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Veho VCC-003 Muvi Micro DV Camcorder
by Veho
3.7 out of 5 stars (280)
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You have to delete what's on to record again or you can get 2 memory cards and use one when it's full use the other one save what u want then delete what u don't need exchange between cards.
24 days ago by reem
Sorry, Ivan,t answer that question as it was a returned item. However, I think it would be ideal for ski-zing. Buy the attachment kit as well though
25 Jan 2014 by Raymond Smith
With only 2Mega Pixels the quality of the recording will be affected by the speed of movement. When using it whilst mountain biking, it can be jerky but when walking the quality is good. Remember that it is a 30 camera, not a Hero. Certainly worth a try.
18 days ago by Amazon Customer
If you have inserted the card gold contacts facining up towards the lens and used your fingnail to push the card in it should click into place - if it doesn't do this I would suggest that it's faulty and you should make contact with the seller to get it replaced,
25 days ago by Daniel Edward Maddick
This was bought for my son, who lives out in Japan, in March 2012. It was bought together with the Sports Pack and an 8GB card. He is a keen cyclist, so he started by mounting the camera, with the straps in the Sports Pack, onto his cycle helmet to record all his cycling trips. Then he progressed to using it, hand held if required, as a normal camcorder. It must be easy to connect, because he downloads almost all his recordings onto his YouTube account, then we can watch them all here in the UK. He has really raved about his Veho ever since he had it - such a tiny piece of equipment, but the results are absolutely amazing.
1 Feb 2014 by Ray Sumner
I'm afraid I cannot assist. I have a Mac and the minicam was not compatible, so I returned it! Sorry Suggest you email the manufacturers via their website. Google Luck
28 Jan 2014 by Peter Denis Barnes
I wouldn't recommend that you use this camera, but it depends on how good you want the quality to be. An iphone 4/5 camera would do the job just fine. I would recommend this camera for skiing/snowboarding but not to teach dance lessons. The quality would look pretty poor if you are using a projector.
24 Jan 2014 by Tim F
I have not used it in a car as the field of view is quite narrow
15 Dec 2013 by Brimmers
Yes you just use it like a digital camera. Plug it into a USB port and a file comes up on the desktop and inside are the UVI files that you can lift on to the computer and play back with Quick Time. Couldn't be easier. Of course you don't get top quality video but they are fun and offer a new perspective on life! There is no viewing screen so you don't know what you are taking but again that's part of the fun.
27 Nov 2013 by sugee
Extremely light, 2/3 grammes. It's still light when functioning & you don't know it's on your head protection when cycling.
23 Feb 2014 by Sean
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