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Trust Starzz Microphone
by Trust
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Hi Tim this is a great mic for individual use and family use however i would reccomend a pop filter
26 days ago by Dominique Hand
Neville. I have only used in conjunction with my laptop using Skype. Don't know about video camera as I don't own one. The length of lead with microphone is 2.5m so that may be a clue but I suppose a 3.5mm male / female extension lead cable could be used for longer distances. Maybe the suppliers can answer your question ( Trust International BV, PO box 8043, 3301 Dordrecht. The Netherlands ). Sorry I cant help further as I don't know the answer and would be guessing. Regards. Alan
16 May 2014 by A. A. Robertson
yes if you dont end up smashing it
24 Jun 2014 by Ethan O'Hara
Yup all you need is a mic slot on it
9 Mar 2014 by Dylan Ellis
Does it work on Mac? 22 Dec 2013
Mac computers will not work with a standard "pc" microphone. They have only a Line in jack, and need either a pre-amp for the mic, or a powered mic. So, unless this mic is powered, or has a built in pre-amp - it won't work on a Mac
13 Feb 2014 by Robert
I cant say but dont see why not. I only use it for recording voice on to music programmes (DJ) - or for recording poetry readings
8 days ago by RAMBLER
Yes, It works with everything. I use this with Teamspeak 3, Skype, Fraps and Manycam.
15 days ago by James
not sure. Cant be certain as I wouldnt buy it after they refused to send me a new microphone after it broke in my machine
24 Jun 2014 by Nick Clowes
If you use the jack in the top of your ipad then its not going to work as its a headphone jack but you might be able to find an adaptor for it. Also you can get some microphones that are compatable with ios devices for a little more money. That would be my choice. Hope that Helps!
1 Jun 2014 by Andrew
Yes it does.
24 May 2014 by Matt
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