Vampires Vs Aliens (Was it really all based on steph's dream?)

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Jolin says:
I was having this discussion in one of the threads and thought it needed it's own one.

-Twilight and Roswell (book and Tv series) -

- Lots of people have started to notice the resemblance, if you did not here are some points:

Liz a typical good nice sweet girl (alot like Bella even down to the look, sort of) is curious about Max and his weird family, I bet you can guess why.

- She finds out they are aliens after max saves her - Edward saves Bella when she notices somethings up.
- Liz demands to know what he is / how he saved her - Bella also does that with Edward
-Max his sister Isabel and brother/friend micheal are outsiders trying to fit in - like the culllens
- Isabel is a typical blonde beauty who hates Liz at first, for being human and getting between her family - sound like Rosalie much?
-Liz's ex Kyle chases her around like a puppy at first - like Mike
- Liz and Max become the typical Romeo and juliet , facing danger, both ignoring their worlds to love eachother -Just like Edward and Bella
- Isabel has the power to dream walk - Like I think Alice has.
Max and his family are old - age like the cullens (Apart from they are not immortal).
They are the good aliens, using their power for good - sounds like the cullens.

- Max's alien -later- love Tess gets pregnant after Max was not careful - yeah bet BD is coming to mind.

- Tess has a weird pregnancy, lots of pain with the baby not being normal - you already can guess.

- Max can connect with the baby inside of Tess - can't Eddy hear the baby's thoughts?

If anyone has seen it please add to the list, or lets discuss whether Steph is as original as people make out for her dream. Roswell came out way before Twilight did, just to mention.

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Sam. says:
Are her books realli that similier to this Roswell?

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Yes they are Sam! Jolin mentioned it in another thread and it was so obvious I couldn't believe I hadn't spotted it.


-The plot of the season 1 episode Heatwave is very reminiscent of the way Bella and Edward have the overwhelming compulsion to touch in biology class.

-The whole indian reservation thing.

-Another alien, Nasedo, is a shape shifter.

-In season 2 Liz lies to Max to try and make him fall out of love with her in order to save the future and the lives of everyone they know (he has to follow the path he would have taken if he hadn't fallen in love with her). Similar to when Edward lies to Bella in New Moon in order to give her a normal life (the way her life would have been if he hadn't existed). It sort of works for a while but by the end of season 2, they are back together again.

-Did Liz not have some way over the top reactions when kissing Max (like Bella did with Edward)? If I remember right, Max would always have to stop.

By the way, someone else noticed these coincidences/resemblances and started a thread about this on IMDB on Sept 7th.

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Jolin says:
Damn Lynne...I had not even thought of those ones! I will have to view that thread.

It was so obvious I could not believe it either, I am starting to wonder.

Let me just add a few more :

- Valenti is a sheriff, and a father type figure to the gang- Charlie also has the same job
- The alien enemies 'the skins' head leader is a teeange boy/kid - I know SM has a thing about evil lil kids

I can't believe I forgot the whole Max and Liz staying away from eachother, that is so New Moon.

here is some I took from that thread :

- They both were lab partners. In Twilight: Bella finds a clue about Edward when he leaves biology during a blood experiment. Roswell: Liz looks at Max's cells in an experiment

-. Both involve indian reservations, which serve to help the main characters find out who they are, or in Bella's case who Edward is.

- Edward/Max have that, "its dangerous to be with you, but I can't help it" complex. They also seem to have that quiet stare thing.

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Yep. The quiet stare thing. I remember it well. Do you remember the season 3 episode where they were supposed to be characters in a sitcom? They had a laugh with the 'quiet stare thing' in that episode. I bet it became a running joke while they were filming the series. Bella and Edward were good at the quiet stare thing.

I had forgotten about the sheriff. He found out about them and helped, didn't he?

Also, if I remember correctly, Liz's parents did not like Max and banned them from seeing each other after the events of season 2.

Let's not forget the series finale was a marriage between the two main characters! Although in contrast to BD, the Roswell wedding was the absolute finale and the aliens and Liz did have to leave town.

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Jolin says:
I was soooo upset when it ended. Even though, the ending was perfect. :(

Oh gawd I was thinking while watching it, and found out something else. I was thinking 'this is all too the same, but what about Max cheating on Liz? Edward never did that'. Then when I watched it again, I noticed Roswell has just gave SM a whole new storyline.

Hello! the Jacob/Bella thing anyone? It's the same as Max and Tess, apart from Max is doing the cheating.

Here are all the clues why:

-Max is first drawn to Tess because she is his soul mate - same way Bella is drawn to Jacob.

- Tess is a friend to Max when Liz leaves him - that is what Jacob was in NM right?

Roswell even did the whole Breaking Dawn scenario :

- Max could of liked Tess because she was going to carry his child in future - apart from in BD it's because SM says Bella was going to carry Jake's soul mate.

The list is getting endless Lynne! Did SM really think up everything? I am starting to think. I know alot of her ideas are original, it just is a bit too shifty with the storyline and characters being like the Roswell ones.

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Take a look at this

where the blogger talks about how authors bring in readers by writing 'variations on a theme' type stories, especially where teen romance is involved.

I do think that the Twilight Saga is SM's own work but it would be interesting to find out if she watched Roswell, as once you pick up on it the similarities are blindingly obvious. And all because I mentioned my pathetically way off the mark Alice Through the Looking Glass BD cover art theory!

By the way, I have a theory about the whole Bella, Jake, Renesmee imprinting soul mate thing. I remembered a couple of things from Eclipse. But I have to go and double check to see if I have remembered the quotes correctly before posting.

The ending of Roswell was great, wasn't it? :-)

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Jolin says:
The ending was amazing :), as was the whole show.
I will check that site out. I do believe it's SM's own ideas, but she must have watched Roswell. It cannot be that obvious with them both being so the same.

Can I just add these lines to the list:
Jessica - "Bella, Edward Cullen is staring at you again"
*Enter first scene in Roswell*
Maria - "Liz, Max Evans is staring at you, again"

It's true, though. The whole monster falling in love with a human is a very popular theme, started back with Dracula. I liked your theory with Alice btw. XD It's too bad BD was not complex enough to have something like that. Alice was pretty much wasted, she was away for like most of the book.

Tbh I think Max/Liz relationship is much more complex than Edward/Bella. I loved Edward and Bella in Twlight, I really did. Later on though they started to bore me to tears. Unlike Max and Liz, who with all their puppy annoying love, have a better more realistic relationship. They struggled, and did not always see eye to eye. Where as Ed and Bella never even had one fight, Edward just gave in to whatever she wanted. I think Liz was a much more deeper sacrificing parner than Bella was. Bella and Edward always saying they would die for one another, was not proving they sacrifice alot for the relationship. Instead to me it just seemed unhealthy. Liz did alot for max, and his family. She was always there with helping them get out of trouble. Instead of Max having to save her at every turn, I think he only did like once (that was when she almost died). She was willing to give up enjoying her human life to help save his. Even helped him find his son, with tha fact he cheated on her.

I would say apart from the time Max cheated, I always liked him. Just because he loves Liz, he never gave up on his family. He looks after everyone. I don't think Edward really thinks about his family all the time. It just seems he is thinking about Bella 24/7. Most of all unlike Edward, Max we can see is not PERFECT, he does not get everything right. Going back to Liz, she never liked Max just because of how he looks. She is never that shallow, she also does not spend 3 seasons talking about how pretty she has to be, to have Max. If you read the books she said she never thought of Max in a romantic way before.

To top it all off, that baby never improved Bella and Edwards relationship. I don't hate the fact they had a baby, but I don't think it made them closer. I believe Max and Liz became closer when looking for his son, and that was not even Liz's kid! Which was a surprise.

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I just watched the really soppy scene where Max proposes to Liz. Max making the diamond using his super strength. Then getting down on one knee. Liz's reaction and behaviour was much more satisfying than Bella's. And it didn't fade to black.

I remembered what could possibly be the BIGGEST similarity. ;-) What was Max's usual method of entering Liz's house?

What you were saying about the Max/Liz relationship versus Edward/Bella's. I agree. The former was definitely more complex, possibly because they had three seasons to work with the characters and we weren't seeing everything from only one characters POV? Aside from that though, Liz was much a much more likeable character. She had her own plans for the future, she had a large circle of friends who she really cared for, even though she loved Max she never let her entire life revolve around him. That's a healthy place to be IMO. The character of Liz was just a really pleasant, strong, and unselfish person with no outwardly apparent hangups about herself.

I like to think that Max didn't really cheat as he and Liz were not together at the time. When he became intimate with Tess, I saw it as a 'any port in a storm' scenario. He was in a downer and she laid it on a plate. Tess was very manipulative. The whole future Max storyline did kind of annoy me as it was only a plot device to split the couple up for a while. We never heard anything about it ever again and I was waiting for it to be at least mentioned.

Being willing to die for someone (like taking a bullet for the person you love, or running into a fire to save them) does kind of illustrate how much you are willing to sacrifice for love. I'm thinking specifically of what I would be willing to do for my husband or daughter here. Just about anything, more so for my daughter, that's just a standard mum thing. BUT any young person (including fictional characters) committing suicide or thinking about committing suicide if something were to happen to the other person is really sad and unhealthy as it would indicate that the person or character didn't perceive anything else in their life worth living for. I have read stories where one member of an elderly couple who had been married for 50 odd years and had been childhood sweethearts took their own life rather than going on without their partner after they had died. That sort of thing makes me so sad because I can semi understand the thoughts behind the actions and it makes me think about a situation I might be in one day, but the Twilight Saga was mainly about a 17 year old girl and she really shouldn't have been entertaining those kind of thoughts at that stage in her life. The most realistic and fatherly thing that ever came out of Charlie's mouth was when he asked her to find balance. And she resented being asked. Ultimately, the character of Liz is a far better role model for younger readers/viewers. What do you think?

You'd think I didn't like the Twilight quartet the way I critique it. But I did. It was all melodrama and not to be taken seriously.

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Jolin says:
Nope I fully agree. I was a Twilight fan, too. :) There were just alot of things that annoyed me. The scene where Max asks her to marry him was soo romantic, I screamed like a fan girl. :) Do you remember when he tried to kill her? After he took over that guys body. Man that was an intense episode. Was it just me, or was Liz's dad a farr much better father than Charlie? At least he really cared for his daughter. Charlie just wants a maid not a daughter.

I think you were right about the sacrifice thing. The thing is we do have to move on, the other person would not want you to kill yourself. I have lost many people in my life. It's true I would say I could sacrifice for someone I care about, but the way Bella and Edward talk about it is different. They had only known eachother for what? Less than two years. Max and Liz always have the danger of being killed, but they would rather fight together than lose eachother. That is what Bella and Edward should of been thinking about.
Instead of Bella and her 'I WILL JUST DIE IF YOU LEAVE ME!' .That is not healthy at all. Edward never helped either, he should be talking her out of it instead of replying 'I would kill myself, too'. It seems like they were trying to do the whole Romeo and Juliet romantic suicide act, but should of gone and read the play, again. That is not willing to try for life at all, so it's not so much of a sacrifice. Did they even think about their family? What they would feel.

I fully agree on how you picture Liz. She never once turned her back on her friends, in fact she told Alex and Maria so she did not lose them. She is someone who needs her friends around her, unlike Bella who see's no reason for life apart from edward. Even when was not with Edward she never seemed a fully happy person. She did not want to make friends, and found everything a chore. Liz also is a better role model because she thinks about her future. She does not want to be an alien, she does not feel she has to fully join Max's world. She is just the supportive partner, and good friend. I liked her character from the start.
Your right about the whole Max and Tess thing, I think Liz and Max just needed a break from eachother. I never brought the whole - Max and Tess are soul mates, stuff. They just seemed so forced, Tess was an interesting character, though. I hated the fact she killed Alex (I loved him) :(, but she was a nice person. At least Tess and Isabel had better character development than Rosalie or Alice.

OHH GAWD LYNNE THE WINDOW THING! Another coincidence. It is hard to believe SM did not watch Roswell, I am soo sure she did. Here is another scene thats the same:

Liz (when confronting Max after he saved her) - 'I just lied to everyone, I want to know whats going on!' something like that.

Bella (confronting Ed after he saved her) - 'I want to know why i'm lying'

Funny...both BELLA and LIZ, lied to protect their guys.

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Don't forget, Max was also aloof and angsty with just about everyone apart from Liz. The personalities of Max and Edward are so similar. It wasn't until they met their other halfs that they came out of their shells. Didn't Max also have a bit of hair porn going on? ;-) Bella and Liz however have personalities that couldn't have been written further apart.

Jolin, those two quotes are uncannily identical.

When I watched the proposal scene yesterday, it was on Youtube and unfortunately in Spanish (my knowledge of Spanish is restricted to the Dora the Explorer level of vocabulary). But I still got the gist enough to be all aaaaaaawwwwwwww! The visuals were enough! I have to go back and watch it again in English. I wonder how many more similarities I'll be able to spot after seeing it again? Could be interesting.

I found the link to this fanfic on the Amazon US board amidst a good discussion they had going on the publishing world. It's the first two chapters of BD book 3 from Edwards POV. I'm not one for fanfiction but the posters were being so complementary about it that I couldn't help myself from checking it out. I'm glad I did. It's really very very good. Edward is likeable! Have a read and tell me what you think.

In reply to an earlier post on 24 Sep 2008 19:55:43 BDT
Hey Lynne..

I saw that recommendation as well. it is on the "I'm Tired" thread, which is a great thread.. the posters are very eloquent and able to debate without name calling and other abuse. I have liked reading their comments.

I hated how Edward was delegated to "cookie cut out" in BD. I remember when "The Host" came out and SM stated that she was still writing BD, at the time I thought that cannot be good. It gave no time for edits and re-writes and it shows in BD. I hope that with her next endeavour she tries harder to put out a quality product. Like I said, I will give her another chance, because she does spin a good story.

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Jolin says:
Yeah Edward pretty much just gets like a walking talking brick wall, no life at all. At least Max (although very angsty) was interesting, he was just pretty closed off. Lynne do you remember that episode they tried to fool us with the opening, where it showed Maria/Max and Liz/micheal? That episode was awsome. No one cheated don't worry, but Max got to let loose and go party with Maria, where as Liz...pretty much got stuck with alien crap again lol.

I will read this thing you are talking about, I read some of the dark sider threads. I agree with alot of the points they make about BD (when they are not being stupid). I also find it all a good laugh.

Roswell should start sueing SM over copy right laws lol :)

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C. Walker says:
Cant find this one on the website can you remember who the author is?

In reply to an earlier post on 3 Oct 2008 08:28:20 BDT
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C. Walker

The fanfic story is called Metamorphosis and it's by LivesAmongTheStars.

I checked the URL posted below and it still works for me.

Or were you meaning Roswell? :-)

In reply to an earlier post on 3 Oct 2008 17:54:01 BDT
C. Walker says:
Yeah I was on about the fanfic story, I will go and try again. Thanks

In reply to an earlier post on 4 Oct 2008 22:19:44 BDT
Jolin says:
Yeah I still need to find this fanfic, I was thinking of another one. :(
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