tea tree (or other natural product of choice, maybe even some citrus extract!) - much better value, keeps well in a small tupperware container and practical for on the go too!
P.S.: as ever, can't fault - quick and easy transaction and delivery - shame about the product!
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on 13 August 2015
Hi. This is the 3rd time I have ordered and the previous two amazing delivery and product. I unfortunately this time the box was ripped and there was water damage to the box from the wet wipes. What can I do to return and/or request a not damaged item?
Thank you
review image review image review image
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on 17 August 2013
I have recently purchased these to use on my new baby and I'm very pleased with them.

I chose these specific wipes because when I compared the ingredients list of these to some other leading brand wipes, I was mortified at the amount of chemicals used by the other brands. They all seem to market themselves as sensitive etc but the most natural and chemical free I could find was Water Wipes.

The wipes themselves are very good quality and perfectly moist. I can understand why they are slightly more expensive than other wipes but I'm happy that they are worth it and its a small price to pay to help keep baby's bottom etc clean and rash free.

They are also very very refreshing on my tired feet at the end of the day!

I will continue to buy these in bulk from Amazon as that will provide best value for money in the long term. I did price up the individual packs in Boots but they work out far more expensive buying them that way.

I would highly recommend these wipes but would advise to be careful when opening an individual pack, the seal is very sticky/strong and you can end up tearing the whole packaging open (like i did). Just be very gentle pulling back the seal!
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on 7 July 2012
I have just returned this product for a refund. Water wipes have changed so dramatically that in my opinion they are as good as the cheapest on the market.

I have been buying Water Wipes for nearly a year now, since my baby was born. I have raved about them, given them as presents to new mums and generally encouraged my friends to buy them. They were my number one new baby product. However, with out any warning other than other customer feedback they changed the fabric they are made from making them feel and work completely differently to the the amazing product they were. The biodegradable is also gone from the packaging.

Don't waste your money DO NOT BUY THESE!

If the manifacturer changed them back to what they use to be than I will rewrite my review and continue buying them.

Amazon do let the seller know!
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on 16 July 2015
One or more of the packets are leaking as box came wet inside. Only time will tell how many of the wipes in the packs will go dry and wasted by the time we use all 12 packs...
review image
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on 24 January 2015
I find that the wipes aren't easy to get out the packet you end up pulling out a load and they get wasted... But no nappy rash in 4 months so they do have a purpose... However I've gone back to my old brand weighing the pros and cons they were the better option especially considering the price of these wipes
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on 19 April 2012
Keep in mind that these are 60 wipes per pack and not 72. Given that the 15x super saver pack of 72 wipes isn't coming back, these are a good option, the individual wipes have the same size as the ones on the 72 wipes per pack. 4 stars for reducing the number of wipes per pack and for not putting the 15x back in stock.

EDIT: See my other review on the "9 value pack".
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on 24 July 2014
I have to be honest, I absolutely LOVE WaterWipes!

When I found out we were expecting a baby in 2013, the search began for all manner of things that I had absolutely zero prior knowledge about, not being a 'baby person'. This quest for information included cots, baby monitors, nappies, car seats, prams - you name it, I researched it. When it came to wipes, it didn't take a whole load of research to realise that WaterWipes were the best option out there.

Early on, you read in babycare books, web articles and on forums that the best thing to clean your baby's bottom with is good old cotton wool and water - this means there are no chemicals touching their most delicate parts, and the care is gentle and natural. We stuck to this for the first three weeks. It was easy in hospital, where we were 'living' in a bedroom with a sink for a week, but once we were home and changing nappies in a bedroom a fair way from the bathroom, it was less convenient. When your tiny baby has produced a, ahem, offering seemingly 3 times the size of its own head, which is rapidly coming close to leaking all over its clothes, you want something that you can use super-fast - not be putting the baby down in it's cot while you retrieve the water container, go to the bathroom for water and return. No doubt to find your baby either fast asleep or surrounded by poo!

WaterWipes are 99% simply water. They are so gentle and natural, and importantly they are absolutely soaking wet - not like the scratchy, often dry feeling Pampers or Huggies wipes. I suffer from eczema and contact allergies, and there is a good chance our son will too - this means I was loathe to use any of these other wipes on him anyway - the less chemicals he is exposed to at such an early age the better. Even the popular 'Sensitive' versions of these wipes are still crammed full with chemicals.

Yes, the big drawback - they are much more expensive than those other mainstream wipes. I admit that keeping our house, nappy bags, cars and grandparents homes stocked with WaterWipes is not cheap. But, at least to us, it us well worth it for ensuring our baby has a smooth, healthy, happy bum from day one! We buy the WaterWipes in these slightly better value Value Boxes, and use Amazon Subscribe & Save / Amazon Prime, which reduces the price by 20%.

Incidentally, our little man has never once had a case of nappy rash or soreness down there. This could be down to either the exclusive use of WaterWipes, or Sudocrem cream - but lets just say I'm not changing anything just to find out!

One thing to mention also, is that even if our child proves not to have been cursed with my hyper-reactive, sensitive skin, the fact that I'm using WaterWipes means I can change his nappy with bare hands - if I used Pampers or Huggies wipes, even the Sensitive ones, the allergic reactions to some of the chemicals in them would mean I would have to wear gloves. Not exactly the bonding experience you have in mind for your firstborn!

WaterWipes in one word? Essential.
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