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4.6 out of 5 stars613
4.6 out of 5 stars
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‘Walking Disaster’ written by Jamie McGuire is in some ways a continuation, but mostly an alternative version of the first novel ‘Beautiful Disaster’ the author wrote.

In the shortest possible way it can be described as a retelling of previously published novel from Travis perspective, the other main character besides Abby that reader had met on the pages of predecessor. Therefore the very first question is what the book offers new, whether you will like it if you loved the first and did it managed to bring (and how much) new things. And the answer is twofold: yes and no.

The only original and add-on thing compared to the original reader will find inside is ‘Epilogue’ which may seem a bit redundant and too sweet, but still it’s the new material. Also looking on the positive side the reader will be able to find more things about Travis background and his origins, what was happening during fighting in Vegas and how he felt after break-up.

Speaking about the not so good things the novel books for the most part transcribe actions, even the dialogues because of which reader will have a strong sense of déjà vu all the time. Thus is quite questionable how interested the audience will be for another side of the story, but since it was a masculine side and women always want to know how men think I believe that was the reason the author has made this challenging decision for the sequel. Although it must be recognized that this is an imaginative and bold move that is not encountered often.

For those who didn’t read the prequel Jamie McGuire wrote a romantic novel that will be loved by romance lovers, for its theme presenting a bit predictable teenage love but also providing lot of excitement for reader.

The two main characters are Abby who is a modest freshman that sees new school as an escape from the past and good looking, but arrogant Travis, a fighter in illegal fights and the desire of many girls. Abby will not be interested in Travis sweet words, what will increase his interest for her and when she lost the bet, Abby has a month to spend with Travis at his apartment. They two will gradually become good friends, and after some time from their friendship the love will grow…

The recommendation that was said for the original review can be repeated here – both novels can especially be recommended for Fifty Shades of Gray fans, and if you loved the original and start reading with realistic expectations that this sequel actually it is not a sequel, you'll probably also enjoy it very much.
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on 1 February 2014
The story that started in Beautiful Disaster from Abby's POV is retold in Travis' POV. I think I preferred this book. It was nice to see what makes the bad boy tick, what floats his boat, what's going on in his head!!

Ms McGuire captured the very essence of Travis and all the dialogue and his thought processes were totally in his character. Not once did I ever think Oh no he wouldn't say or do that. Not many female authors can write a male POV but Jamie did it well.

Loved Travis even more, if that's possible!!
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on 30 May 2013
Blog Link:
Title: Walking Disaster
Author: Jamie McGuire
Publication Date: April 2013
Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK

How much is too much to love?
Travis Maddox learned two things from his mother before she died: Love Hard. Fight Harder.
In Walking Disaster, the life of Travis is full of fast women, underground gambling, and violence. Just when he was invincible, Abby Abernathy brings him to his knees.

Every story has two sides. In Jamie McGuire's New York Times bestseller Beautiful Disaster Abby had her say. Now it's time to see the story through Travis's eyes.

Finally the wait for Walking Disaster is over and for huge fan's of Abby & Travis couldn't have been more excited for this, I know I certainly was.
The first book Beautiful Disaster is Abby Abernathy's side of the story and how she thought of Travis, Now in this book it's bad boy & womaniser Travis Maddox's side of the story and what went on deep down in that handsome head of his and why he fell for Abby so hard...

Yes, this book is a love story but deep down there is darkness and edginess between them both with plenty of trust issues but that is what makes us readers love the couple ever so more.
Travis and Abby are both at college which is where they meet, Shepley( Travis' cousin) and America(Abby's best friend) are also mentioned in BD and WD an awful lot, which are both great characters too.

It starts off with Travis being a little boy and his mum in hospital is slowly but she gives him one last piece of advice, "Love Hard...Fight Harder..." with Travis being little he didn't really understand what his mum meant until he was older and found Abby his very own Pigeon in which he nicknamed her.

I really loved this book so much especially because you get to read this from a guy's point of view, As we always say "There is always two sides to every story" which is what you get with this series. The Author Jamie McGuire, is a fab writer who certainly knows how to get her readers hooked and make you want your very own bad boy Travis Maddox.

This is one series you are going to adore & read over & over again.I know I will! You will not be dissapointed at all! They are great reads with plenty of emotion but also lots of love too!
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on 29 April 2013
Ok, where to start...., love and gallons more love for Mr Maddox? Yeah, that sounds about right.

Obviously, I'll have to start by profusely stating my love for BD. Forever ingrained in my epic books list, it's safe to assume I, along with everyone else, fell madly in love with Bad Ass Maddox. The prose and characters were beautiful and I loved every second of living in one very steamy apartment ;). I read tons of books and BD was the first book I read where I was enthralled, enraptured, shocked, amused and every other emotion under the sun, all in the very best ways possible. Each scene was essential to the plot, with no unnecessary babble to (unnecessarily) chunk it out, and not once did I find myself bored and wishing the plot would hurry itself up! It was perfectly written and now forever seared into my brain.

That said, exactly the same stands for WD! I loved every second, and reading Travis' POV was both a new insight and beautiful retelling of BD. The male POV is handled brilliantly and the relationship between Shep and Travis written to perfection. It's a gift in itself to be given the opportunity to delve into the mind of the best loved and lusted Travis Maddox and I loved every millisecond. Fast paced, action packed and with plenty of steamy bits, it definitely deserves it's five stars.

I have been known on the whole to read books from a female POV and for this reason WD is probably one of the first books I've ever read from a male POV, and some male POV it is! Never once did I feel let down or disappointed, regardless of the sky high expectations I had from BD.

Contrary to some of the negative reviews I've read, I'd like to add some of my own points. Evidently everyone is entitled to their own opinion and diverse opinions and expectations are what make reading a book so enthralling, sometimes you love it, sometimes you hate it but ALL WAYS you'll remember it. And so, some negative points I've read...
1. Abby does not come across as 'worthy' in WD.
I'd have to disagree. I must admit my own perception of Abby from BD was different from Travis' perception of her. Where I pictured a quietly guarded, witty and strong minded Abby, Travis saw a mysterious, guarded and altogether 'no crap' Abby. However, rather than be at odds with my expectations, such a different perception was warmly welcomed, the main characteristic of Abby I loved was her strong willed personality and this was only reinforced in WD.
2. There's not much new stuff.
Well, it was all new to me, even the repeated scenes were from Travis' POV and with that comes, colourful words, colourful thoughts and a whole lot of colourful insight into our favourite BB's mind. Not to mention some new and very unexpected scenes, which will blow your mind! And even regardless of this, WD is essentially BD from Travis' POV - that's the whole point, right? I expected, and desperately anticipated, re-reading BD's scenes from his perspective and finally knowing the reasons and thoughts behind his actions! To me, a companion novel from an alternate POV, is 'supposed' to be the same time frame, if not with some flawless additions!

So, overall - yes, everyone in the world should definitely read this book. The perfect companion to BD and second chance to re-read BD for the first time. I can't praise it enough and I think all that's left to say is....

Thank You Jamie! - thank you for BD and WD which have disastrously and beautifully walked all over my heart, up the stairs and onto my bookcase where they will stay on proud display to remind me to 'Love hard. Fight harder', and get myself a Harley ridin' bad ass of my own!
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on 7 April 2013
The first thing I would like to say is, if you haven't read "Beautiful Disaster" then please do first before reading "Walking Disaster". If you don't, you will miss out on a lot of the story and certain things will not make sense. The two books go hand in hand.
Before I began reading this, I read some of the reviews. So far the main complaint seemed to be that we didn't get to delve deep enough into Travis's mind. I say, does it matter? I loved this book and I think you have to take it for what it is. It is the same story as "Beautiful Disaster", just from another angle, Travis's angle.
Some bits of the story are missing, (but again, I don't think everything needs to be re-told) and some things were added. We found out how close Travis really is to his father, which we missed out on in the first book and a little more about his mother. We also get to realise that he gets so "out of his mind" drunk, that he doesn't realise what a mess he is making emotionally. Not just to himself but also to Abby.
This must have been a pretty hard book for Jamie McGuire to write, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, lining up the two stories must have been tricky at times and secondly, whatever she wrote, someone wouldn't be happy somewhere along the line. We have all learned to fall in love with Travis and we all have our own ideas about what we wanted from this book. At the end of the day, we need to pull ourselves together and remember that he is a fictional character and he can be whatever we imagine him to be, so don't be too hard on Jamie. Remember, she introduced him to us, after all.
I loved it. I really loved the ending, it was absolutely brilliant. I think fans of the first book with love it. I will read it again and again because its a fantastic story. Thank you Jamie McGuire!
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on 5 April 2013
Originally posted on Serendipity Reviews.
You would think that reading the same story from a different perspective might be a bit too familiar to the original book and not worth reading, but Walking Disaster is most certainly an exception to this rule. Described as a companion novel, it shows you the relationship from the perspective of Travis, whereas in Beautiful Disaster we followed the relationship between Abby and Travis through Abby's eyes.

From the prologue, you fall instantly back in love with Travis. You get an insight into why he acts the way he does and you want to make everything better for him. No woman can match up to his deceased mum. Until he meets Abby. He may be a bad boy but his heart is in the right place. He just needs a little help in breaking down the barriers and reaching inside for it. It was brilliant to see the way Abby unravelled before him, so that her true identity came to light. Travis never stood a chance against Abby; she was the spark he needed to help him find love again.

The story shows other events that were only described in the first book and skims over events that played a major part of Beautiful Disaster, so you do feel as though you are experiencing a new story. It was over a year ago that I read the last book, so it felt quite new and fresh to me anyway.

It was fascinating to get a closer look at the relationships between Travis and his brothers. How they were all there for each other and taught him everything he knew about fighting. His father is trying so hard to be the parent now but it is clear it wasn't a job he was capable of carrying out for a long time beforehand. The boys relied heavily on each other, strengthening the bonds that now bind them.

The epilogue was both a highlight and a disappointment all in one. It was beautiful to see the future life of Abby and Travis; to see just how well they turned out. However I felt disappointed because now I have to face the truth that there will be no more Travis and Abby books in the future. *sobs* I really hope the author has some more amazing characters hiding up her sleeve for future publications as I will definitely want to read them.

I loved this book. I loved spending time with Travis and Abby again and I will really miss hanging out with them in the future. If your heart didn't melt enough with Beautiful Disaster, then prepare for is to dissolve in Walking Disaster.
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on 4 April 2013
This is incredible. Simple as that.

The prologue broke my heart, it truly did. It was touching, beautifully written in the sense that it's "simple" from the mind of a toddler but somehow it was more powerful because of that.

I loved Travis in Beautiful Disaster but this takes him to a whole new level. Jamie McGuire is incredible, it's almost like Travis ceases to be a fictional character at some point and becomes real. She has truly gotten into his head and produced absolute perfection.

There are hilarious bits, heartbreaking bits, and most importantly, answers to any questions you could have from BD.

My only surprise, was that although I'd wanted to shake Abby a few times in BD, I adored her and fully supported her. In Travis' mind, I almost didn't like her. I almost felt like he deserved better and on reflection, that's amazing. Two books, same story, different POV and somehow it becomes a flawless contrast, which totally changes your feelings and in doing so, you understand Travis more. you understand his reactions and feelings because hey, in his head, Abby is as clear as mud, whereas when you're in her head, he's just acting a bit crazy!!

I feel like I'm going to be very much in the minority, but I didn't really like the epilogue. It really didn't work for me. There are two parts to it, him and them. The "them" part I loved, the "him" part I hated. (I don't want to give it away to anyone yet to read).

Regardless though, this is absolute perfection and I think even readers who were a bit on the fence with BD would love this story retold through Travis. Wow
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on 4 April 2013
What can I say apart from Jamie McGuire, you are a genius.
If I thought I was in love with Travis and Abby in Beautiful Disaster then I never knew love.

I went into Walking Disaster determined not to compare it with its predecessor and I don't think there was anyway I could have. In BD we saw things from Abby' s point of view and I wished from time to time that we could see more of the times where she quickly skipped through days and weeks, Travis filled a lot of those gaps in for us. Suddenly his love for Abby was clear and instead of wondering why he couldn't settle down and get his feelings for Abby sorted, I found myself agreeing with Travis and wondering why Abby couldn't listen all the times he told her how he felt.
Walking Disaster wasn't just a rewrite in a males point of view, it was a whole new story, I fell in love with Abby and Travis all over again, I laughed along with Travis and Shepley as they talked through Travis' s growing feelings for Abby, I cried a thousand times more, even knowing certain events were coming, felt pain and heartache when Travis fell at the feet of his brothers in tears and then....then the precious look into the future that extended the story far beyond that of BD.

Thank you so much Jamie McGuire for giving me Travis and Abby, thank you for making me fall in love all over again, thank you for giving me a glimpse at a future and a better look in the Maddox clan. I hope in the future to see not only more from my two favourite characters but also more from the Maddox brothers.

I highly recommend this book to everyone, clear a few days in your schedule, grab some chocolate and tissues, turn off the phone and give yourself over to to Travis and Abby. Laugh, cry and love with Travis "Mad Dog" Maddox, fighter, womanizer and number one leading man.
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on 3 April 2013
In Walking Disaster, the life of Travis is full of fast women, underground gambling, and violence. But just when he thinks he is invincible, Abby Abernathy brings him to his knees.

Every story has two sides. In Beautiful Disaster, Abby had her say. Now it's time to see the story through Travis's eyes.

Golly gosh! I have just fallen in love with Travis Maddox all over again! Did I really expect anything else? Hell no I did not. The other potential's come and go. But, after reading this, it's pretty clear that Trav will always be my number 1 book boyfriend. I love, love, love him. I have dreamed for months about what it would be like to finally get in this man's head. And, this book exceeded all my expectations. It was SCHAMAZING!

That prologue though? I was sobbing from the prologue alone. It was so deeply moving and obviously set the tone for Trav's life and the way he lived it.

It was quite amazing seeing the story though Trav's eyes and just what he felt when he first saw Abby aka Pidge. I loved the scene in the cafeteria when he was mouthing to Shep and America 'who's that?' When he saw Abby for the second time. It made me giddy.

Obviously, there is no question that he screwed up on more than one occasion. But, lets be honest Abby did a hell of a lot too. I loved how he described the bubble that she lived in with the walls tight around her. Sometimes I felt exasperated with Abby at how blind she was too his very obvious feelings towards her. Call me blinded, but everytime they had a tiff I was always Team Trav.

At so many points throughout I found myself holding my breath. Jamie wrote it so well, that, even though I knew they would have the happy ending I was completely on edge. I started this book and pretty much didn't put it down till it was finished.

The epilogue was amazing. I loved the glimpse we got into their future. To know that they did indeed get their happy ever after. I'm so sad that this was the last book for Abbey and Trav. I could happily follow the rest of their lives and lap it all up.

I expected it to be nothing short of brilliant and that's exactly what this book was.

My favourite quotes:

"One of these days you're going to fall in love, son. Don't settle for just anyone. Choose the girl that doesn't come easy; the one you have to fight for, and then never stop fighting. Never"

"I decided a long time ago I would feed on the vultures until a dove came along. A pigeon. The kind of soul that didn't impede on anyone; just walked around worrying about its own business, trying to get through life without pulling everyone else down. With its own needs and selfish habits. Brave. A communicator. Intelligent. Beautiful. Soft-spoken. A creature that mates for life. Unattainable until she has a reason to trust you."

"I took a deep breath, and shut the bedroom door behind me. Even though we'd put each other through hell, we'd found heaven. Maybe that was more than a couple of sinners deserved, but I wasn't going to complain."

"First of all . . . I have standards. I've never been with an ugly woman.
Ever. Second of all, I wanted to sleep with you. I thought about throwing you over my couch fifty different ways, but I haven't because I don't see you that way anymore. It's not that I'm not attracted to you, I just think you're better than that."

"When the sad went away, i would always play, and i would always fight. Hard."

I know the ratings are out of 5. And, thats as far as I can go, I would give this book 6* though.

Jade :) xx
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on 3 April 2013
This book surpassed my expectations. I think it is going to be a 'marmite' book and split readers; Jamie McGuire may have written a mirror image of Beautiful Disaster in terms of timeframe and events, but for me it worked and and whilst there are pages that read the same, it's still it's own book and a page turner considering we all know how Travis and Abby's journey ended up.

If you haven't already done so, I would recommend that you read Beautiful Disaster first as there are gaps in this book that can only be appreciated if you have. I chose not to read BD again on the run up to this being released; in fairness I have read it 3 times, but I wanted to be objective and not have everything so fresh in my mind and I'm glad as there were many 'lightbulb' moments where everything just clicked and made sense.

I personally found this book a much more emotional journey than BD. I knew Travis was vulnerable, but the depth of his vulnerability was heart-wrenching and I welled up on several occasions. The prologue alone had me in tears! However the saddening moments are perfectly balanced with the Maddox feistiness and wit and by bringing his relationship with his Dad, brothers (particularly Trent) and Shepley to the forefront, it doesn't scrimp on moments that make you smile.

Yes there are a few instances where parts of the book and conversations between Abby and Travis read identically, I don't see how it would be possible to avoid this, but this doesn't detract from a book which concluded their journey beautifully and I have been left with a feeling of complete satisfaction; the epilogue was the icing on the cake.

Needless to say I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Walking Disaster and Jamie McGuire has truly cemented her place in the realms of my favourite authors.
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