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4.7 out of 5 stars52
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 27 August 2013
The main documentary is one of the most fascinating things Ive watched in a long time....very intelligent, balanced and interesting social commentary regarding the insane witch hunt against horror films on video in the early 80s. What comes across is how intelligent and SANE the folks against the bill were compared to the idiotic MPs and campaigners who were hell bent on telling us what we could and couldnt watch in an arrogant WE KNOW BETTER THEN YOU manner. Just watching archive footage of Mary Whitehouse saying she doesnt have to watch a horror film to know whats in it and want it banned just shows what a danger she was to society, horrid old woman.
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on 21 October 2010
The official box set trailer!
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on 9 June 2015
A brilliant 3 disc set! I grew up being not only a movie fan but a die hard horror fan. I was born in 1989 so I didn't experience the outrage and pressures on consumers, filmmakers and distributors when this was happening in the country but have heard, read and seen other takes on this topic over the years. The main documentary feature itself was great, was well done and had loads of archive footage plus up to date interviews. This documentary again was well done, it was funny at moments but also so annoying by the audacity of some of the people who were slandering these movies, some of which they hadn't even seen! Plus there are loads of neat special features on this set that will keep everyone busy and entertained. 10/10
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on 9 November 2010
Whilst the wait for this DVD set has been longer than expected the wait has certainly been worth it.
Anyone going through their teenage years in the early 1980's will surely enjoy this set. As much as it's brilliant to see the trailers for these notorious films again the documentary is a superb piece on the social history of it's time. The well crafted documentary covers the era of Thatcher, Whitehouse, Bright et al and accurately sets it against the mood of the time with riots and wars going off left right and centre. The documentary is superbly evocative and a real nostalgic piece. The speaking heads in favour of the movies superbly capture my feelings of then and now in regards to the whole 'video nasties' debacle and those that are presented, fairly, that were, and are against the subject matter still come across as well meaning but ultimately foolish people.
It's no small matter but the 'video nasties' furore of the 80's has shaped the DVD and Blu Ray industry and how we view films in the UK beyond all measure and this set captures that superbly.
So you get three discs for your money. The first disc contains the superb documentary. Personally I would happily have paid the asking price for this disc alone. The first disc also contains 50 minutes of pre cert video company idents as well as an image gallery of artwork from 80 titles on the DPP's section 3 list. The second disc contains the original trailers for the original 39 'nasties' as well as artwork from all 39 titles plus newly filmed introductions. Disc 3 contains trailers to the 33 'nasties' titles that were initially banned but subsequently aquitted from the list. These also have newly filmed introductions. Plus you get an image gallery of artwork from those 33 titles.
In total this 3 disc set contains nearly 13 and a half hours of beautiful nastyness for you to wallow in. Also included in the package are five postcards of video box artwork for the movies "Cannibal Holocaust", I Spit On Your Grave", "Driller Killer", "Nightmares In A Damaged Brain" and "Zombie Flesh Eaters". Perfect for framing and displaying in your abode!
I cannot recommend this set highly enough and at £14.99 (the Amazon price at the time of writing) you really are getting a bargain.
One word of warning however. My set comes with a number and states that it is a limited edition. I have no idea how limited or how many copies will be eventually available but I suggest you get this toot sweet just in case they all disappear and the price of this set rockets.
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on 13 October 2010
Great news!!! Loved the premiere of this documentary at Frightfest 2010, the best bit of the festival, including a great discussion, featuring cult movie guru Marc Morris along with Tobe Hooper, director of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I had a bloodthirsty ball watching this documentary, VIDEO NASTIES: MORAL PANIC, CENSORSHIP AND VIDEOTAPE on the big screen. This has to be among the very best horror documentaries perhaps ever made - with obvious love and attention, shot with restraint but real passion and flair, fantastically horrible clips - thank goodness, emotional enough towards the end to bring a tear to the eye, politically poisonous, slyly but respectfully subversive, and the start, with a montage of a few seconds from every single movie on the banned list from the early 80s in a frankly astounding horror film head count - is a drug-free trip for any horror movie fan to experience; just mind-blowing! Now can't wait to watch all those trailers...and at this pre-order price, a barnstorming bargain of a box-set:)) I'm a huge fan of Morris from his work on the book Art of the Nasty, a tome that all horror fans should own. So while I've only seen and can review the documentary included in this box-set, I know the rest of the package will be equally essential, and even if it's not; Video Nasties: The Definitive Guide will be worth buying for the documentary alone. A totally nasty piece of work - YAY!!!
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on 22 October 2010
This is made by the people who know this subject the best: Marc Morris and Jake West!

Essential viewing for anyone who lived through it and for those who didn't!

Disc One is the 75 minute brand new documentary which this time even includes NEW interviews with Sir Graham Bright MP and Ex-Scotland Yard Peter Kruger and essentially Martin Barker!

Then two discs of trailers which are proceeded by interesting, informative intros from critics and directors who were influenced by the movies.

Disc Two presents trailers for the 39 films that were successfully prosecuted and banned under the Obscene Publications Act.

Disc Three features trailers for 35 other titles that were on the DPP list but not prosecuted.

This REALLY is The Definitive Guide at a 9 hour running time!

check out cult-labs DOT com / podcasts / thexperiment/ for an interview with Producer Marc Morris!

In the above Marc said to me there won't be a Blu-Ray at this time due to BD authoring costs.
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on 25 March 2012
having only seen a handful of the video nasties but have a keen interest in Italian horror and exploitation in general (and on deciding to write about such films in my course) I decided to buy this after hearing good things about it before, and was not disappointed! Excellent in-depth documentary featuring interviews with people from both sides of the fence, rightly examining the unfortunate social impact of the ridiculous witch hunts that, as they point out, put sellers of horror films in prison for longer than drug dealers...

You get a good variety of writers/critics on here that really know what they're talking about, some who were clearly very much into the video nasties trend and other cult film/horror-oriented scholars like Xavier Mendik and Kim only criticism perhaps being that at times you get the feeling that certain people are hogging the interview/trailer introduction space, but it's all good...

Also great fun just watching the set of trailers as they are often in themselves hilarious...has inspired me to gradually collect all video nasties, even the obviously awful-looking ones! Must buy for any fan of decent/underrated (and unfairly prosecuted) horror!
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on 29 January 2011
As in the header. This docu, is lovingly made with a lot of detail, even down to the cute 'VHS 10th generation bootleg' filter it places over certain parts to reminisce or make a point :) There is SO MUCH content in this 3 DVD set. Hours upon hours of info and clips and (mostly) learned opinion on the subjects at hand.

Both the pro and con reviewers/interviewees are always eloquent and interesting with the exception of, the lovely but odd Emily Booth, who seems to be reading from a cue card and is always looking off screen during her moments in front of the camera. It's a little off putting, but you can tell she loves and is truly interested in the subject matter she is talking about, so it's not so bad...

The main documentary is particularly wonderful, always treating the viewer as a sensible adult, steering away from revelling in or shamelessly downplaying the content of the movies. Some of these films were genuinely unpleasant and it is made clear. Though the ridiculous nature of the furore surrounding them is shown for what it truly was and with some wonderfully funny anecdotes for good measure. Finding out about the somewhat crooked and hypocritical DPP group and Government representatives of the time, is possibly an eye opener, certainly an eyebrow raiser. The final parting interview is particularly excellent. The man interviewed ( sorry i forget his name ) makes several excellent points about censorship in general and people in Government or positions of great influence that should be heeded, but as he points out, never will be...

Above anything, this DVD set is at the very least value for money due to the sheer amount of content crammed into it. We're talking 12 hours or more in total here. And if you are a fan of the genre or even just interested in the subject of censorship and media, this will have something for you i am certain.

For fans of the genre, it's just so much fun to watch back at the (mostly) ludicrous and downright terrible films that caused such a fuss back then. Old grindhouse trailers certainly are something...

And to paraphrase a government pro-censor, remember that scientific evidence shows that these films have the possibility to turn our children and DOGS into killers :) (yes, of course it turns out that there was NO scientific evidence whatsoever) Paws for thought !... or not :D
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on 11 November 2010
I like to think of myself as someone who's pretty well-read on the nasties debacle but I was completely blown away - the film encapsulates perfectly the time and the place. There's a wealth of information and archival footage I'd not seen before and it's all edited together at such break-neck speed. I truly believe that the documentary alone is the final word on nasties - and I still have the rest of the set to watch!

So, if you think you know it all about the video nasties scare - give this set a go - there'll be plenty of new anecdotes and information you've not heard. Whether you're a die-hard film collector, controversy-curious or even a student studying Britian's censorious past/government scape-goating, this really is an essential compendium. Flawless and brilliant.
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on 14 July 2015
Only let down by some awful auto-que reviewing by the delightful Emily Booth.
But, truth be told, I really wasn't listening. Just looking. ;-)
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