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4.4 out of 5 stars26
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 5 January 2006
Being a fan of tennis i decided to get this game. It certainly didn't dissapoint. The graphics are superb and equal to ps2 counterpart. Gameplay is flowing and easy to use. World Tour is a great feature on this game which allows you to make your character and train him or her and compete in tournaments aiming to become world number one. Overall this game is really worth buying and is by far my favourite game realeased for the psp so far.
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on 24 June 2006
This was the first game I owned for PSP. What first attracted me to it was after playing the arcade game and spending over 30 pounds on that after getting so addicted!

If you've played the arcade machine of this game and you liked it then you'll love this too! The graphics are fantastic and the 'world tour' mode is incredibly fun!

Unlike some games, this game has mini games beside it's main playing mode. This means after completing the 'world tour' (which take a while) you can have fun with this game still. Even better still if 2 of you own this game you can play each other using AD HOC mode which allows singles or doubles. Upto four of you can play if you all own a copy.

This game is fun, challenging and never gets boring! Virtua Tennis is the best tennis game I have ever played.

The only bad point is the lack of players and not being able to unlock new ones. You can create you're own and have to make a male and a female for the 'worlf tour' part of the game. There's lots of clothes and accessories and courts and rackets you can buy after earning enough money.
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on 13 July 2006
This is an awsome game with amazing graphics and really fun to play. its muchbetter than the ps2 version with added players such as Andy Roddick, Roger Federa and Sharapova!!! well worth buying for long journeys or when your just bored, you can use the feature which enable you to create your own player and climb your way to the top by training you player.!!!!!!!
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on 1 September 2005
I got this game on the 1st of september and and it was my only game game i bought with my psp, and i don't regret buying it. It is perfect pick up and play material with quick match, tournament, exibition and ball games for quick matches. But there is also the world tour feature which is quite hard by using the mini games to raise your skill and ranking. There is 8 male and 8 female players ranging from Roger Federer to Lleyton Hewitt And Venus Williams to Maria Sharapova, but you can also create a male and female character for the world tour feature. There are 4 different court surfaces for 28 courts around the world which are clay, hard, Grass and carpet. There are many different mini games to test your serve, volley, smash, rebounds and footwork.
If you do chose to buy this game and you have a interest in tennis then you should like this game very much.
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on 5 September 2005
Virtua of the best sports games of all time finally gets a release worth noting.
Firstly, I was amazed at the graphics. If you owned a Dreamcast (like me), the graphics are just as good. Lets please not look at the PS2 version of the Virtua Tennis 2 Graphics, as they were nothing to rave about. The core gameplay remains the simplistic as ever, 3 buttons; top spin, lob, qnd slice, and using the analogue stick is just a joy.
The World Tour mode is incredibly fun, with four new mini games that are exclusive to PSP, the rest are strait from VT2. Fortunately, the characters have been upgraded, and true superstars are there to pick, maybe the only exception is Vaidisova, that even people who watch Tennis may have trouble knowing. For the rest, they are all big names, the only exception is that of Marat Safin, but thats being picky.
Downsides? Well, there arent any really, the only minor gripe are some graphical glitches, like seeing through people, but you really have to be picky to say its bad. For the rest, everything is tip top.
This was by far my best PSP buy to date!
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on 2 September 2005
this is a good tennis game and currently the best on the market for psp but it is the only one !
the gameplay is good and thoroughly addictve and great to pick up and play although rallys seam to go on for ages and especcialy when playing in the world tour !
the world tour mode takes a bit of getting into as you must first do lots of training inorder to later play the big names.
its gd and very addictive but perhaps a slight lack of realism pushes it downn to 4 stars from 5 as you can find yourself diving half the court in order to reach a ball !
still a solid buy and reccomended
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on 2 September 2005
This was the first game i preordered for my PSP. Being a BIG fan of the Virtua Tennis series, i was in for a shock, but not a disappointment.
Virtua Tennis World Tour is a conversion of the old dreamcast game, Virtua Tennis 2 (later converted to the PS2.) However, there are extra features exclusive to the PSP which will not disappoint fans.
The games graphics are trully incredible. I'm amazed at what the PSP can handle, and other than the occassional glitch (where you can see through the person etc) the graphics are just as good as its PS2 counterpart. Every character and court being beautifully rendered onto this handheld masterpiece. The music is quick and catchy and is welcome on the PSP.
The gameplay is basically the same. There is quick match mode, tournament, world tour (where you create a male and female character) and complete mini-games to increase your serve, footwork, volley etc and then compete in tournaments to become the world Number 1. Mini games include serving to knock bowling pins down, dodging balls being blasted at you whilst tagging flags, and volleying balls at targets. There is also a new set of mini games found in ball game mode, which are just more of the same mini games, but welcome to the game too.
Because of the simplicity of the controls (the analogue makes the game flow well) and the fact that the x button will be the one you use 90% of the time, the games natural fast pace, and good looks makes this a most definite purchase on your PSP. However, if you've played virtua Tennis 2 (all mini games in world tour are taken from Virtua Tennis 2) and you want something truly original, than perhaps another game should be considered. However, this is an excellent game for anyone else.
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on 29 July 2006
First of all, if you're looking for a game that is worth more than the high price which seems to be associated with most video games thesedays, then you won't be dissapointed. It has everything you look for in a game. The matches are addicitve and gripping aswell as being great fun. Easy to pick up, and far from boring.

The world tour is excellent and really makes the game. Design and dress your players and improve your ability in all areas including: volleys, surves, strokes and movement. As you get better you can enter into more and more tournaments which improve your ranking untill you reach the number 1 spot! Earn money from winnings and purchase clothes and accesories, aswell as a doubles player which you need to play in doubles tournaments.

If there was to be one glich in the game it would be the small amount of players there are on offer to play with. All the main players are there but the lower ranked players aren't. However, this is far from enough to let down the game. Buy it!

Benjamin Long, 13
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on 5 September 2005
Fans of of the Virtua Tennis series, Sega's best ever arcade game, will not be disappointed with this latest installment on the PSP. Virtua Tennis World Tour takes all of the addictive playability, easy to use controls, and everlasting gameplay which have frequented its predecessors. Its pick up and play mentality works perfectly for the PSP format, which means its one of the best games released for playing on the go.
The game includes all the stars currently on the circuit, both male and female, and lets you test your skills in exhibitions, tournaments and on the World Tour. This option sees you create your own player and compete in various challenges to improve his skills and better his ranking.
The game also takes advantage of the PSP's wireless function to allow you to compete with up to 3 friends in a doubles match which, although occasionally dogged with lag, is incredible fun.
A must buy for any PSP owner!
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on 6 September 2005
I love tennis and have always watched out for tennis games for my xbox and as soon as i could order the new PSP i wanted a tennis game for it. The graphics are fantasic and the clarity is crystal. The gameplay works best with the analog stick/button as the normal directional pad is a bit too light to get the right feel for the game. There are some good tennis games around but being able to play virtua tennis on the best portable console is great. Finally, a console maker has proven convenience and comapct design doesn't have to mean sacrificing quality.
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