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Initial post: 4 Feb 2012 23:01:51 GMT
A. W. Duffy says:
It looks like this will be the first UK BD Combo to have a UV digital copy. Why can't they just keep to the original form of having a WM and iTunes copy on the DVD? UV would be good if it was compatible with iTunes, but it's not. What do you think?

Posted on 4 Mar 2012 08:59:21 GMT
Last edited by the author on 4 Mar 2012 09:01:04 GMT
I guess it's too easy to make copies of the WMV or MP4 digital copies. With smartphones, laptops, iPads and the availability of wifi, the concept of a UV digital copy kinda makes sense. My main concern is that to access it, it seems that we will need to either pay for wifi when out and about, or pay for 3G. If you use your mobile contract inclusive minutes, you could easily use a month's allowance (or more) streaming 1 film. I know it's extra affort, but try using DVDFab to rip any DVD or BluRay to an AVI/WMV/MP4/whatever format and store it on your laptop or mobile device for when you are out and about. I travel a lot and that's what I do. It will even copy MP4 files into your iTunes library automatically.

Posted on 20 Apr 2012 10:05:27 BDT
But it costs for dvdfab that allows you to do this, the free version of dvd fab only allows ripping of the dvd to put on another dvd. I use it so that my daughter doesn't scratch or destroy my original dvds as she never puts them back in the case and I have had to replace a few in the past. Disappointed about the digital copy though.

Posted on 2 May 2012 10:41:40 BDT
D. Slinger says:
I actually cancelled my pre-order of this film for the sole reason of the UV digital copy.
To some it is not a big deal but when your out and about with kids having this digital copy on your iPad or iPhone for travelling is great. There are places where you can't pick up wifi, i.e.. travelling through the Highlands of Scotland, or down the A9, your lucky if you can pick up a radio signal in some places and I certainly don't want to pay for my wifi when I am out and about just to watch a movie.
I am getting fed up of opening more accounts (Flixster) with more passwords.
If WB would just gives us a choice on what type of format we would like either their second rate "Flixster" or iTunes it would be more appreciated or even reduce the timescale on when we can redeem the film on iTunes to a 6 months, for goodness sake we are willing to buy your movies and paying the full price for it, the way WB are doing it now which I presume is going to be their normal practice they are tempting more people to go onto the internet and find a digital copy else where, to keep customers on WB side, they should at least try to keep them happy.
When I took up my complaint with WB I was told in a polite way "its a new medium, it will take time for people to adjust to it and they have had many positive reviews, so get used to it".

Posted on 10 May 2012 16:34:14 BDT
Last edited by the author on 10 May 2012 16:35:54 BDT
You guys are missing the point entirely. Ultraviolet enables anyone with any format device to use legal digital copies as long as they have an internet capable device. Do you really think that everyone wants a PC just to get a digital copy. Or that everyone wants iTunes. Ever heard of "the cloud" or "Android" or "Linux".? We are moving from disc mediums to cloud & digitally based content. You won't need a PC at all eventually.

Posted on 10 May 2012 22:43:10 BDT
A. W. Duffy says:
jayndee, I think you've missed my point. UV as an idea is very good, but it needs to be used in conjunction with current iTunes digital copies as well. Currently (in the US) Paramount and Universal are providing both with their movies, and that is the way to go. For people like me, who own an iPod Classic, UV copies are useless. That is why both together is good.

Posted on 11 May 2012 14:21:18 BDT
I too looked at ordering this but when I saw that it was the Ultraviolet digital copy, it put me off. I'm very happy using iTunes for my digital copies to watch on either a PC or iPad while travelling. I don't want to have to start using something new and the idea of having to stream it each time I watch it is a non-starter (as a previous post said, how is that going to work for the kids watching while we travel?)

My other concern with the cloud aspect of it. With current digital copies you have a file that you can keep and use forever. What is to stop them deciding Ultraviolet isn't the next best thing after all and moving on. Not all studios are signed up to it. Will they keep that cloud around forever to stream the film from?

While I'd like to have the Blu-ray quality, I'm getting it directly from iTunes instead and not bothering with a physical copy at all.

Posted on 11 May 2012 22:28:22 BDT
A. W. Duffy says:
underthethumb, I decided to order it from Australia instead, as they have a Blu-ray + Digital Copy that is an iTunes one (UV hasn't made it to Australia yet thank goodness). The only drawback to people in the UK would be that to use the DC you would have to create an Australian iTunes account.

Posted on 11 May 2012 23:58:16 BDT
Bourne1886 says:
I'm going to get my copy of Sherlock Holmes GoS on BR from Tesco. I will then get a free digital copy to watch via Blinkbox on my iPad. There are no codes to put in, it's there ready in your library ready for you too watch a few hours later after purchase. No fuss no hassle. The Blinkbox app from iTunes works a treat.

Posted on 14 May 2012 13:14:46 BDT
Last edited by the author on 14 May 2012 19:36:43 BDT
Bourne1886 says:
Bought my Blu Ray of Sherlock Holmes today for 15.00 from Tesco and within 30 minutes I had the free digital copy they provide on my iPad. I watch it through my Blinkbox App. No hassle as they put it into your movie library themselves and it is ready to watch instantly. No codes, no waiting.
Simple and excellent.

In reply to an earlier post on 14 May 2012 14:10:13 BDT
You say that you can watch it on your iPad. Does it download the movie onto it? From the Blinkbox website it looks like they stream it to you rather than downloading?

If so, then is there any way to watch offline without a wifi connection?

In reply to an earlier post on 14 May 2012 15:28:58 BDT
Steve says:
The iTunes copies work on PCs, Macs, Apple TVs and old iPods without extra apps, streaming and nonsense.

This is just useless and UV should be stated clearly in the title. I feel I've been duped (and i know it says in the technical description but I shouldn't have to read the whole page before buying a disk) and will avoid UV in the future.

Posted on 14 May 2012 17:40:04 BDT
Bourne1886 says:
The UV copy on Sherlock Holmes works offline ( i.e no 3g or wifi needed)as I downloaded it to my iPad Flixster app. The process was really easy. I think it's just like iTunes, its just a different host so to speak. It is more universal/ customer friendly, so it can play on Android devices aswell.


Unfortunately not, My Blinkbox app needs a wifi or 3G connection.

In reply to an earlier post on 14 May 2012 17:41:09 BDT
Bourne1886 says:
No Contagian has a UV digi copy aswell.

Posted on 14 May 2012 20:09:39 BDT
Jason says:
This is my last TriplePlay. If I knew what UV digital copy was I would not have bought it.... Utter crap. I'm now actually too P'd off to enjoy the film so I'll keep it for another day when I've calmed down. Can't agree enough with other posters, DON'T BUY THIS COPY......

In reply to an earlier post on 14 May 2012 20:45:17 BDT
Bourne1886 says:
Why are you p'd off?
I never had any experience with UV before today, but I had no trouble with it.It Took me two minutes to get it onto my iPad and watch it on there via the Flixster app.
I can even watch it offline. The only difference is Flixster are hosting it instead of itunes, so more people can view it on different devices thats all.
I don't know what all the anger towards it,is all about.
Please can somebody explain,am I missing something?

Posted on 14 May 2012 21:29:42 BDT
Jason says:
For one movie it's not that big a deal (since I'll not be buying any more). But it's more accounts, more usernames and passwords, more junkmail I'll be getting as a result. Another 'app' I have to install on my iPad (etc) and now all my movies are not under the 'movies' button... This is just Warner and Sony, so how many other Studios will be using different methods requiring more usernames and passwords and apps etc etc etc. It's just more pfaff where before it was simple (yep even iTunes is bearable when you get used to it).

For me, I'll go back to using other methods to make my own mp4 files.

Posted on 15 May 2012 14:29:07 BDT
Guys the whole point of the UV digital copy is that it works with android with the same ease that normal digital copies work with itunes. Its not hard to set up, you can un-subscribe from the junk mail, another app is not the end of the world. It work's fine and takes no more than 5 minutes to set up.

In reply to an earlier post on 15 May 2012 14:34:40 BDT
Which is great news for those using Android but for me, I already have iTunes working well and Apple TV linked up to my TV making everything seamless. For me it would make it much more difficult to use the UV copy.

I think the point is that if they had given us the option of either staying with the existing system that worked well; or using the new UV copy, nobody would be complaining.

In reply to an earlier post on 15 May 2012 21:48:17 BDT
Bourne1886 says:
Which is great news for those using Android but for me, I already have iTunes working well and Apple TV linked up to my TV making everything seamless. For me it would make it much more difficult to use the UV copy.

I think the point is that if they had given us the option of either staying with the existing system that worked well; or using the new UV copy, nobody would be complaining.


All you need to do is download the free Flixster app on your iPad or iPhone etc and then you can still watch on those devices. The UV copy is just more universal rather than being exclusive to Apple.
It's really easy to set up.
If you need any help just message me.

Posted on 16 May 2012 08:34:13 BDT
The reason I'm angry here is the way that users users are being forced into adopting a system without their consent.

In my case I didn't even know what Ultraviolet or Flixster were until yesterday. If I had known I wouldn't have signed up for either accounts, especially the Flixster one (I hate aggressive social network spam). And my heart sank when I googled ultraviolet and saw all those rants and comments from November.

Perhaps I am just being lazy for not wanting to go through all that hassle, but at the end of the day I do this for entertainment, not my day job. Limiting my options will not force me into being a user of their service, I'll just do something else instead.

I am now waiting on a call from their customer service, to see if they will give me an itunes code (not that I hold out any particular hope.)

Posted on 16 May 2012 22:14:40 BDT
nclowe says:
I am extremely disappointed with this triple play. I had no idea what this 'Ultraviolet' digital copy malarky was and (obviously stupidly) assumed that it was like every other digital copy out there in that I could download a copy to my tablet to watch at my pleasure. From the comments above and the 3 download attempts it now seems I have wasted 3 of the 5 downloads permitted trying to obtain a usable copy that I could watch anytime, however aparently never had a hope of getting without constant wifi.

I love streaming video and subscribe to both Netflix and Lovefilm, however I wanted a digital copy for the times wifi was not an option.

If I've misread the above comments and there is actually a way to get the digital download please, some one let me know!

In reply to an earlier post on 17 May 2012 19:52:28 BDT
Bourne1886 says:
First I downloaded the Flixster app to my IPad.
Secondly i put the UV code in.
Thirdly I created a Flixster account via four easy steps.This included the UV account.
Fourthly I streamed the film.
Fifth I downloaded the film SH-GoS to my Flixster app and now I can watch offline.

In reply to an earlier post on 17 May 2012 22:03:46 BDT
Last edited by the author on 17 May 2012 22:09:13 BDT
You are lucky - I had an experience with Ultraviolet before - It did eventually allow me to download a file which would only play using flixster player on my Mac - My iPod does not stream and it does not have apps - it is an iPod classic about 4 years old now so I could not watch the movie on there. I mistakenly bought this film because the amazon description said Digital Copy which is what they usually are they really should put UV digital copy - whilst I can understand that some people think it is the best thing since sliced bread. I have all my movies I wanted in iTunes I can play them on my iPod I do not need to stream them - If I want to I can stream to other devices both Apple and other via iTunes over my own home wireless network etc - If I want to put the film from iTunes on my devices I can but I either have to redownload the file if it is a UV file or stream it neither of which I have successfully been able to do despite doing all the signing up and downloading of apps and stuff - I just get the message playback is not available - I am on the third e-mail to their customer services which keep on sending me standard e-mails asking me what machine I have what browser etc - I am getting nowhere so I cannot say that it is a good thing

In reply to an earlier post on 18 May 2012 16:06:39 BDT
Nessy says:
What you are missing is that a lot of people, myself included, don't own or even want an iPad or an iPhone, so I didn't get a 'digital' copy for my extra money. Many of us are P'd off (Just look at the product reviews)- surprised you are confused by this! Doubly P'd off because you don't work it out until you unwrap it and try to download, THEN see the warning on the box. I pre-ordered, so had no warning I wouldn't be getting what I thought they were selling and can't now send it back.
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