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4.3 out of 5 stars148
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 22 April 2014
Being intrigued by the obsessive fandom of VM, I spent the best part of the last few weeks bingeing on the three series in preparation for the film. I loved the series, the drama and the noir. I am a fan.
With this in mind and with the trailer, my expectations were high and for the most part fulfilled in the mystery part of the story. The noir was good.
However, considering the epic love story, crossing continents and time, with bloodshed and lives ruined, the reunion with Logan felt flat. Largely due to Jason Dohring not getting enough time on screen. Logan is always at his best with quips and acid remarks and even though 10 years might have passed in Neptune, I can't believe that he'd turn into such a goody two shoes guy with not a single funny/inappropriate thing to say for himself. Not too enamoured with his uniform either as it makes him look dorky.
Finally, given the relatively short running time, with an extra 10/15 minutes, we could have had a bit more on the key relationships including Logan, Wallace and Mac. I want to know what these people've been doing all this time. And Piz as well. Just a few more minutes would have given so much depth. It's not a TV show people, you need to get the emotional development into a single story.
The highlight was Ryan Hansen as Dick, true to his douche roots.

All in all, not bad, but left me leaving flat.
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I'll start with a confession - I've never watched any Veronica Mars before, not a single episode of the tv series that preceded this film. I read a review that said no prior knowledge was required to enjoy the film so I gave it a go and that theory is almost correct. It was good fun and i did enjoy it but I had a feeling there was just a little something missing, there's various characters here who clearly have a lot of history together but it's history I'm oblivious to.

Plot wise it's pretty simple - a short opening monologue tells us who Veronica Mars is (an ex teen sleuth) who returns to her old home town of Neptune to have a crack at one more mystery as her ex is the prime suspect in a murder case. From here we follow Veronica as she works the case and interacts (for better or worse) with old acquaintances from Neptune.

The mystery ties into another, older, mystery and the plot takes the odd twist and turn as things move along, red herrings fly and suspects come and go. It's fun stuff, the acting is good all round (especially from the excellent Kristen Bell) the script is sharp and witty and it kept me guessing at least. There is the slight drawback I mentioned before and I'd say fans of the show can probably add at least a star to my rating.
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on 16 March 2014
I only discovered the tv series after it had been cancelled but watched all three seasons back to back in no more than 2 weeks. It kept me entertained at university when I should have been writing assignments so I was delighted when a movie was announced. For me the wait was only 5years but it was long enough. The movie was good the characters still the same well written people that I remembered and the plot was engaging. In my opinion they need to make another movie!
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on 15 March 2014
My girlfriend is a fan of the show, I had never watched an episode in my life but both of us enjoyed Veronica Mars very much. A lot of jokes would have went over my head without having a fan explain them to me but it was a clever stand alone piece which seemed like a love letter to fans and served as a sassy mystery story to non fans.
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on 10 September 2014
A worthy film with the characters we knew so well from the TV series. The story takes place some 10 years later, and it was interesting and surprising to see what had become of them as they grew up. As the VM series ended somewhat abruptly through no fault of his own, the creator Rob Thomas realised that the fans wanted closure/more. After many years, money was raised-much coming from the fans! to make this film, and it is very enjoyable and true to its roots. The snappy dialogue that made the series so good ( too good for much of the brain dead US network TV audience apparently) is still there, as is the veneer of "normalcy" that covers a very nastily corrupt California community. The movie does pick up on many of the characters from the series, and the dialogue is tremendous as usual, with many throwbacks to the series worked into this feature film. Most importantly to many fans, the movie shows what happened to bad boy Logan-he of the snarky comments;quick fists;pervading loneliness; and deep love of Veronica. Here he is all grown up, and the film shows him as a more serious,poised,mature character albeit with his wit and feelings for V still very much alive. And Veronica who loved him, but couldn't trust him in the TV series is confronted with feelings that have been dormant for some time since she left Neptune.In the movie he is accused of a murder he did not commit, and V is back in Neptune, ostensibly only for a short time to help him pick a defense lawyer. If you want to see what happens to their "epic love" as Logan called it in the TV series, get the DVD- all the questions are answered in a way that will satisfy many fans.Although there could be one, I don't think there is another VM film to come, as the major studios do not seem interested, but this one certainly gives the fans a satisfying film to watch.
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on 19 March 2014
I can't explain how excited I was to discover that a Veronica Mars movie was being made, I phoned my daughters to let them know since it was the one programme we all watched together, we've seen every episode several times so this movie was for us a must see. We all gathered together Sunday evening along with partners and armed with takeout pizza we settled down to watch. Now I will say the Veronica Mars fans in the room had a great time, every time a familiar character popped up, which of course was all the time we chatted and occasionally stopped the film for a more in-depth discussion of 'do you remember' and so on, we laughed, usually at Dick and loved every minute of it but in all fairness I have to say that the people in the room that were watching Veronica Mars for the first didn't appreciate it to the extent we did.
So although as a fan and someone who'll be buying the dvd when it's out I give this 5 stars and I'm hoping against all odds that they'll make another but I don't know in all honesty if the movie will have the same success with an audience that's new to Veronica Mars, I doubt it will hold the same appeal and I don't know if it would make it as a stand alone film, who knows maybe there's enough fans out there to provide the audience needed. I know it was the first time one of Hollywood's six major studios has distributed a movie at the cinema and for home viewing on the same day, so let's hope it paid off since I for one would like another VM film.
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on 19 March 2014
So many quotes so little time... In short it was worth the 6 year wait! The show was fantastic when it was on TV and the magic is still there in force. Does it feel like an extended episode rather than a movie? Yes. Do I care. No. In fact I liked the fact Rob Thomas grounded the show back in it's muddy, film noir roots and clearly wrote every line, every direction, for the fans that so lovingly funded it. The appreciation of the stars getting another shot at VM is clearly tangible on screen and it is great to watch a bunch of people who so clearly like each other reigniting a decade old chemistry and slipping so effortlessly back into the characters we knew and loved. Here's hoping for a sequel, or even better (in my opinion) a new series! Clearly my love for this movie was epic... But what can I say, I'm a marshmallow! (I can only apologise- I got somewhat carried away there!)
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on 14 March 2014
Veronica Mars is back... after 10 years we get to find out what everyone's favourite sassy, sexy and thoroughly adorable private eye has been up to. After being out of the game for a few years she's dragged back by the seedy/sunny town of Neptune, CA and the fact that her ex-boyfriend is accused of murder.

The film is a proper fan service movie, nods and winks to things that marshmallows across the globe will love, but for those unacquainted with Miss Mars, it will probably leave a lot to be desired. The film is essentially a really good episode of the show (especially since it's not that cinematic), but as we've been without for so long, that's exactly what we needed. It's still up to the usual level of excellence we expect from the cast and crew.

It doesn't wrap everything up (could a sequel be on the horizon?), it is not the perfect follow up to season 3, it's not the best film of the year but it is wickedly entertaining and it's a joy to be reunited with friends we knew from a long time ago. If you're a fan, you'll probably love it.
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I have to confess after the series opening presentation I never really watched the rest of the series.

This was probably made to placate the devoted series watchers that found their programs cut off. Many different series ether just stop or have a pansy wrap up for the last episode. If we are lucky as with "Veronica Mars" we are treated to a full length movie that tries to incorporate the essence of the series. With Star Trek there was a series of movies. We can only hope so here.

Veronica was a teenage private eye. Now older and supposedly wiser on the verge of getting a cushy law firm job, she is called back home to help pick a lawyer to defend an old boyfriend. He was accused of murdering one of her old classmates. Naturally as we would've suspected she gets sucked into trying to track down the culprit(s) herself. Will she give up the cushy job and her new boyfriend and a new life just to save her old boyfriend and possibly cleanup the local law enforcement at the same time?

If you seen one of these "let's find culprit as the only way to vindicate the suspect" stories that you see most of them. The worth in this particular movie is that it has the formula and the characters that we've all come to identify with in the series. This film also gives hope that there might be a series of films.
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on 26 March 2014
Veronica MARS looks like VENUS, but is a down to EARTH girl who is from cliche filled NEPTUNE where no one drives a MERCURY. Veronica narrates the last dozen years of her life so we can catch up, but continues her "Sex in the City" style of narration well into the film. She is set to work for a law firm in NYC and has a great boyfriend. When someone from her "nearly everyone is rich and famous" class is killed, and the main suspect is her ex-boyfriend. Veronica returns to resume her role as an investigator in the case.

This has a made for TV formulaic script, and wasn't done well. If you have evidence to clear your client, you present it to the DA and not the local sheriff who doesn't like you. I also don't understand why she never returned the calls or answered the phone from her new employer. She could explain what she was doing, if they were willing to wait, fine, if not, also fine. But to simply ignore the calls without giving them the respect and decency to provide them with information to make a decision is immature and irresponsible. Not well scripted.

What channel has the "Columbo" reruns?

Parental Guide: F-bomb, sex. no nudity.
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