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75 of 79 people found the following review helpful
on 21 November 2013
A little bit about myself of writing this review:

> I've had this PC for 3 days.

> This was my first ever gaming PC.

> I'm an avid gaming student and studying at university.

> I bought this because I "couldn't be bothered" to build my own. (Plus it comes as a complete package) Also, I'm more than aware that it is almost ALWAYS better to build your own PC if you are looking for Performance to Value. However, I felt like it was too much trouble.

With a small amount of background information, I give you the review of the VIBOX Apache Package 9!


The components of the PC are between Mid range to High end gaming PCs. The most important (CPU) is closer to being high end while GPU; Mid Range. As a result, I'm really pleased with the performance of this PC. I have tried Skyrim, League of Legends and Guild Wars 2 on this system and managed to Max everything out and maintained a steady FPS. Skyrim was even able to be played on Ultra with several mods installed (I have not yet tried HD Texture Packs). On Metro 2033, I had to lower the settings to High (The highest is Very High) in order to maintain a smooth frame rate.

The actual case is awesome and larger than I expected. It of course still fit on my desk but I would suggest for you to check the measurements and see if this fits in your own space.

Please note: All my experience so far has been without over-clocking. I would presume that it would be even more impressive in the future once I've done more research on the topic.

Monitor + Accessories
The Monitor is great. At first, I was slightly surprised that this didn't support HDMI. However, after some more research. The DVI cable (used to connect the monitor to the pc) is almost identical to HDMI up to 1080p. Past that point, it's actually more preferable to have a DVI connection. Since this Monitor only supports up to 1080p, it makes no difference to me. Therefore, you can save yourself some money by not buying HDMI cables. However, if you wish to connect your PC to more monitors, you'll need it. There appears to be at least one more HDMI cable slot so I can have at least one more monitor hooked up.

Please note: DVI connection supports only picture display and not audio.

The speakers are fairly average. They are loud and provide OK audio. If you're a music lover, then you may choose to replace these with your own in the future. For me however, these will do and I mainly use my gaming headset majority of the time regardless.

The mouse is a nice basic mouse. It's a fairly small mouse but by no means tiny. Very simple standard left + right click with a scroll wheel. Will suffice unless you're a hardcore gamer.

The Keyboard was the most disappointing in this package. The keys feel unresponsive and therefore I'm unable to type very quickly. Moreover, the "alt" buttons seems to have broke already. It falls below me expectation of being as basic as the mouse. On the other hand, it is a full sized keyboard.

Please note: The keyboard "feeling" unresponsive does not mean that it actually is unresponsive. Every input is registered flawlessly with the exception of the broken "alt" keys. Without a doubt, I will be buying my own set of gaming Keyboard and mouse very soon.

Windows 8.1
I'll briefly run over Windows 8.1 for you but I highly suggest you do research as well for a more in-depth look at the operating system.
There hasn't been many problems with the operating system as I was made to believe. Sure I've had some annoying moments but most of it was solved by installing "Start is back". It's a program that replaces your Windows 8 button with a Start button just like the one from Windows 7. It does cost money but it's minuscule in-comparison to this package.

I extremely recommend that you watch this video ([...] and follow it as you start up your PC for the first time.

Two Free Games
These games came with the AMD Radeon Graphics Card. From the list for me were; Hitman Absolution, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Sleeping Dogs, Dirt 3, Thief, Sniper Elite and Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon. This game selection MAY CHANGE OVER TIME and most of them were provided for me using Steam Codes. The codes themselves are provided through the "AMD Radeon Rewards" system.

Customer Service
Vibox's customer service is outstandingly friendly. I called up multiple times with questions regarding the PC before and during installation. The advice they provided was helpful and I would definitely recommend them as a company to buy from.

As for the packaging. It came in 2 large boxes, the first being a monitor and second being everything else. I had no damaged items nor scratches so I'm really pleased.

Summary of things I didn't like.

> The CPU fan is louder than I would like.

> No easy option turn off the lights.

> Awful Keyboard and basic mouse.

Fantastic PC with good monitor, average accessories and great customer support. In my opinion, totally worth the money!

As I expected, Vibox has changed a few components in the bundle (for the better) and I would expect the performance to be slightly better solely based on the specs of the updated system. In terms of accessories, they are now including gaming peripherals which I'm almost certain that is better than the basic ones I had. Also, the bundle now includes a Headset.

As for me, I've upgraded my system to a R9 290 graphics card along with the power supply to a 630W one. Extremely happy with my system because it can play around 80% of games at max settings. If you're planning to upgrade your own system, be sure do thorough research/ ask professionals. I definitely benefited from doing so. Forums are fantastic places to ask any complicated questions and I've joined the LinusTechTips forum.
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61 of 65 people found the following review helpful
on 30 September 2013
Our son has been saving Xmas/Birthday money and pocket money for a year to buy himself a gaming computer (with a little advance from "Santa"!).

We found this package on Amazon and as we don't know the first thing about gaming computers, I printed of the details & spec and passed it to the IT chap at work to give me his feedback. He said grab it! For the price and for what you are getting, it's worth every penny and an excellent starter gaming package that will see our son right for many years. He also mentioned that as it's "componant built" and not fixed, you can upgrade/alter as time goes on, if you wish, without having to buy a whole new unit, which sounded good to us!

The package came not in one whole bundle but spaced over a week but worth the wait. All items were as they should have been and quite easy to set up (which was good for us!).

The 2 free games were easy enough installed via codes with Steam and Uplay and our son loves them :-)

Overall excellent service from Vibox, they answered my queries very quickly and in terms that a non-tech person could understand! Son more than happy with his new computer and showing it off to all his friends!
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 24 June 2014
I don't know why people are talking about when they say they can build a better pc for the same value, when you add up the rough cost of the parts [...] (the ram costs £140 ) you get a price around £710 . I just paid £759 for my model and it will come full assembled with windows with 2 free games, seems good to me. And after looking up the parts I might be able to upgrade it if I ever need to easier than starting from scratch.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 31 August 2014
This monster delivers exquisite quality of graphic and power combined into one ultimate gaming machine. It not only has everything you need to play pretty much any game on the highest settings (save for the most graphically stunning games like Battlefield 4) with ease and a high FPS. Easy to set up and very quiet, i can hardly hear the fans which it has 3 of including a 4th one on the graphics card. The temperature panel on the front is a nice feature that also shows how long the computer has been on and its fans RPM. The LED's are very nice and in the dark give this machine a sense of grandeur.

Ive yet to play a game on this monster that ive not fully enjoyed due to the service this machines specs give. I highly recommend that if you want a good gaming PC for a brilliant price that you get this as it not only serves well for gaming but all other processes aswell and especially media quality which is exceptional with the Radeon R9 270.
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17 of 20 people found the following review helpful
on 10 January 2015
I bought this computer as my 1st ever gaming p.c. And yes at 1st it did'nt work to its full potential, but as soon as i messaged VIBOX they were very helpful in every way. Ive had the computer for 3 months now, and the only thing that has gone wrong with it, was the grill on the top of the Tower was falling off, but a little glue fixed that in seconds. The computer is very quick, looks amazing, and although the accessory's are pretty basic, they are great for getting started, the only thing i would change is the headset, as i found them a bit tight on my ears. Other than that, if you are a true gamer, who likes to stream using Elgato, Record using OBS, look at facebook, watching YouTube videos, Editing your own videos, Playing in high frame rates, All at the same time. Then this computer is for you. Trust me i use this computer for all these things, If you want the proof, then check me out one day on Twitch at and i will show you what ever you want to know about this computer
review image
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36 of 43 people found the following review helpful
I'm not sure where to begin, so I'll just start babbling and hope I make sense!

The first thing that arrived was the monitor. A 22 inch, LCD screen that comes with a base which is simple to set up and has a beautifully clear screen that doesn't flicker or anything which spells badness. However, when the actual PC arrived (more on that in a moment) and we connected the monitor to it, all that kept coming up on screen were the words No Signal. It took quite a while for us to figure out that the colour coded connection points weren't where the monitor needed to go. My friend can explain it better, so I'll update when I get the info off him. Needless to say, it was a little puzzling.

The tower itself is... Well, the inner geek in me, who is currently addicted to Avengers, automatically screamed out "HULK!" When the tower came alive and believe me, it does come alive. The look of the tower has this shape to it that my friend called sexy, which was then preceded by a certain F word when he saw no screws were needed to add in an extra drive. Where things like that are concerned, the tower is easy to read. Since it's a gaming PC, it's a little bigger than the standard office setup, but it isn't ridiculously huge and so there's plenty of room to house it, although the desk I bought needs to have a shelf removed in the tower part to accommodate it.

I can't comment on the bits inside the tower, such as the graphics card and whatnot, as my thoughts are "If they work, great!" but what I can comment on is how much trouble I don't get when playing. My Skyrim arrived today and so of course that needed to go straight in, and wow. That's it. Wow. It was smooth, the clarity was crystal clear, and I can't even begin to think of how this game would look and feel on a less capable machine. I know Warcraft doesn't require much to run and play, but there's a dramatic difference with this gear.

I fully realise that I'm not doing this lot justice (I normally review cosmetics LOL), so I'll wrap it up. If you need a PC, be it package or tower, then go with Vibox. They've got some good stuff, so don't disregard because they're an unknown company, which is what I was going to do and so very pleased I didn't. They are truly excellent machines and they also double up as ambient lighting! Last night after my friend left, I whacked on Avengers, switched the light off, and the green light from the tower provided this lovely little atmosphere!

Suffice to say if you're in need of something like this, Vibox is the one to go with.
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12 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on 28 January 2014
The item was delivered on time, but the psu wasn't working. So, contacted the supplier who arranged next day collection, rectified the problem, and then returned it back to me 2 days later.
This time, it worked fine, is incredibly fast, and more than capable of playing everything on the highest settings
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on 11 January 2015
As an avid gamer (league of legends extraordinaire) and IT technician i have used this PC alot in the last 3 months since i bought it. So ill try produce a good review of the whole package and what your getting.

- The PC 9/10 - Fast, quiet and looks amazing. I haven't had much problems at all here. There have been incidents of it overheating on max graphics on the highest spec games but this was literally very rare and was being 'pushed'. For competitive gaming you don't need big graphics performance graphic specs are best anyways and this does it perfectly.

- The OS 5/10 - Windows 8.1 - Its not Viboxs fault but its god dam awful ! You can revert via a windows update to a more 'desktop' friendly version as windows is designed around touch screen/tablet interaction. Never the less when you get used to it the search functality interface isn't too bad.

- Networking 7/10 - Ethernet is my method chosen seems to work ok did have some issues in throughput which i believe was to do with the computer as every other device had no issues and had done alot of IT tech checks. WIFI STICK - Is awful it really is terrible unreliable, weak and flimsy get a wifi card if your looking at this.

- Monitor - 8/10 Not bad and not great, your see a pattern with the rest of the accesories i describe their not decent enough if you play games half seriously. Its 'package product' so just accept it.

- Keyboard - 4/10 Terrible to be honest but i 've gotten used to it. Looks 'stylish' like the mouse but the buttons are tough and unresponsive. Looking at buying a new one soon.

- Mouse 3/10 Again like the keyboard if your serious or want a good level of control in your mouse buy a decent one. It feels sluggish and cheaply made.

- Free Games 9/10 Was easy to do and install on steam ! Game selection was decent seen as it was free. Was impressed.

Overall, I feel like it was defintley worth it but you could probaly pay a hell of alot less and build this computer and get better accessories!

But that is a package folks.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 13 June 2014
I bought this for my grandson and he's thrilled with it. Only surprise was it had no invoice with it on delivery and cant find any guarantee details. Its my first purchase on Amazon and look forward to more now
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on 26 March 2014
Only just started to get into computer gaming as I finally have the money for it (WOOHOO!) and my friend is a total I.T. geek so naturally I went to him to see what I want in a pc and as I was thinking of getting a pc why not get one that can actually play decent games, right? Anyway we went on pc specialist and built a pc on there looking through all the specs and what not with him teaching me as we went along but then in the end we took a quick look on amazon and came across this bad boy. The specs were better and as it includes all the extra's plus THREE free games.. THREE, and not bad ones at that, it was actually cheaper. Yeah it's probably cheaper to build your own but for someone like me that is just not a possibility end of (maybe in the future lol). Anyway yeah, it came at the earliest date that they said it would and also nobody was in my house so the guy was nice enough to go opposite to another house and it was kept there for me. So yeah I literally see no fault in this.
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