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on 16 January 2014
Pros; Good looking piece of kit, well made, very portable, super fast charge with on board cable, good delivery (traceable) and well packaged, gives my Xperia S three full charges.
Cons; it takes a long long time to fully charge (Zzzzzzz), it does get hot when charging phone (with on board able), no case.
Summary-I do like it, to be honest I can't do without it. However, due to the Cons it gets 4 stars
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on 10 June 2014
I own another ANKER product and was so impressed by it that I had to buy another one. This product was actually for the use of my husband as he travels a lot and uses his phone a lot on the go. This mobile charger is very light and easy and what makes it so great is the fact that it doesn't have any fiddly bits. The cable is attached to the charger and it is so sleek and easy to use!!! Initially we had a problem with the charger as it didn't charge our phones to 100% (only to 91%). I contacted the customer services and let me tell you - every review you have read before mine which commented on the customer service is absolutely right. ANKER has the best customer service that I have encountered in a long time!!!! They answered my complaint email within 12 hours and they dispatch me a new item within a day. The representatives are really friendly and genuinely seem to care and help. It is a shame we had a little trouble with the product at first, but since we received the replacement we have been happy chargers! No complaints and the charger is working its magic now. I cannot recommend this product enough - GET IT, YOU WON'T BE SORRY!
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on 23 May 2014
I have just returned from a 5 month trip with this device and I must say it was one of the best things that I bought!

Never once was I left stranded in the middle of no where or at an airport with no battery. The two things that provided value for me were the form factor; it is similar in dimension to my phone which means I can have both together in one pocket. Sure there are higher capacity powerbanks but they are also not as pocketable.

The second is the short micro USB that is ingeniously integrated into the device. This means that unlike other powerbanks, you don't need to carry a long cable around with you (there is also a standard USB socket)

I bought the 4600mAh version... I feel that if I were to buy again I would opt for the higher capacity model as its the same size only with more juice.

Overall, great design, great functionality and a must buy for when on long travel journeys IMO.

Just a little pro-tip; A rubber silicone case for the Moto G phone fits this device like a glove if you want a bit of bump protection.
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on 11 September 2013
I was supplied a sample for test and evaluation, and I promised that my review is fair and honest.

The product is aesthetically very nice and well done. It is accurate in all its details, and it is pleasant to the touch. It is very thin and it has the dimensions of a Samsung Galaxy S4. It has similar height, width and thickness. It is just a little bit heavier nut the weight is very light and everything is in favor of portability. You can easily carry with you in your pocket like a mobile phone without any problem.

The very simple package includes: the battery Slim3 of course, a little manual, a cable usb-microusb (pretty short, about 30cm) for charging and an 30pin adapter for iphone 3gs/4/4s (it only works for charging and not to synchronize). It has also a built-in and not removable micro usb cable that is very useful if you have a device that need a microUSB connector to be charged, a little less in other case, such as an iphone, because then you will need to connect an adapter. There is also a second USB port where you can connect, for example, or a second device to charge it simultaneously, or to connect the cable for iphone 5, for those who haven't an adapter or simply to connect a longer cable. Missing a bag to carry, not the battery because it is pocket size, but to bring the usb cable and the adapter.

It is extremely easy to use. You connect the built-in cable or a usb cable to the secondary port to a device, and without pressing any button, it starts the recharge. At the end of the recharge, the battery is automatically turns it off so to not consume and discharge the battery. It is equipped with 4 LEDs that indicate the state of charging of the battery while it is charging a device and when it is recharging itself.

As for the duration, with a fully charged battery, I've charged 4 times completely my iphone 5. Twice form a residual charge of less than 10% and other 2 times fora residual charge at around 50%. After that, the last LED blinked which according to the instructions indicates a residual charge of less than 5%. I guess that's a good result.
As for the speed of charging of a device, it has 2 ports, both of 1A, so it will be indifferent to which port you connect your phone that the charging time will be the same. It is also possible to connect 2 devices together and charge them simultaneously. The charging time is similar to the original power adapter. To fully charge an iPhone 5 it takes just over 2 hours. As to recharge the battery, the input port supports power up to 1A, common to all cell phone chargers, such as the iphone one, then you do not need to buy a new and specific charger. You can also charge it through the USB port of the PC, but since the power of the USB ports of the PC is at 0.5 A, the full charge will be extremely long. With an iphone charger for a full charge takes about 8/9 hours. During the charging the LED blinks to indicate the charging status. After charging LEDs turned off so you will know exactly when it is fully charged.

I would recommend this product to those who are often away from home for long periods and doesn't bring a normal charger. I would recommend also to who wants to spend a weekend out since that you can easily do even 4 charges. Having the built-in cable short enough, if you are using it for charging will be forced to put the phone on the battery. it is not a problem but if you have to answer the phone while it is charging, it may be a little uncomfortable because you have to handle 2 things with one hand. To the iPhone owners it can be a little uncomfortable given the bigger dimensions but not enough to prevent its use.

I don't recommend instead to charge a tablet, because the 1A port will be slow to charge a tablet. It could be used for emergency if you have low battery.

A weakness, which for me was not insignificant, is that it hasn't adapter for iphone 5.

I also have 3 other products of the Anker, Astro Mini,Astro E4 and Astro Slim2.
Among the Slim3 , the Mini and the E4, I consider this one the best. Compared to the Mini, this is far better, considering that with the mini you can do a little more than a full charge, the charging time is similar despite lower mAh and you will not lose anything in terms of portability as it is larger than the mini but is by far thinner so that it will not be a problem to carry it in your pocket.
Compared to the E4 this is even better because, it is true that the E4 has a stratospheric battery (you can charge up to 8 times an iphone or 4 times an iphone and once a tablet), but it is also bigger and heavier, all factors against the transportability. I consider it more like a "professional" product so i suggest it to those who use more assiduously phones and tablets and to those who are for long periods of time away from home.
The Slim3, at least for my needs, it is the most suitable. I can stay out of home all day without the fear that your phone will running out of battery and, at the same time, i'm not forced every day to recharge the battery of the slim2 for fear of running out of battery the next day.
Instead, compared to the Slim2, this is slightly larger (the Slim2 has dimensions similar to a iPhone 5), slightly heavier (40g more) and obviously has a bigger battery , 6000 mah against 4500 mah of the Slim2 .
That said, between them I prefer the Slim2, both for the closest size to my phone (it is easier to handle when I use the built-in cable) and for my needs (more than two full charges are enough for me) but this doesn't mean that this is undoubtedly a great product.

To summarize the main strengths are: extreme compactness of the product, long-life battery, ability to charge 2 devices at the same time.
The main weaknesses are: built-in cable and cable included short and the absence of an adapter for iphone 5.

I hope that this review will be of help.
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on 7 June 2014
Impressed with this product. To hold that much juice in such a small space is amazing. Charging output is very impressive too at 1.0A so it's a fairly speedy charge.

Does take a long time to charge up but that's to be expected at 6000mAh.

Taken away one star as it feels like it's losing it's juice over use. When i first purchased it was able to comfortably fully charge my device twice from close to empty. But after a few months use it's a bit short of being able to fully charge it twice.

Still, it's very useful as I can charge any device with a compatible port on the go. Great to use on holiday too when you're not near a charging point for very long periods.
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on 20 August 2012
I contemplated a number of products before finally deciding on the 3200mAh Anker. I intend this to provide my phone with extra charge whilst out walking & using the phone as a GPS - I tend to find that after 5-6 hours of this kind of heavy use my phone runs out of juice!

My requirements were:

1. Able to provide roughly one full charge of my Samsung Galaxy Note (2500mAh battery)
2. To be slim enough to not really notice you are carrying it in a pocket (thickness is more important than width and height here). I compared it to an iPhone 4S and it is slightly shorter, but pretty much the same width and depth.

I also liked the following about this item:

1. It had a built-in light, which I will actually find quite useful
2. It had a built-in Micro USB cable, making it more compact than having to carry around a separate cable.
3. The price was very reasonable

Once in hand, I was impressed with it's build quality and weight and, comparing it to my workmate's 5000mAh I was pleased I ordered the lower capacity version - mostly due to the excellent form factor.

Today I decided to perform a test to see how efficient battery to battery power transfer is. I ran my phone down until it asked for power & charged it until the (fully charged) extended battery ran out of juice.

The recharge took 3 hours and took the phone from 16% to 87% battery before running out of power. The phone was on during this time - the previous 3 hours had used 16% battery, so I assumed that the battery usage over the charge period would be the same. Here are my observations / calculations:

- The battery provided my phone with 71% charge
- Including usage, this equates to 87% recharge
- The 3200mAh Anker battery therefore supplies about 2175mAh of actual charge to the phone
- The efficiency of the battery-battery charge is therefore 68% (I guess this is to be expected, but may improve slightly after a few charges)
- The speed of charge is identical to charging from the mains adapter, despite only being 0.6A output.

In summary:

- Superb form factor
- Capacity suits my personal requirements well (allowing me to walk for 10 hours rather than 6 is more than sufficient!)
- I like the integrated MicroUSB cable
- I like the built in LED torch
- I expected the 0.6A output to adversely affect the charge time of my phone, but this was not the case.
- I was hoping for slightly higher efficiency. Although the device is 3200mAh, after losses this equates to around 2200mAh in the device you are charging. I suspect a 68% efficiency is fairly standard for all these types of devices, so take this into account when you choose a capacity.
- The built in cable would be even better if it were slightly longer.
- The only converter lead in the box is USB to Micro USB, so you would have to use your own cable if you wished to charge something that doesn't use MicroUSB - e.g. an iPhone.
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on 16 January 2015
This product is really portable and is exactly the same size as my S4. Fits perfectly in my pocket and you almost forget it's there.
Also it charges in an instant! Till now i thought the fastest way to charge your phone was by the socket in the wall, but with this thing my battery actually fills in quite quicker.

Another REALLY IMPORTANT thing i want to point out is the costumer service.
I can say with confidence that's i've received from Anker the best costumer service i have ever experienced.
From the first moment i received the battery they sent me a couple of messages just to make sure everything is alright and if my using experience was good, if i have any troubles etc.

I said that really satisfied but my only minor problem was that i could only charge the battery with it's only cable because none of my other cables would fit.
That was a bit of a pain cause i have to carry around the specific cable and couldn't charge it with my samsung charger for example.

They immidiately replied back saying sorry that i have been having this issue and despite the fact that they make many tests for faulty products unfortunately this one might have been one, because it is supposed to charge with every cable that you use.

So they replaced mine with absolutely no extra charge.

5 stars for the product, 10 stars for costumer service.

I would definetly buy again and again from anker, and i would highly recommend this brand.
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on 22 October 2014
Excellent and well designed. It is about the same size as a normal smart phone.

It is useful not only to re-charge your phone. I also use it to recharge my E-Cigarette when travelling and to power my car-camera when I want to use it without running the car engine (i.e. when downloading clips to my smart phone). It has a USB outlet so if you have any USB cable with the appropriate end plug to fit your device you can use on any 5v items.

It charges/recharges at about 0.5% per minute; e.g. it increases the charge in my Samsung Core phone by 50% in 90-minutes. You can of course use your device WHILST IT IS CONNECTED to the Anker so you do not have to wait for your phone to re-charge.

It will charge a normal smart phone about twice so that should be enough for travelling and if you get bored at an airport and use your phone heavily to watch videos or listen to music. I bought this because my phone was flat when I arrived at an airport and could not call my wife, nor the office, nor the airport car park company to come and collect me. So this 'power bank' will save me in future.

The cable/mini connector tucks nicely away for travelling so it will not get lost. The case is matt black.

It is supplied with a USB cable to connect to a USB charger but a charger is NOT supplied. Apparently you can plug into your PC USB to charge up this battery but a separate small 5v USB charger is far more convenient both when travelling and at home/office.

The price of £20 is about average for 6,000mAh power banks which are heavily discounted nowadays owing to the intense competition.
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on 14 June 2014
I really rate this portable power pack and I've now been using it for 8 months. It's ideal for charging small electronic devices I use mine for charging my phone and e-cigarettes.

The unit itself is quite compact - Slightly smaller than an iPhone. The power is can be accessed using either the micro USB lead which is attached to the device, the package also includes adaptors for other devices - including the iPhone 4 - but not the 5.

There is also a full size USB 2.0 port which can be used for charging using the USB charger that came with your device.

The finish on the unit is a rubberised matt black that seems to be smudge and scratch resistant, and it makes it a bit grippy to handle.

In terms of performance, I find I can get around 4 charges of a Nexus 5 out of it. However it does tend to be quite slow compared to a mains charger, to get round this I find that the charger and phone can be held together during use.

I must admit that I think 4500mAh of power would be insufficient to keep you going for a long weekend festival if you used your phone as normal (web browsing, social apps, watching video, taking lots of photos etc) but if you were sensible and only turned data on when needed, I think it could last.

I got my charger to charge my phone when I'm out of the office as I often don't have access to power. But recently we have been prohibited from charging personal devices in the office (safety reasons) and now it is handy to top up devices when I'm in the office.

To conclude I'm really happy with this and use it on a daily basis, but I am looking for a larger capacity charger for extended periods such as weekend camping and fishing where my use of phone and other chargeable devices will be heavier.
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on 23 February 2014
Pros: I use my phone a lot more than is probably healthy - with data, bluetooth, wifi, calls, watching movies, surfing the internet, satnav, for work and for the long train journeys to and from. My battery rarely lasts a whole day so this is a great solution. It's the first external battery I've found with a built-in neatly-kept cable and it's the same dimensions as my phone which makes it easy to pocket (though it is still the same size as a smart phone so it's hardly tiny). I like Anker products and have an Anker internal battery as well.

Cons: Aside from the size, I think this needs some design evolution.
1) I use my phone with a rubber cover. The microUSB connection is set in a much wider piece than a standard mains or USB charger cable. Although not impossible, you need to take the phone out of the cover to use this and that makes 3 phone-sized objects to find space for. If the connector was smaller, it could all work much neater. I tried this with a coupl e of other phones in cases to the same end.
2) taking my phone out of its rubber case means that it bangs and slips against the hard plastic case of the external battery when the idea is that the phone can neatly sit on top of it when charging. Perhaps some rubber/non-slip surface on one side of this battery would help?
3) When re-charging the battery from a mains charger (through the microUSB port), the connection is VERY loose. I've tried this with a number of chargers to check this wasn't a one-off. It could be a faulty unit but ANY slight nudge when recharging results in the connection being lost - it's nowhere near as snug as when its own microUSB connector is plugged in.

I do like this as an external battery and Anker make some great products. I just don't think this is there yet.
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