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4.2 out of 5 stars20
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 17 November 2013
**ARC Provided by Netgalley and Cynthia Eden for an honest review**

This is a twist on Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol.

We have a man turned vampire that has had his whole world turned when he was changed and lost his girlfriends Simone all in the same day.

Ten years later, Ben is on the edge of falling into the dark side without a chance for change. Ben is given a gift.

William a demon he accidentally saved one night owes him a favour and is his first visit of the night. They go back to the night he was turned into a vampire, making love to his girlfriend and then her death by car accident. It hurts when he sees it with fresh eyes and as its actually happening to him.

His next vist comes from Simone herself. She is the visitor of the present. But she has a few home truths to reveal. Namely that she was his guardian angel but she fell for him. she wasn't supposed to reveal herself, which left her vunerable. She has pettitioned hard to be there with him just for the hour. What she shows him changes how he had looked at things at hurt just as badly.

His last visitor is a panther shifter, a man he saved ten years ago, the same night and time as William. Again by accident. Jamieson shows him the possible future if he continues down the same path and also lets slip that, on his last night with Simone he turned her vampire. that she has sacrificed her wings in order to help him that night and would now be a full vampire. If he doesn't change, she goes down with him into darkness and death.

It does have a happy ending though. Ben turns his life around that night and at midnight, Simone looses her wings for good and becomes a full vampire. She turns up at Bens door where he immediately pounces on her and claims her as his partner forever.

A brilliant re-telling of a famous classic.
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This is a great little tale of a guy who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and whose life, as a direct result of events, changed for the worse. He's been alone for 10 years, hunting evil, but is now in danger of his immortal soul becoming so black that he'll forever be beyond redemption.

However, he once did a supernatural being a favour, which the latter returns this Christmas Eve, with visions of the past, of possible futures, of a chance of redemption and happiness once again found...

This was sweet, lovely, romantic and ended in a HEA that I could believe in. I can't believe that the author is selling this so cheaply as it's one of the best tales she's done in a while. I mentioned on a recent review that she does great paranormal tales, but isn't so great at romantic suspense, which this novel confirms -it's a Keeper.

Ebook courtesy of NetGalley and Cynthia Eden, in exchange for an honest review.
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on 14 November 2013
I only recently discovered Cynthia Eden's writing, and I cannot deny she is fast becoming one of my favorites'. Her stories are well written and unusual. Her characters are unique and engaging. And because of those skills you are left with a riveting and thoroughly enjoyable read!

We all know the story of A Christmas Carol, it is one of Charles Dickens most well known and loved tales. There have been many variations upon this theme over the years (my favorite being The Muppets interpretation, don't judge it's a classic). Cynthia has taken this story and put her own inimitable twist on it...

- "A demon, a shifter, and an angel walk into a bar..."

I have to say that line made me chuckle. Poor old Ben has been existing as a Vampire for 10 years now, he was turned Christmas Eve, just before what would have been one of the most important and happy times of his life. He is a dark and troubled soul, having lost everything and the one person most dear to him on the process...Simone.

As with the usual way of A Christmas Carol, Ben after almost making a monumental mistake in judgment, is visited by 3 separate beings (revisit the little quote above), and given a glimpse of what things have past, are currently happening and what his future may look like.

I don't read many PNR books, but with Cynthia Eden's name on the cover I was happy to give it a go, and I would happily recommend this book to anyone looking for a quick, steamy, seasonal read.

ARC kindly provided by the author via Netgalley, and it was my pleasure to provide the above review.
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on 14 November 2013
A demon, a shifter and an angel walk into a bar! Now that's something to think about! And that's exactly what this hugely talented author makes her readers do with this book. It's quite a short tale and quite obviously is inspired by Dickens but comes at it from a romantic and paranormal angle.
This is a sweet story about a vampire called Ben and his possible redemption one Christmas Eve. He has three visitors who show him past, present and a possible future. The night Ben was turned into a vampire Simone the woman he loved died in his arms and he has never forgiven himself for her death. Is it possible for Ben to change and if he does would it make any sort of difference? Ben is tortured by his past but is it possible to change the future?
I really enjoyed reading this novella. It's a sexy but sweet story that just gives a warm feeling. This is an author who truly knows her craft and swept me away. Although we all know the famous tale it's based on I found Ms Eden's approach to be fresh and fun. A good holiday read.
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It's that time of year when I'm reaching for the festive holiday reads again so how could I resist a paranormal retelling of A Christmas Carol? Obviously I couldn't and I'm really glad I picked up Cynthia Eden's novella A Vampire's Christmas Carol. This is a fairly short story at around 80 pages so it is very easy to read in one sitting and is a great little holiday read.

Ben's life was changed forever when he was attacked and turned into a vampire one Christmas, losing the love of his life not long afterwards just sent him deeper into despair. Now Ben has started to become the monster he never wanted to be, he kills the people he feeds from but justifies his actions by only choosing murderers and rapists as his victims. He is on the verge of losing his soul though and this Christmas eve he will be visited by three different supernatural creatures who will show him the past, present and future in the hope of convincing him to change his ways.

This was such a fun retelling and I really enjoyed the paranormal twist on the traditional tale. Ben is visited by a demon whose life he once saved, the ghost of the woman he loved and a shapeshifter he inadvertently helped but can they convince him that life is worth living and he doesn't have to be a monster just because he is a vampire? If you enjoy a reunited lovers story and are looking for a short but sweet Christmas read then this will be just what you're looking for.
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on 12 December 2013
A VAMPIRE'S CHRISTMAS CAROL is a twist on the Dicken's classic with a little bit of The Gift of the Magi thrown in for good measure.

The storyline focuses on vampire Ben Prescott and the three visitors who are about to open his eyes to the possibility of a future with the woman he lost ten years before.

Like the original Dickens's classic, our `hero' is on a destructive path and no one is safe when Ben needs to feed. Ben is a vampire who justifies his kills attacking the criminal element and those who have killed or attacked someone else. But Ben has made an error in judgment and his latest target is an innocent. What transpires is the `what if' of one vampire's actions on Christmas Eve. Three visits in three hours will put everything into perspective for a reluctant vampire who has lost the only woman he has ever loved.

Cynthia Eden's re-telling of the Dickens's Christmas Carol will tug at your heart when sacrifices are made to ensure our vampire heads down a different path.

A Vampire's Christmas Carol is darker than normal holiday story but one that will end with a happily ever after. There is a little bit of romance, a little bit of heartbreak and a whole lot of Christmas spirit.

Copy supplied by the author.
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on 13 January 2016
So from the get go I was sucked into the same feeling of "The Christmas Carol." The Vampire elements was a nice twist. I liked how the series progressed using Angels and Demons. A shifter even appears. You could call a jail break from the paranormal world. The details that this author has put into the story will make it hard for you to not to love it.

I saw that there was some complements of not having a long enough story and I have to disagree with that as the story is just the right length for this particular tale. She couldn't have made this story better by making it this length and the price is good also. So I can't see any reason to lower her star rating.

The sexual elements in this book can be skipped over if that isn't what you want to read. She doesn't go over the top with it and its refreshing for the first scene through to the end. These scenes are well placed in the book and you can tell the book isn't centred around it. The plot is strong and really enjoyable. I hope that you will find it to be a great Christmas read too.
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on 8 December 2013
The fast vampire romance is an intriguing read with a unique twist on a classic holiday tale.

Vampire Ben Prescott hates Christmas and plans to spend the holiday his way... by stalking prey. But fates steps in with other plans and three visitors are coming to spend the holiday with him. Simone Laurent died once upon a Christmas Eve in Ben's arms, now she holds his redemption in her hands.

This fast paced and smooth flowing plot captures the reader's imagination with vivid imagery and strong bewitching characters that keep the reader's attention from beginning to end. The author conveys all the emotions of each one with intense detail that has the reader easily relating to each one. And the chemistry between Simone and Ben singes the reader with passion.

This twist on the classic holiday tale is a heartfelt and entertaining read that is perfect for the holiday season.
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on 24 November 2013
I always enjoyed a story about redemption, a second chance to change the future despite what happened in the past.

It was the first time I read about one of these stories with a vampire :) I enjoyed it very much. Ben is a vampire for the last 10 years; on the night of his change, he killed the woman he loved and he's living in a dark world now, being ruthless and the beast of anyone's nightmares. Until this Christmas he receives 3 visits, that show him the past, the present and a possible future. Bem must make his choice to achieve redemption and love.

As always, Cynthia Eden writes in such a manner that captivated my attention and interest until the last word is read.
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on 28 December 2013
For such a short story, it was really good. It threw in a couple of surprises along the way too, which is something the author is really good at doing.

It was great using the idea of Dickens' Christmas Carol to write a vampire's life. The past, when he was turned and caused the death of his girlfriend, to the present where he's about to do something that will change him forever, to the future where he's shocked by the bad things that might happen because of him.

Really liked it. Thank you, Cynthia, for the chance to read it :)
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