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4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 13 January 2002
You know the situation, i had some gift vouchers from xmas, and all the games that i wanted i'd already got so i decided to take a chance on a game i knew not alot about.
It was Evil Twin that caught my eye, it looked good and the storyline was original, it all came down to how well the game played...
Unfortunatley it was not the amazing find that i had hoped.
Graphiclly and sound wise i had no complaints, nothing ground breaking for the ps2 but they created a very dark and surreal feel which is definately what the makers (ubi soft) were trying to achieve.
It was the game play that let Evil Twin down tho, for a start it was a platformer and i have never been a huge fan of that genre, but also there are little niggles that will frustrate the player such as the changing camera angles that never let u see exactly where you want to, the complete lack of action in certain areas and the huge amount of dialogue between characters that becomes boring and annoying after a while.
To summerise, this game looks good, but plays less than average
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on 10 July 2014
I've had this game for many a year now, but only recently completed it.

The potential for a good setting and a good game is there, but it falls short at most hurdles.

The localisation from French to English is lacking. A lot of plot-centric story elements and a lot of quest information is just not included in both dialogue in cutscenes and in the very unhelpful log. Quite often the player is left struggling to find the next objective, and has no chance of following the plot. The plot itself is a hodgepodge of made up words and exposition which leads to confusion. It brings up questions but these are never answered in game. Many things are glossed over and some cutscenes seem to have not even made it into the game (additional Demi-Mayor scenes were not present, though interacts with him were discussed in other cutscenes).

As well as this, the levels themselves are very restrictive. There's no real room for exploration as the route through the game is mostly linear. If you do manage to stumble across a section which isn't the next progression for the story that hasn't just been blocked off entirely, either nothing will occur in this area until prior objectives are completed, or the cutscenes will play out and you'll receive a relevant item/quest update, but then lose prior quest information for an objective you still need to complete.

The gameplay itself would be fine, but the controls and the the camera actively work against you to plot your doom. The camera flails wildly, the jump physics are inconsistent, and there seems to be an issue in the game where the character will walk slowly on its own if left to idle. Or if trying to line up a very difficult jump. There are a lot of platforming sections that require very precise jumps, or there's instant death, or you fall and have to repeat 5 minutes of platforming to get to this point.

There are a some nice puzzles, but these are far outnumbered by awful platforming sections and inconsistencies in the nature of gameplay elements. In one level, there was a canon in front of a door, so obviously the solution was to activate the canon with powers granted by the numerous power-ups attained by platforming. After half an hour in this one level, we punched the door while powered up. And it broke the door and triggered a cutscene. Moments like this occur at least once in every level world, and it's incredibly frustrating.

The graphics aren't fantastic for a ps2 release. They're okay, but many ps2 games leave this in the dust. The actual desig nwork for the game, and the concepts gone in to making it had a fantastic potential, as well as the ideas they're trying to present. A lot of the level designs are really cool. Ultimately though, the story is disappointing. The ending offers no real resolution, and is really lackluster. Later parts of the game seemed rushed, with the final area consisting only of a long, boring boss fight in a cool looking area. I suspect this area was cut due to budget or time constraints.

This game had a lot of cool ideas, but never really delivered on them. The controls are bad, with the story being the driving factor for continuing the game, but a disappointing ending and a lack of resolution left a bad taste in my mouth.
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on 21 April 2009
I bought this game years ago, and keep going back to it. I found it challenging. I don't like fighting or racing games. I like a puzzler and enjoyed it very much. It is one of my favourite fun games.
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on 3 April 2016
hard to find things but the rest of
the game is great.
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on 17 January 2002
AS the game starts you will find yourself playing Cyprien a very depressed little orphen who for some reason happen's to be in the most spooky dark gloomey orphanage you have ever seen which in turn happens to be on an equally spooky hill. The main theme of the story is that on Cyprien's birthday he starts getting very angry and depressed and opens up an interdymentional portall without knowing it. In to which his fellow orphen's get sucked in to. So Cyprien starts feeling a bit guilty for what he has done and decides to go in and save them.

however when Cyprien gets a bit bashed up he turns into a much stronger faster and bigger Cyprien which adds a nice incentive to get the stuffing kicked out of you.
This game features some very nice effects and stunning in play graphics and the enemy's are truly terrifying. This is not however just a platform game it is more of a Devil May Cry, Jak And Daxter The Precurser Legacy and crash bandicoot platform game. This game is great for younger gamers given its easy controls and simple objectives but for the more hardcore gamers it will supply an orinal action packed survival-horror adventure.
Overall a very good and enjoyable game.
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on 9 July 2014
Great product great value :)
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on 2 January 2016
New, great condition.
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