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Yes it is, it just plugs into a USB port on your PC and off you go.
23 Nov 2013 by Mr. A. P. Guest
It's 12 months , anyway I really don't recommend this brand , I had two hard drive from them and neither lasted more than two years, go for LaCie or another brand
28 Nov 2013 by R. Fleury
It comes with a supply lead. You can use this straight away.
26 Feb 2014 by Sanae Hakamada Crews
Yes & yes, but you don't need to use it or install it. When you plug the drive into your PC it automatically shows as another drive letter and you can then use it in the same way you would your C drive etc. Enjoy.
20 Feb 2014 by Trevor Malt
Hi It looks like a case, but it is a part of a solid design (so it does not slide!) But you do not need to have an extra case for this, as it is well designed to carry as it is.
12 Feb 2014 by Sanae Hakamada Crews
I think that's more of a software question patrick (depends what your using to view your movies). However, if I'm watching a download straight from the hard drive I can certainly play and pause it. If I shut it down or remove it though it won't remember where I was
12 Feb 2014 by Charles
no reason why not
14 Mar 2014 by TallerPaul
it came with it in the packaging. good quality to be honest
20 days ago by hassan el qarra
Assuming you are using it with a PC obviously you will need it to be connected in order to install the program and tell Windows that you wish to install it on that drive. Windows registry will note where it has been installed and consequently will expect to look for it on that drive. Obviously, providing the USB drive is connected the software will work OK. Broadly all external drives that have been added and formatted by the PC will treat the drive the same as any internal drive. I note Geoff has stated the same reasoning, however for a USB3 drive to be quick the PC has to have a USB3 port to connect to. Also the port should be on the motherboard, ie generally a socket at the rear, as front ports are generally fed by an internal cable. For this big drive it may not feed enough power even if the port is designated as USB3. Still your question wasn't about access speed was it.
21 Jan 2014 by Michael Charlwood
My laptop is only usb 2.... and I have no problem, a usb 3 has a split pin cable, it will still take a usb2 cable to charge it though.... I think of it as dual possibilities rather than problems. Hope this helps.
15 Mar 2014 by joanna
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