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4.5 out of 5 stars46
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 12 October 2012
It's good to be able to get hold of a quality DVD of this after years of trying to catch it on TV. I first saw this as a youngster and while it hasn't stood the test of time perfectly, it's still an imaginative and original comedy horror caper.

Grace Jones, one suspects, was one of the central selling points for the film originally, but while she does a fine job (mostly non-speaking) of leading a coven of blood sucking harpies, it's other elements of the film that hold the attention. The set design and lighting are both imaginative. It might not be the only film from the 1980s to have used pink and green neon lights, but it's certainly a fine example of how to make the city by night even more alien and disorientating.

Following on from this, the way the neighbourhood around the After Dark club is set up as something of a world unto itself is a nice touch. The seedy hotel, the diner, the grungy street gangs who somewhat confusingly seem to be both vampires and in conflict with vampires at the same time... Taking this further, the vampires' backstory is mentioned in a scene towards the end of the film, although like the characters, is never really properly developed.

Still, the film has at least some kind of, er, logic to it. Vamp is mainly about visual style, and when you add in the fact that Keith Haring contributed to the look of some of the club scenes (Grace Jones' body paint), it's fair to say that this is a quintessential 80s horror film: All fangs and no knickers!
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Grace Jones as vampire stripper Katrina is really the selling point for this mid-1980s Comedy Horror. Jones strikes a bizarre yet somehow appealing figure, and her natural elegance and fearsome demeanour make her perfect for such a role. Other than GJ, this remains a decent watch - Chris Makepeace and Robert Rusler are likeable leads and Deedee Pfeiffer provides energetic and visually appealing support as bubbly waitress Amaretto. Highly stylised, full of disorienting neon lighting, and with a well rendered seedy backdrop, Vamp is a typical slice of Eighties cinema in all its garish pulsating glory.
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on 2 April 2011
Ah Vamp. It's been a long wait for this typically mid-80s cheese fest to arrive on dvd, not least Blu Ray, in a presentation that befits its reverence in my house. And another great package from Arrow Video. If I won the lottery I'd create a company like Arrow that gleefully release films that obviously they enjoyed as teenagers and that deservedly merit release now amongst a bunch of conveyer belt bull that festers in over priced cineplexes the length and breadth of the country.
But Vamp. A collection of great special effects, decent acting, Dedee Pfeiffer, fast paced script and generally satisfying all through. Made at a time before every film had to have special effects made by some eastern european 20 year old sat at a computer knocking out scene after scene of brain dead and weightless rubbish taking direction from some talentless director in another country over the phone.
There's more invention in this film than a dozen recent alleged 'horror' films.

Not a great film by any stretch of the imagination but an enjoyable 90 odd minutes of daftness, amusement and proper fx scenes in a film that knows its audience and has fun in the process.
Silly but recommended.
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VINE VOICEon 4 March 2012
After almost 2 decades (maybe more) I finally got round to watching Vamp again and was glad I did.

Well shot and doesn't look like it has dated wither Arrow give it a fine transfer and in Blu Ray it looks Great. I love the locations used in Downtown Los Angeles and the seedy back streets and neighbourhood in general, gives a great backdrop for the storyline.

f you like films like Fright Night (original)and Salem's Lot (original) you should enjoy this film.

4 Stars for a good film and great extras from Arrow.
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on 20 October 2011
Only a film like this could have been made in the 80's. Every hallmark is here from the excellent soundtrack, effective vampire make-up, likeable zany characters, comedy, wardrobe and Grace Jones as the mute head bloodsucker.
We follow two college students and their "friend for a week" who embark on a journey to the city to find a stripper for a frat party only to find themselves trapped in a seedy nightclub owned by vampires. It's not long after our introduction that the story kicks in and from there it doesn't let up. Direction is solid from first time helmer Richard Wenk and we're never left hanging at anytime. If you saw this as a kid in the 80's, I'm sure, like me you'll have a soft spot for this movie and if not, you'll enjoy discovering this for the first time.
Sadly the specs on this review are incorrect. The UK Blu-Ray version was released in mono but has some great "for the disc" extras inculding recent interviews with much of the cast and crew. This import edition according to Amazon boasts a DTS-HD soundtrack. Well it doesn't!! It's also in mono, which for a movie with such sound potential is a total waste. I bought this import version in addition to my UK version only to be sorely disappointed
Nevertheless it's better than owning the grubby dvd and the HD transfer is more than satisfying. Comes in a slim case. Enjoy.
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on 22 February 2011
In order to Join a fraternity Keith and Aj must find a stripper for the frat brothers, heading to the wrong side of town they discover a strip club called the after dark club where all is not what it seems, and the strippers are after more than just the cash in your wallett! Vamp is one of those long neglected eighties classics previously only available on the decent anchor bay us release, bought by horror fans like myself who first caught the movie on late night telly. Its very cheesy, sure but vamp is also very entertaining with some pretty good acting excellent cinematography and use of color and manages to mix horror and humour in exactly the right doses, and I cant help but think quentin tarantino and robert rodriguez took a look at this before making dusk till dawn. If you havent seen this film yet buy it!
The question is for fans, is it worth the upgrade to blu-ray? I have to admit even after the terriffic jobs done on city of the living dead, inferno et al I was still unconvinced, as the anchor bay disc looks fine on upscale through my phillips dvd player with HDMI. Well arrows version looks BETTER. The colors have never looked so vibrant, with the reds and greens looking far richer than in any dvd upscale. The picture is razor sharp with minor amounts of grain and the sound mix is fantastic, i'm ebaying my anchor bay disc!
Extras wise, as usual Arrow have laid it on to give the fans an excellent package.
*Audio commentary with star Robert rusler and critic callum waddell.
*Introduction by robert rusler.
*Vamp it up-Dedee pheiffer remembers the after dark club.
*Vamp stripped bare-an interview with robert wenk.
*back to the 80's, producing a campy cult classic.
*scrapbook of scares-richard wenk looks over his collection of vamp memorabilia.
*Behind the scenes rehersals.
*blooper reel
*dracula bites the big apple-short film by richard wenk.
*easter egg.
*Jay slater collectors booklet.

Phew! quite a lot then, and all very informative for those of us after bonus features. This is a great package for fans, and a film well worth checking out if you havent seen it already. For those of you unconvinced by the merits of blu-ray Arrow have put the film out on dvd as well Vamp [DVD] [1986] (and save yourself a fiver) Either way this is an essential purchase.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 29 September 2015
Another great release from Arrow, it comes with three discs, plus a nice little booklet about the film, and a reversible cover, but for me the one you see on amazon is the best. Am not going to bore you about the film, there are many reviews already that can tell you better than me, so all I would like to say this is a very good film and the picture quality gets a 4/5 from me.
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on 3 February 2016
this is a wild colorful film. It's similiar in lighting to 'creepshow' from 1981 and that gives it a comic book look that works well in this horror comedy. The film is not a mockery fype of film like scary movie, instead it's just a horror film that is played with some humor. This arrow print looks better than the one that we got in the u.s. So I had to buy this one instead. The film looks pretty good on blu ray and much better than it did on blu ray. It has no real defects The story is about young guys looking for some nasty fun who run into a strip club of vampires. Who are really monsterous in appearance as well. Which makes it all the less like twilight. This is well worth owning as part of your horror collection and grace jones is really good in this film as well as the other actors.
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Not really sure what this movie is trying to be. Most people read the review before purchasing. However most reviews are misleading or waste time describing the technology used in the presentation.

Fraternity pledges looking to find a cushy environment decide it is easier to provide a hooker than to hand themselves. The recruit a local geek (Gedde Watanabe) with money to travel to the seamy side of town to procurer their quarry; however when they meet Katrina (Grace Jones) who is the quarry?

I only saw the Blu-ray so I cannot compare media. However this is not one of those movies that need any special media unless you are looking for something on Grace that I missed. Naturally voice over comments add another dimension.
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on 2 April 2014
If you've read my other reviews then you've probably cottoned on that the only Arrow releases I own are the ones that come in slip-cases, with this being no exception.

The packaging; Arrow shine through again with the packaging; although the reversible sleeve wasn't really to my taste on this one I can see and appreciate the effort that has gone into it. The booklet, as usual, is a decent read and comes accompanied with a reversible poster overall 7/10

Video quality; the video presentation on this is great with the original grain intact providing a nice amount of clarity. The colour levels looked good and there was no defects. 8.5/10

Audio; there is only one track provided with this release, which is disappointingly just mono, although the track itself was clear, crisp with no audible drops so overall I give the audio 7.5/10

Special Features; as usual Arrow do not skimp on the special features with director interviews, retrospective's, behind the scene footage, a theatrical trailer and an introduction to the film by star Robert Rustler.

The film itself is decent B-movie fun and I'd never seen the film until I purchased it(less than £5 on Amazon) and I enjoyed it although I expect its one of them film's which are appreciated more with each viewing. Good performances all round and Dedee Pfeiffer was a babe :P 7/10

This was a decent film made into a great release by Arrow and I can see why it has its cult status. Great Audio/Video and packaging makes this highly recommend for fans of 80's movies/horror and it was a real bargain at less than £5!!

If you enjoyed this, be sure to check out my other reviews :)
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