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Obviously not designed to however if your bike does not have disc brakes and you're willing To be inventive then it might be able to fit by attaching the small bracket that you see in the picture in the lower left corner. Attach that to the brake assembly above the front fork then tighten the two silver supporting arms to the bracket that you've attached. You may need one extra small pair of nuts and bolts to attach it Please note though it is not designed for the front of the bike
16 May 2014 by MR BAIG
Yes but you would have to find a way to secure it on.
22 days ago by Susanna
No I don't think it can do as the bottom leg fixings require much smaller bolts to hold it in place.
10 Jun 2014 by bunceman
That's what the black loop clips are for. They are designed to clip round the seat stays on bikes that don't have brazed on rack mounts on the seat-stays.
22 Apr 2014 by M. Sworn
It does have plenty of adjustment. I managed to fit it to my Tandem after a few minor tweaks.
16 Feb 2014 by BBBarabbus
I cant be sure, as i havent tried it! But i see no reason why not. The rear 'arm' has some flexibility, so as long as its possible to attach it 'outside' the disc brake (which the frame would normally be) then it should work fine.
16 Dec 2013 by G. Rowe
Cant say as it was for my sister. All I know is that it didn't fit my sister's bike. Sorry
5 days ago by Eve Sussex
Yes, I have it on a 700c bike. There are several ways of fixing it depending on the fixing points on the bike.
5 days ago by Pip
5 days ago by francis l bell
dont know
14 days ago by john l tiley
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