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1.Twilight: Twilight, Book 1 (Twilight Saga)
£8.99 £6.29
2.Vampire Academy (book 1)
£7.99 £6.39
3.The Vampire Diaries: Volume 1: The Awakening & The Struggle (Books 1 & 2)
£6.99 £5.99
4.Vampire Academy: Frostbite (book 2)
£7.99 £5.99
5.The Vampire Diaries: Volume 2: The Fury & The Reunion (Books 3 & 4)
£6.99 £5.99
6.Carpe Corpus: The Morganville Vampires Book Six
£7.99 £6.39
7.Lord of Misrule (Morganville Vampires)
£7.99 £6.39
8.Vampire War Trilogy: Books 7 - 9 (The Saga of Darren Shan): "Hunters of the Dusk", "Allies of the Night", "Killers of the Dawn"
£10.99 £8.24
£7.99 £5.99
10.Buffy the Vampire Slayer Volume 1: Long Way Home

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Vampires Store

Whether you call them Dark Romantics, Lonely Ones or Bloodsucking Freaks, you've got to admire the allure and mystique of the vampires. From Dracula to Angel, Lestat to Edward Cullen, there's a creature of the night to suit every taste and a story to satisfy everyone's dark side...

The True Blood series

Dead Until Dark
Charlaine Harris's hugely successful True Blood series has been made into a television series starring Oscar-winner Anna Paquin and local boy Stephen Moyer. Find out what all the fuss is about that's getting everyone fascinated with Sookie Stackhouse and the brooding Bill Compton.
Read Chapter 1 of Dead and Gone, the latest instalment in the True Blood saga, here. [pdf file]

Learn more at the Charlaine Harris Author Page

New--and Old--Blood

The Vampire Chronicles

Interview with the Vampire
The Vampire Lestat
Queen of the Damned
Long before Stephenie Meyer, there was Anne Rice. Her 1976 novel Interview with the Vampire became a worldwide bestseller and was adapted in 1994 for a film starring Brad Pitt as Louis and none other than Tom Cruise as Lestat.
Interview with the Vampire was the first of a long-running series, the Vampire Chronicles, which saw the irrepressible Lestat de Lioncourt battle the mother of all vampires, form a rock band and even descend to Hell itself in Memnoch the Devil.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Sunnydale Yearbook
Long Way Home
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Omnibus Volume 1
Dark Congress
One Thing or Your Mother
Queen of the Slayers

Into every generation, a Slayer is born... The TV saga that was Buffy the Vampire Slayer continues in book form. Love Buffy? Spike? Willow? Xander? Giles? Then read on...

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Canines of Another Sort: The Kitty Norville Series

Kitty and the Dead Man's Hand
Kitty Raises Hell
Kitty and the Silver Bullet
As a refreshing change from the world of vampires, the marvellous Carrie Vaughn brings us the Kitty Norville books, about the USA's only celebrity werewolf. Her radio talk-show, Kitty's Midnight Hour, proves a source of relief for the undead, becoming a late-night advice show for the supernaturally disadvantaged. But with a sexy werewolf-hunter on her trail, Kitty has problems of her own...

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True Blood, Twilight and Buffy--Music to Sink Your Fangs Into

Garnet Lacey

Tall, Dark and Dead
Dead Sexy
Romancing the Dead
Dead if I Do
Garnet Lacey runs an occult bookstore and tries, generally, to keep away from magic. Easier said than done, what with her inner goddess, Lilith, and the irresistible Sebastian Von Traum to contend with...

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The Sound of Darkness

New Moon
Breaking Dawn

Even better than reading the books--listen to Bella and Edward's epic saga on audiobook, read by the divinely-voiced Ilyana Kadushin, who brings the stories to life as no-one else can.

Why not listen to extracts (in mp3 format) from each of the Twilight audiobooks below?

Twilight | New Moon | Eclipse | Breaking Dawn

For Little Nippers

Vlad the Drac
Vlad the Drac Returns
Vlad the Drac Superstar

It's not just teens and young adults who can be enthralled by ze vampyr--youngsters will revel in the fun that is Vlad the Drac.

Paul and Judy Stone, on holiday in Romania, meet a tiny vampire in the grounds of Dracula's castle. Unlike many of his ancestors, however, Vlad is a sweet-natured vegetarian--albeit given to histrionics and self-aggrandisement. He persuades Judy and Paul to smuggle him home to England, and that's where the mischief begins...

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Breaking Dawn Special Edition

Breaking Dawn

Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Series has taken the reading public by storm, while the films have made superstars of young actors Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. There's just one book left in the series: Breaking Dawn, the final chapter in the saga of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan.

The special hardcover edition is a collector's dream. It includes an exclusive Breaking Dawn concert series DVD featuring Blue October's Justin Furstenfeld, interviews with Stephenie Meyer and a full-colour poster of Bella and Edward.

Price: £19.98

Order your copy here.

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The Granddaddy of all Vampires

The original, irreplaceable, undisputed king of the vampires has got to be Dracula. Irish author Bram Stoker's classic Gothic novel Dracula has spawned literary sequels, movie adaptations, comic books and all manner of homages in every conceivable form.
The tragic, romantic tale of Mina Murray, Lucy Westenra, Jonathan Harker, Professor Abraham van Helsing and the undead Count Dracula is a must-read for all fans of the genre.
Price: £5.99
Be sure to read Stoker's classic novel to find out where it all began.

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The Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series

Skin Trade

Laurell K. Hamilton is the bestselling author of the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series--a phenomenon in itself at 17 titles and counting. The latest book in the series, Skin Trade, sees Anita battling were-tigers and a vampire serial killer in Las Vegas.

"It's great to catch a glimpse of Anita Blake at work, doing what she does best--raising the dead. Hamilton remains one of the most inventive and exciting writers in the paranormal field."--Charlaine Harris on the upcoming Flirt, which is available for pre-order.

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