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on 15 September 2008
I did order this book through Amazon and it is well worth the wait - just over 2wks. I could not recommend this book more.

I had breast-feeding problems since my son was 3wks old after an operation for Pyloric Stenosis. The hospital staff warned me that I may find that he will get colic proceeding the op and they were right!
My son was very unsettled at the breast and this went on for a number of wks. He was gaining weight though after 7wks (recovery time) but the feedings took ages (over an hour) and I always had to use a dummy to calm him during the feeds and some feeds I had to give formula as he would not feed at all.

Much to my distress, at 3mths my son refused the breast so I contacted the NCT and spoke to two Councellors and although well-meaning, their advice did not help - they also advised to keep toping up with formula (??). I also visited the local NHS breast-feeding clinic and two councellors and a nurse attended and they were not able to explain why my son was refusing the breast. They listed about 7 reasons - nipple confusion; breast refusal; too used to formula; too used to the bottle; use of dummy; not always latching on properly so he gets frustrated; positioning. Anyway, they told me about emailing Dr Jack Newman in Canada, which I thought was mad, but they said he is a leading expert and is very useful in solving complex breast-feeding issues. After another wk I felt desperate to crack this and that someone out there must have the answers.

I did email Dr Jack Newman when my son was 15wks and am so glad I did (just google his name if you are interested and his clinic details should appear). Amongst other things which he advised such as ditching the bottles, he said to put him on solids and make sure he is always latched on and if my milk supply is low to use a lactaion aid (which I bought from Amazon for about £20).
My son was breast-feeding within 24hrs! I could'nt believe it. That was 4wks ago and although my son can still struggle a bit at the breast, he always feeds. After reading his articles (which are free on his website) I now realise that I have a fast let-down. This was hard to detect as my son did not choke - although he does now! He would hold his breath instead. My feeds now only take 10 - 15mins and that is using both breasts. That is the plus side of a fast let-down. He still struggles to control the milk flow at times, depending on how tired he is, but we are finally able to enjoy breast-feeding at last and I am so glad I stuck it out. I also realise thanks to Dr Newmans help, that when a baby has colic, a fast let-down will make things worse as this alone gives gas. Babies also typically refuse the breast at 3mths in cases such as this (this is in his book/articles).

The man is a genius as far as I'm concerned.

I phoned the breast-feeding clinic to let them know that things were back on track and they were amazed (think they had written us off!). They also said that a woman had visited them saying that she felt her milk was too thick and that this was causing problems so they also advised her to contact Dr Newman and he advised that she needed more eggs in her diet. This advice also worked.

His book is also very interesting and easy to read and he discusses in the introductory pages how formula is marketed and the nasty Nestle campaign where formula was marketed in Third World Countries resulting in countless deaths of babies. This is something I rembered from school and did not appreciate until now the effect it actually had and the lack of conscience formula companies can have.

He also has a very commonsence approach and points out that years ago we would have been able to ask our family members/friends for help and advice but these links have been broken due to the uptake of formula.
I also love the fact that that some of his advice knocks a lot of current thinking on the head yet it works! When he advised me to put my 15wk old baby on solids I did wrestle with this but it was just what my son needed.

I also love the fact that the leading expert is a man. How ironic is that?
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on 2 June 2011
Brilliant book! I wish I had read it before I had the baby, but I foolishly thought 'how hard can breastfeeding be?' Unfortunately I had no end of problems with breastfeeding, but buying and reading this book has saved my breastfeeding relationship from imploding. I am now almost back to exclusive breastfeeding. Without the book, I think the supplements would have taken over and my milk would have run dry at about 8 weeks. The book gives you the confidence to follow your own instincts. It is so important to start off on the right foot. Problems are easier to fix early on, but even if your milk has all but gone you can get it back, with a lot of work and perseverence, it is possible.

I would recommend this book to any pregnant woman, and anyone who is breastfeeding. It is a brilliant book and very easy to read (even if you are a busy new mum). If you want to breastfeed but are struggling don't suffer alone. I live in a very remote place where breastfeeding advisors and local breastfeeding groups just do not exist. I therefore found this book a godsend in trying to correct all my breastfeeding problems on my own. Dr Jack Newman is a breastfeeding god. He has lots of articles on the web if you want a taster for his work, but this book puts all the information in one place for you. I read it cover to cover but it is just as easy to dip into as a reference book.
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on 13 September 2009
I have found this book to be an excellent resource to read for advice and ideas on what to do when establishing breastfeeding. Very useful, informative and written in an interesting and accessible style.
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on 30 June 2013
This is by far the best book for advice and problem solving! My son had colic but i was determined to find a cure. Took him to 5 different doctors and A&E, they all said you just have to wait it out as we'd tried all the over the counter things......then i found this book!!! he was cured within 24 hours!! So many other solutions that I'd never heard of for other problems too! Deffo a must have for anyone wanting to breastfeed!!
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on 8 February 2013
As always with anything related to breastfeeding with Dr Jack Newman involved its brilliant! Great resource for any breastfeeder or peer supporter! Highly recommend.
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on 10 August 2014
Brilliant, excellent, full of wonderful information. Can't praise it enough
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