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Ultrasone Edition 8 Julia Headphones

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  • Principle: Dynamic principle, closed system
  • Technology: S-LogicTM Plus
  • MU-metal shielding: ULE Technology
  • Impedance: 30 Ohm
  • Frequency range: 6 - 42.000 Hz
  • Driver: 40 mm tri-bass-tube titanium-plated mylar drivers
  • Magnet: NdFeB
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The Edition 8 Julia is handmade in Germany, and is the first pair of trend-colour headphones in the Edition range. Every single pair is manufactured with great care and given its own series number making every Edition 8 Julia one-of-a-kind.

The Edition 8 Julia is impressive, with elegant fuchsia coloured leather earpads and a fuchsia coloured headband pad. The elegantly flowing engraving on the ruthenium-coated ear cups delights the senses. The mother-of-pearl bands accentuate the charm of these delightful headphones. No band is the same as another, and each is a hand-worked individual creation. The stylish ruthenium coating does not just make the headphones extremely hard-wearing, it also adds the wow-factor with a brilliant, metallic shine.

The earpads for the Edition 8 Julia headphones are made from fuchsia-coloured leather from the Ethiopian long-haired sheep. This is the most precious leather available and provides the finest isolation of any leather.

The metal headband of the Edition 8 series typifies latest scientific knowledge in headband design and development. This unique headband design made by Ultrasone is highly developed and technical precision work. The Edition 8 Julia headband is also covered with the very soft genuine Ethiopian sheepskin leather.

Edition 8 Julia comes with a fancy white bag for storge and transportation.

In addition to a titanium plated tri-bass-tube driver, these headphones follow Ultrasone´s S-Logic Plus technology which results in a most neutral sound impression with more vivid perception of voices and instruments. Of course, the Edition 8 Julia also contains MU-Metal shielding (ULE technology) that reduces magnetic field emissions by up to 98% compared to conventional headphones.

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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
Great for their intended purpose 19 Jan 2012
By eric - Published on Amazon.com
Verified Purchase
To get one point out of the way: I have much cheaper headphones than these that offer comparable or better sound quality, particularly my Grado RS1i's ($695; comparable), Westone ES5's ($975; better), and my Audez'e LCD2rev.2's (roughly a grand; better).

If your primary concern is sound quality, don't buy these; they're a terrible value. If, however, your primary concern is sound quality in an easy-to-drive, well isolating, portable headphone with unsurpassed comfort and rich aesthetic appeal, then these start to make sense.

Think of these as a niche designer product with admirable performance. You're paying a hefty premium here for build quality and aesthetics, not sound. Although the sound from these is quite nice: I couldn't quite describe them as natural sounding, but are really fun to listen to. Don't take "fun" as a negative, though. These cans are highly resolving and competent, unlike consumer-level "fun" cans (Beats.) While they're not neutral sounding, no part of their frequency response is really neglected, just less favored. To elaborate on that, I find their mids a little recessed compared to Shures I've used and their bass and treble to be a bit exaggerated - this is commonly referred to as a V-curve amongst headphone enthusiasts and is quite common in aggressive sounding closed headphones. Due to their level of detail, though, these cans show sibilance more often than I'd like, although they'll never add it to tracks that don't inherently have it. Sibilance that hurts on these is somewhat discernible on even my most polite headphones - the Sennheiser HD650's.

The ultimate question here is whether or not you want a quality closed back headphone for portable use and if their design premium is worthwhile for you. Do I think their price is completely warranted? Not really, but I can understand why they're over a grand, at the very least. I really do love their appearance and think they'd go well with the Mies Van De-Rohe furniture of my dream house.

Think of these as Beats by Dre for the rich rich as opposed to the hood rich.
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A Very Good Pair of Cans 10 Oct 2009
By L. Topper - Published on Amazon.com
These headphones have not been broken in, but right out of the box, they sound wonderful. They seem to have a very balanced clear sound that is fine on the top end. I live the bass response. They are comfortable and classy looking.

However, at $1,499.00, they qualify for people that feel they have to have the "best" of everything. I have many top end headphones from many manufacturors. These headphones "sound wise" hold up very well, but it is very difficult to justify the expense.

I have been listening to them on a very reasonably priced hybrid solid state power sourced, tube powered headphone ampplifier. The sound is really very nice.

The packaging is really quite skimpy. The headphones come with a very pedestrian cable in a white cardboard box with a glossy looking cardboard sleeve over it. At this expense, they could have put it in a nice case.

Style wise, they are much cooler looking than the edition 9. They sound is a little less bass centered. It is more balanced sounding that the Edition 9 which is also a very nice headphone.
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Great Headphones 9 Feb 2011
By Dustin - Published on Amazon.com
Verified Purchase
These are excellent headphones that sound pretty good out of the box. The sound beautifully depicts the highs and mids. The bass is very punchy but never overwhelming. The edition 8 will play your music in a way that is every bit as true and accurate as the top reference headphones but does so in a unique way that is less technical and isolated but more intimate and (for a lack of a better term) fun. I found myself more compelled to moving my head to the music, if that makes sense. It is sonically on par with the top open-back headphones, which is incredible given that it is a closed back design. The closed back design gives the headphones a compactness to the design and allows for better sound isolation and prevents sound leakage. This is great for the user and people around them. It is one of the top "portable" headphones on the market that sounds great even without a top end amp. They cost a lot and that is about the only thing I am grading down on. Gorgeous headphones whose looks are surpassed by their sound.
7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
Ulrasone Ed 8 fantastic portable headphone 28 Aug 2011
By N@qOyQ@tSi - Published on Amazon.com
I recently purchased the Ed 8 as an upgrade from my previous audiophile Grado RS2.
My initial impression when I took them out of the box was how light they felt.
I used an iPod classic with uncompressed ALAC files, with a CLAS algorithum solo dac and amp (both are portable) the sound is amazing for the size and weight of these little 'phones. Blew the Grados out the water for detail and comfort and bass. They are a closed headphone so there is very little sound leakage. If you want the best closed/portable headphone for commuting and home listening you should audition these.
4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
My first set of nice cans. 30 Nov 2012
By P N - Published on Amazon.com
Let me start off by saying I'm your normal "budget" audiophile. I want to know the best equipment I can buy at a certain price. I can appreciate good equipment.

I will also say I think part of being an audiophile is the buying experience / longing for something. Most people can't just go out there and buy whatever they want. I happen to be blessed with a great father in law who gave me these as he accidently bought two on Amazon. It's one thing to want and long to buy something you've always wanted and another to just receive something out of the blue. At first I have never heard of Ultrasone, I really only knew grado's (as I always wanted some sr80i). After doing a bit of research I realized how expensive these really were. That means I can objectively take out the whole "I just paid xxxx amount for these headphones so they have to be great".

I have some older Sony MDR-v700 dj's and Shure SE215s and that's the extent to my headphone/in ear purchases. Those both are decent. I'm going to go over some quick pros/cons (as this is what I like to look for in an amazon review) and then go over everything in detail.

- Really comfortable, everything feels good on the head, it's light
- Solid construction, everything is metal
- I like the accessories (although in this class it's to be expected)
- I like the "lower" impedance to be able to use on all devices
- Doesn't look flashy so I can go out and not worry someone might try stealing them off my head
- Sound is great but it's hard to compare
- Pretty good at sealing and blocking outside noise
- Registering extends warranty to 7 years but I don't know the process and other hidden costs

- Pretty pricey
- Packaging doesn't feel "luxurious"
- No detachable cords
- Cords are pretty plain

So now with the pros. The Edition 8's feel really good on my head. They're light and don't feel like they will break with decent actual use. I'm not just listening them in my recliner at home and put back in a safe. The leather earcups feel really sensuous and are not supposed to show sweat/wear. We'll see about that after use. I don't get head pressure fatigue like on my Sony's. Because these are designed to be used anywhere, there are adapters and short cord with extension included. Good to have. With most high end headphones the impedance is skyhigh at like 600 or so requiring you to use a headphone amp. These are like at 30 and works with any portable device / laptop / etc. That's a good thing as how annoying would it be to carry around a headphone amp (even a portable one). The looks of the cans are also subdued which if you're out in public you can be less worried someone would attack you and steal it. I mean dre beats are super flashy and I don't see anyone walking around with Grado 1000s or Sennheiser hd700s. This is a good thing but also kind of bad if you were expecting that level of high end "look". These also seal really well and I can hardly hear any outside noises. These would be great on a long flight just to wear. As I have stated I have limited knowledge with other high end headphones. I'm not a habitual "product seeker" always trying to find the next best thing, I do enjoy these and feel they provide great sound. Listening back to back on the same cd's I have (not mp3s) with the Shure se215 and these sound clearer and have a bit more punch for the bass. The included warranty is 5 years and if you register you get another 2 bringing it to a total of 7 years. I hope I never have to bring it in but I hope they have good customer service.

No for the cons. I think the price is just a little out of my comfort zone for something. I understand they're catering to a certain crowd but I don't like the whole "it's $$$ so therefore it has to be better". I'm guessing that's the price you pay for handmade cans. As with something this caliber you expect a hardcase and nice packaging. You get a normal cardboard sleeve in a cardboard box. It almost feels like I'm buying cereal. I guess I can't complain as you throw it all away (unless you're a box hoarder). I also like detachable cords but that's a preference. I have seen on high end forums that people replace the cords with whatever they choose to throw their money at. I also would have liked better cord material as it's the same as any other headphones. My keyboard has a nicer usb cable than these. Again these are all small annoyances.

I hope I gave you my opinion. Obviously if you're shopping for these types of headphones a few reviews aren't going to do anything. You've made up your mind anyways. I can't it beats any other headphones both higher or lower priced but they work great for me and I hope they last a lifetime.
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