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4.4 out of 5 stars15
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 18 June 2016
I found this book very informative as I have children and was very interested in researching all viewpoints regarding vaccinations. The author was an immunologist so I feel her opinion and beliefs are credible as well as the fact that all her information is backed up with and has links to studies and evidence that you can cross reference check. Well worth reading if you want to look at all viewpoints and not just mainstream ones.
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on 5 December 2013
I was searching for a short book to recommend to parents on the vaccination issue , she is more than qualified to write this book as she has a PhD in immunology which is the science of artificial immunization ie vaccination , she is also a new parent who was faced with the vaccination decision . The style is to the point, non emotional and truly educational on natural immunity from diseases as opposed to questionable immunity from vaccinations ., to quote from her website [...]
"it is not enough to merely seek information supplied by the medical authorities, the mass media, or social groups—it is time to gain our own understanding of vaccination and vaccination alternatives."
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on 28 September 2014
Many great insights and revelations in this book. Well put together. I would recommend this book along with a couple of others in making the case very strongly against the sick vaccine industry (also see the what doctors don't tell you book, and dr Vernon Coleman's title on vaccines).

If you don't want your convenient illusions about vaccines and their supposed safety , efficacy, and related 'herd immunity' SHATTERED, then definetly steer clear if this book- because it will hurt your mind.
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on 26 July 2015
I'm not an immunologist so I can only quote from one kind enough to review this book on the US site. From Fei Liu 21 February 2013:

"I am also a fellow immunologist that studied vaccines, and a mother of two, and I was eager to read this book because I was hoping that a scientist will provide an honest balanced narration of the history, efficacy and future challenges of vaccine programs, and raise some real questions that is worthy of thoughts. However this book can make Fox News and MSNBC News seem fair and balanced.

I intend to write a full length review approximately the same length as the book itself, with proper references to the statements I make. But it will take time, and I don't want more readers mislead by the lack of negative reviews, so here is a shorter version.

Here are the major problems I have with this book:

1) Lack of reference. The author make various statements which are critical for her stance against vaccination that is not reference at all. For example, she claimed that Jenner's smallpox vaccine was only effective for an undefined "a few years", and yet, all my searches yielded rather long effectiveness of vaccinia vaccine ([...]). The author seems to choose references that would suit her argument but ignore those that contradict hers.

2) Totally biased. I guess I can't really blame her for writing a book titled "Vaccine Illusions" and only criticize the efficacy of vaccines, but what I have a problem with is her disguising this book as a scientific book that can be used to educate parents who are trying to make vaccine choices. No, this book is for those who have already made up their mind to not vaccinate their children and are looking for validation for such a decision from somebody that can be perceived as "credible". This book has never given any figures on the widely available data from WHO on the amount of deaths for each vaccine preventable diseases before and after each vaccine campaign. Nor did she ever mention the frequencies of disease outbreaks among those who are vaccinated vs those who are not. Yet, she raises questions that seems legit to the untrained eyes, but totally idiotic to those who studies immunology. For example, she mentioned that tetanus toxoid acts in the CNS, mentioned that antibodies can not cross blood brain barrier, then asked seemingly intelligently:"Then how does antibodies protect you from the toxin?" Any Stanford trained immunologist would sure know that antibodies constantly circulating your blood would prevent any toxin from ever getting to the brain from your infection site. Questions like this makes me believe that the author was intentionally deceiving her audience. Another example, she mentioned original antigenic sin, and attribute flu vaccination as a culprit. However, she did not mention that original antigenic sin was first discover not with vaccination, but rather actual viral infection with similar viruses. And since the author knows quite well that actual virus infection leaves with stronger memory immunity, and as she claims vaccination is not effective for a few years, one could easily argue that getting the flu would leave you way more susceptible to original antigenic sin than getting the vaccine itself.

3) Raise questions about vaccine that she knows that can not be answered the way she wanted, and use that to discredit all vaccine studies. For instance, one of her problems with vaccine is that it's efficacy is not directly tested with a real infection. She knows that no human trials where people are given the actual virus/bacteria will ever be approved. Yet, she takes in no consideration of the very low mortality rate directly due to any diseases in countries that have vaccine programs versus the high rate in countries that do not have vaccine programs, or even historical data in the same country.

4) Make vaccine immunity as your only line of defense so that it better be perfect or you are screwed. The most widely mistaken fact about vaccine is that it has to protect a person from ever getting infected. Vaccine would rarely prevent you from being infected, in most cases, it buys you enough time so your own immune system would keep the infection under control so that you would show no symptoms of infection; in some cases, you still show symptoms but less severe; and if the vaccine is a good one, you would rarely have full symptoms. Vaccine safety is a huge issue for vaccine producers, and CDC takes it very seriously, and there is a national vaccine safety hotline for each vaccine. Therefore vaccines should be viewed more as an extra safety net to lessen the assault of an infection on your own immune system. Some of the questions author raised is legit, such as reduced amount of antibodies in breast milk of mothers who are vaccinated vs those who had the disease. However, author did not mention that without vaccines, some people never got a chance to become mothers."

For anyone considering buying this book please do some proper research. There are a lot of unsubstantiated claims on the internet about the supposed dangers of vaccines but no real evidence to support them. You could start here which has detailed information on all the issues and some very informed commenters:
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on 1 October 2014
A very clear and concise read which presents the evidence against vaccinations quite simply. Without delving into the more sinister beliefs regarding vaccinations, it presents a good start for anyone interested in finding out the truth about vaccinations.
To truly see the bigger picture more research is required but this book is a great read and fully recommended.
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on 29 September 2015
Very interesting read.
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on 5 October 2014
Fantastic ! So informative . Thank you so much for giving REAL information. How how I wish I had had it long before !
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on 27 September 2014
It gives me much to think about, being the brother of a vaccine damaged sister.
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on 30 April 2015
An Authoritative book, full of helpful information upon which to make an informed choice.

When governments are paying out hefty sums to individuals and keeping this rather quiet, one has to weigh the risks carefully of both the diseases themselves and the efficacy and risks of vaccination.
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on 17 December 2014
This is, as my title says, an appalling level of misinformation. It can only be aimed at people who don't know anything about vaccines or immunology, because anyone who has actually studied in those fields will immediately be able to spot the false claims.

~However, that means that this is a book designed to mislead people who are genuinely trying to find out more. This isn't ok.

False claims abound:
1. Her definition of immunology is wrong, from the start. She defines immunology as:
"a science that studies an artificial process of immunization - i.e., the immune system’s response to injected foreign matter. Immunology does not attempt to study and therefore cannot provide understanding of natural diseases and immunity that follows them."

This is nonsense; I've never run across an immunology class, at undergraduate or graduate level, which did not study the immune system's response to "natural diseases", and there is considerable body of active research work looking at "natural diseases" and immunity. Her definition is made up by and for her, and her alone -- it does not agree with the definition or understanding of immunology in use by any other researcher in the world.

2. She claims that various vaccine, including both the tetanus toxoid vaccine and the inactivated polio vaccine, have "never been tested" in properly conducted, randomised, blinded trials. That too is nonsense; there are papers readily available for those studies in PubMed.

3. She uses the canard of substituting death rate for incidence rate to claim that diseases were already decreasing before vaccination. This is a common anti-vaccinationist ploy, but it too is a manipulative falsehood. It is true that fewer people _died_ of the diseases in the years before the vaccine, but that was because medical care for people suffering the diseases was improving. The number of people suffering the diseases was not dropping -- and did not drop, until vaccines started to be used. Then the diseases all but disappeared.

4. She claims that "immunologic memory" is a myth. That is levels of wrong beyond ridiculous; if this were the case, we would not be able to develop any long-term immunity to any disease, ever. It is contradicted by everything we know about the immune system, not to mention everything we can observe about disease behaviour!

5. She claims that allergies cannot develop in response to antigens, without the presence of adjuvants. Considering how many people (including a few of my ancestors) have been deathly allergic to beestings, I think she deserves a smack upside the head for this insanity.

6. She claims that mothers cannot transfer vaccine-induced antibodies to babies via breastmilk. I am unaware of what magic is supposed to make vaccine-induced antibodies so fundamentally different from any other antibody; furthermore, once again, there are multiple peer-reviewed papers freely available in the research literature which explicitly test how vaccine-induced antibodies are passed via breastmilk. Is she deliberately lying about these things?

7. She claims that vaccines have made childhood diseases more deadly. Odd, given that thousands of children used to die every year from measles, polio, diphtheria and other such contagious diseases, and now children only die of those diseases in areas where vaccination is not available or has been refused by such a high percentage of the population that the disease has once again become endemic -- and in that latter situation, the unvaccinated appear to be at far higher risk than the vaccinated.

There are many more such dangerous, false and nonsensical claims in this book.

I don't understand what motivates the author. She is in a position to know better. Is she deliberately dishonest? Has she suffered some traumatic brain injury that has damaged her ability to think, judge, and/or remember? What the heck is going on here?

Regardless of her motive, this is the absolute last place that someone should look for accurate and reliable information on vaccination, how it works and what effects it has. Go to a genuine medical source -- the NHS has plenty online, as does the American CDC, the European CDC and the World Health Organisation, as do many other hospitals and medical charities.
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