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Any blade slightly at a different angle to the others changes the way it flies even a bit off the tip of one blade has an effect. Bottom line if you lose a nick off the tip of one blade its best to make them all the same to maintain the way the way it flies. Turning on the spot is not dramatic, with this all in mind trim is another issue and with the changing condition of the blades that changes also. If none of the above works then I have no Idea.
12 days ago by MR P.
no it does not
24 Nov 2013 by JOHN J MAWSON
Yes so you can tell the front from back in the dark
10 Mar 2014 by R. Hook
Sorry I have no idea!
15 Feb 2014 by Anil Patria
It's great fun but a little fragile. It takes a while to master flying it without crashing but for the price I think it's good value.
19 Jan 2014 by Mr. PM OBRIEN
Sorry cant really help. All i can say is that our worked for a couple of days and now leans to one side as one of the arms blades dont go round properly and we havent played with it since.
29 Dec 2013 by Lucy W.
I think this happened to me once. You need to make sure the throttle is all the way down on the remote before binding it to the copter. Also the battery might need recharging but you've probably already checked this. However if you're charger is like mine then the light will always be red even when the battery needs charging. If this is the case then you will need to manually time how long the battery has been charging for to make sure it doesn't go over the 45 minutes.
29 Dec 2013 by Karl C.
When I first used the Turbo Drone I thought it was faulty as it did not seem to pair with the controller, but I found that the seller had emailed me easier instructions for this so in case anyone missed that email here is what to do (taken from seller email): A. Switch on the controller, ensuring the left throttle stick is all the way down. B. Ensuring the Quadcopter is on a totally flat surface, plug in the battery to it. C. The BLUE lights will flash fast for about 5 seconds D. When the BLUE light slows down its flashing speed, move the left throttle stick on the controller all the way up and down again quickly. E. The controller will beep once to signal it is matched to the quadcopter, and the blue light on the Quadcopter will become solid. Hope that helps someone. This Quadcopter is awesome.
19 Dec 2013 by Richard365
If you break one of the arms and it is a fairly clean break, then superglue will fix it just fine so try that. You could also buy a new frame for it. The Frames for the Husan X4 will work on it. You can get these for just a couple of pounds, so search Amazon for: "hubsan x4 crash kit" or "hubsan x4 frame" Hope that helps!
19 Dec 2013 by J. Morris
Please could you ensure the batteries have been charged correctly. If so, please can you contact us, the seller, to discuss.
27 Dec 2013 by J. Morris
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