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3.5 out of 5 stars23
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 14 September 2010
A disgraced reporter (disgraced because during some field work a gang took his microphone and put it somewhwere...uncomfortable, and the whole thing was caught on film) is looking for a new story in the hopes of getting accepted as a credible reporter.
His first attempt sees him at a brothel where he meets a teenage prostitute that just happens to be his daughter and I'm not going to go into detail about what happens but the first subtitle to appear on screen is 'have you ever done it with your dad?' so you can probably guess the outcome.
He then decides to do a report on his son who is being bullied and rather than help his son out, he just films him getting beaten up and humiliated.
He also has other problems at home as the son beats his mother for things like, buying the wrong toothbrush and the mum is prostituting herself to feed her heroin addiction.
Into this unusual family arrives a mysterious visitor who introduces himself via a rock to the head.

The thing you probably won't get from what I've written so far is how funny this film is. Obviously, you will need a slightly twisted sense of humour but I found this to be a really entertaining and often hilarious movie.
There is so much crazy stuff going on from the mysterious visitor teaching the reporters wife how to lactate breast milk to such an extreme that he has to sit under an umbrella to a necrophilia scene in which someone gets a little...stuck...thanks to rigor mortis.

If you want something that's weird yet funny this is one to look out for as Takashi Miike delivers the goods once again.
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on 29 April 2006
Being described as deranged makes me interested in a movie, though often I am let down. This movie is the real thing, perhaps the most outrageous movie ever made. Beginning with unnatural sex and continuing with a catalogue of unparalled perversity, Visitor Q will have you watching or turning away in disbelief. A documentary maker and his dysfunctional family interact in increasingly bizarre ways. The films follows the family members through violence to full psychotic breakdown. The narrative is perhaps not the main thing, it is an accumulation of shocking moments, that is filmed in realistic intensity on digital video. Be warned, this may be too much for some viewers, though recommended for the broadminded and fans of extreme asian cinema.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 26 October 2011
I decided to write this review to redress the balance - I feel that if you can look beyond the shocking content & sheer bizarreness, then this is a film with an interesting message. Thing is, the content really is shocking - I saw the uncut versions of Ichi The Killer &Audition before watching this, so like to think I have a fairly strong stomach & while this is nowhere near as bloody as those films, it does portray plenty of, uh, questionable activities in a graphic way.

Visitor Q refers to an enigmatic stranger who moves in with a 'conventional' Japanese family which is falling apart due to the clashes between their societies' traditional, patriarchal family values & those of the post-war, Westernised world. The stranger seems to want to drive them apart & generally spread chaos but instead the family ties are re-knotted stronger than ever before despite (or in some instances 'because of') prostitution, violence, necrophilia and, well... 'lactation' seems the easiest way to describe it, to form a stronger, matriarchal family unit.

To give you a rough idea of what to expect, the opening scene consists of the journalist father trying to hold onto his job by creating controversial documentary footage. With that in mind, he goes to a brothel at which his runaway teenage daughter is working & films himself having sex with her. However, he is wholly inadequate to that - or any - task & she openly mocks him, memorably calling him "speedy man" in broken English. Then there's 'that' scene - the one you may have heard of in which the drug-addicted mother finds contentment by covering her room with bin liners & lactating everywhere. Incidentally, this isn't a special effect - Miike deliberately cast a comedian who had recently had a child for this role.

It does have an interesting message & an ending which is actually quite cute in rather a warped way but sadly, inevitably, it's so very far out there that it's difficult to see past its incredibly shocking content. It's certainly an experience for the books - many will find it uncomfortable viewing but it also has a redeeming sense of wicked, pitch-black humour.
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on 24 January 2006
The wierd and wonderful (if a little disturbed) world of Miike comes to the forfront in this most entertaining of tragic comedies. When i switched this on i did not really know what to expect. All i can say to the uninitiated is to expect the worst times that by ten and the be prepared to laugh and consider why you laughed just a little later.
I must recomend this film as one to watch for the avid viewer of eastern shock. If this film had been made by an american it would not have even made it to DVD. Thank you Takashi Miike for push all of those boundary buttons.
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VINE VOICEon 23 March 2006
"Visitor Q" is an extraordinary motion picture. At first I was worried by the use of video as it normally seems cheap and crappy but then I noticed the angles that the director was employing and his abundant technique. A framed picture is a protagonist in one scene.

I had to avert my eyes at points. I have never liked needles. MIIKE seems to love them. The use of the hypodermic syringe was used brilliantly in his Motion Picture "Audition". A classic of modern Cinema in my opinion. The creativity in Visitor Q is boundless, slightly sick, I grant you, yet assured and beautifully acted. This is a strong film. The ideas are warped and execution is masterful.

TAKASHI MIIKE is a very talented filmmaker. He bears his soul with a project like "Visitor Q" and that is rare and brave. I mentioned acting earlier and find myself asking, "How far did these actors go?"

History has shown that the first actors were prostitutes. I sometimes wonder at the actors that walk the red carpet and ask, "What has changed?" Actors will do anything a director asks. This cast must have had great faith in their Director and great trust. The acting is faultless. At one point I did make the comparison with another great film "Man Bites Dog" because I found myself laughing at situations that are so real and horrifying. That feeling is strange and I'm not sure I like it.

I cannot criticize this film in anyway. I still feel that the over use of video in Motion Pictures can be cheap and nasty lookin' but "Visitor Q" proves me wrong. Imagination overcomes any limitation.
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on 26 February 2011
Despite the controversial issues of the film which some may be offended by this film is simply amazing. It takes a look at family healing through dysfunctional means. The film deals with issues such as the Oediupus complex, the role of the mother and dependency (on other people, on routine, on drugs). Without spoiling too much, the film is one big metaphor for how women can feel as if their only job in life is to be a mother, and when the mother fails at this, she feels unneeded and useless. The final scene in the film (i won't spoil) shows the mother reconciled with her role as the mother. Also, it is a very funny film. Some of the whackier parts of the film deviate from the important aspects but that makes it enjoyable to all kinds of people! Not just people who enjoy the metaphor. I truly recommend this film; have a strong stomach while watching. I don't recommend eating whilst watching :P
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on 2 March 2008
As soon as the subtitles "have you ever done it with your dad?" appeared on the screen, i did think for a second to turn it off. But i didnt and watch the whole film i was both disgusted and amazed. watching this film was definalty a strange experience for me. It was the first asian extreme movie i watched and what an excellent start, it was a brilliant example of how japanese directors do things. it fasinated me and its got me hooked on all asian extreme films. I cant stress enough though that this film is not for the faint hearted and its not any sort of blood and gore you have to worry about, the fact it starts with insest and finishes with necrophilia is enough to make anyones skin crawl. Not for everyone but i thought it was awsome!!!
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on 1 February 2008
I really honestly thought this film was brilliant. Brutally realistic; and that is what made it for me. Too many films try to be deranged but pull up short at the last minute; this film goes full whack, being plain sick yet being wonderfully understated whilst it does it. At first you are left rather confused as it progresses but then the ending is so sick and yet beautiful at the same time and everything makes sense. The way it makes you empathise with the various protagonists is masterful, plus it throws in some very funny moments (if you are a sick individual) at just the right times. Great acting I thought contrary to some reviews here, very opposite to the continual action that hollywood seems to churn out. I really am against the use of shocking scenes just to be shocking but I think Visitor Q is totally innocent of these charges, every issue it deals with is very sincere and well done. It takes Asia Extreme to a new... er... extreme.
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on 22 April 2004
Takashi Miike is one of Japans and the worlds most prolific and originaldirectors. In VISITOR Q he confirms this with a shocking and subversivetale of a family brought back together by the arrival of the said Visitor.The family consists of a father a journalist who is using his son, who isbeing bullied at school, as the subject of a his new documentary and inturn the son is taking his frustration out by beating up the mother of thefamily, who is also a heroin addict, while the daughter is also working asa prostitute. The visitor brings this very dysfunctional family backthrough rape, necrophilia, lactation, and murder! Shot on Digital videoand at times certainly shocking and disturbing, the film is none the lessa brilliant and subversive tale of a family coming back together throughsubversive ways. If you like Miike, or if you like disturbing butbrilliant filmmaking and havent seen this yet then dont miss it.
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on 10 August 2010
I find it pretty annoying that everyone who's given this film a poor review has received negative feedback in abundance. Why?, isn't the whole point of this feature of Amazon for people to give their opinion? If you don't agree, fine, but sometimes a negative review can be as useful as a positive. For the record, I too found this film to be really poor. It's visually flat, the pacing drags, there's no interesting characters - it's just a succession of wearisome 'taboo' scenes (lactation probably being the most original, fetish fans, and don't worry the moment is, ahem, milked dry). Devotees of extreme cinema should take note, however, that this film is actually rather prudish, with any hint of genital nudity being genteely fogged and a lack of any notable gore scenes. To be fair there is one scene of prolonged, if optically censored, necrophilia that is still pretty unpleasant but that's it. For the record I've enjoyed Miike movies in the past, I've also sat through genuinely disturbing movies, ones that pull no punches (try Cerda's Aftermath if you think this is shocking), so this verdict is not based on prudery or ignorance - for me Visitor Q is a minor, sensationalist, slapdash effort from a great director.
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