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Vtech Innotab 2 (Blue)
by VTech
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My two sons both are playing with it, so I would say from 4-10. Smaller kids may like it and use it as well using their fingers, but we find it is much more accurate if you use it with the pen, rather than your fingers - and I personally would not put a pen into the hand of a child who is smaller than 4 years old. We fixed the little pen to the device with a 20 cm piece of cord ourselves (not to loose the pen) - this may be potentially not the case if you have smaller kids around, as you do not want to constantly worry about accidental chocking or whatnot. The manufacturer marks the little game cassettes with age groups, only a couple of games are marked from 3 years onwards (Thomas, Umizoomi, Bubble Guppies), a bit more from 4 years onwards, the vast majority of the games are marked 5-7 years. I think I only found 1 game that is marked up 9 years...bigger kids probably use the device to make photos, videos, edit is, download extra games or watch videos from the extra SD card, that you can extend the memory with...and than they probably grow out of it. So to cut it short: mainly for 5-7 years of age, but 4-9 may also be OK.
26 Mar 2014 by Lívia
I think it can be used with adapter because they are for sale but iv only ever used batteries
20 Nov 2014 by Beth Wilson
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