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4.5 out of 5 stars73
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 24 September 2011
A must for winter camping. When it gets to real brass monkey weather, the gas stoves begin failing unless you've pre-warmed the gas cylinder. Hexamine stoves taint the flavour, paraffin stoves are the best of course, but a bit of a faff. If you are only going away for the weekend a couple of times a year, then the Trangia may be all you need.
Yes, they are slow, but you're not in a hurry are you?. They work in very low temperatures that defeat some of the gas stoves. For the cost of 1 medium gas cylinder, you can buy enough fuel for a year + you aren't tossing away the expensive container.
They're silent. This has to be appreciated in the middle of nowhere on a crisp morning or your last brew of the night.
Fuel is easily available and cheap.
So why not kick back, wait 6 minutes instead of 3 for your brew and enjoy the silence.

No in tent cooking!, not even in the porch unless you have something twixt stove and groundsheet. Yes, in tent cooking can be dangerous at the best of times. These things get hot all over, and a melted groundsheet or spilled fuel is not funny in a tent. Unlike their larger brethren, these are a little unstable. Controlling the flame for simmering or slow frying is a bit of an art and make sure you have enough fuel before you start as you cannot re-fuel the stove until it has fully cooled. Don't store fuel in it while travelling as they do leak a little and the meths makes your clothes smell funny. Not as bad as paraffin though.

For a day stove, for a spot of hiking and a brew/pot noodle, they can't be beat. For winter camping, they are damn good. Packs up very small too. For boil time comparisons, Gelert gas screw-on 3:00 mins. Optimus Primus 96 3:30 + a minute to start it. Trangia, 6:00 minutes + a minute to start it. Those times are very much rounded out.

For windier outdoors brew ups, you really do need a windshield of some sorts. The Trangia won't blow out, but the flame velocity is very low on these stoves and the heat gets blown away from your pot without some shielding. Roof flashing makes an excellent screen, as do those foil serving trays, suitably cut up.
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on 19 April 2008
I used this for the first time in high winds on the top of Higger Tor in the peak district in April 2008. Within minutes I had hot water for a drink despite the weather. Just as good as its bigger brothers,this is perfect for using as an emergency stove or for those day hiking, fishing or hunting trips. The whole thing packs into the bowl.You can carry enough fuel in the burner for one use - eg on a days walking. The only drawback is that the lid/ frying pan can come off if you dont pack it in your bag right as there's no securing strap (Hence 4 stars).
If you want a compact stove and don't want to go to the expense of a Jetboil the mini trangia is for you. Its roughly the same size as a pair of British Army mess tins, but a damn sight easier to light than a hexamine stove.
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on 9 October 2013
The Mini-Trangia is awesome, cute and hot! I was looking for a cookset for quite a while and as many of my friends praised the Trangia brand I thought I'd give it a go. My brother bought me this Trangia cookset 2 years ago now and it has followed me in many crazy adventures, wild camping, festivals, road trips... and never let me down. I love it and recommend! The Mini-Trangia serves its purpose well, it's light, and small and handy and almost flawless! Yeah, you should keep in mind this is a MINI cookset so don't expect you'll be cooking for your family and pals with this. There is just enough space in that pot for your own noodles or the little frying pan can fit an egg. I use it mostly to boil water; you can easily make coffee for 2 or 3 but it might take 2 turns to fill a thermos, however I never needed that much. Mini-Trangia in my heart :D
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on 11 July 2011
The trangia is of the same great quality as all others from the range - much better than that of any cheaper alternatives. Saying that, the handle / tongs are not as good as I would have expected from my knowledge of those from the larger trangia sets, although I put this down to the size, as they have to fit into a smaller space. This definitely is a one-person sized trangia as it is smaller than I thought when it arrived. This was fine for me, as I am traveling with just one other person, and the trangia burner and stand accommodated other, much larger pots and pans. The set also comes with a little, guide of how long each filling of fuel burns for, and how quickly water will boil, which was very useful. Furthermore, the fuels for this product can be purchased very cheaply and locally. Overall a five star product.
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on 15 May 2014
First off, I was torn between this and the simpler 'trangia triangle'. What tipped it was that the triangle is £18, and this is £21.. for £3 you get a much better base for the burner, a 0.8ltr pot, pot handle and a non-stick frying pan oh and the burner its self.

This thing is tiny, it fits comfortably in one hand and weighs nothing. I thoroughly recommend a windshield, make sure it's not too tall (as this isn't exactly a huge stove) the vango orange shield works well.

My only gripe is that in the 27 (which I also use frequently) I can store quite a bit inside it, such as fuel, matches and a multi disk. Don't expect to manage much more than matches with this one. The burner needs to sit in a groove in the middle of the pan to pack away, so you only have the room around the burner-stand to play with, which isn't much

Totally replaced my other stoves as my 'one man backpacking' stove. Brilliant.
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on 28 September 2011
Very good sturdy little set. Simple to use though if you want idiots guide instructions (considering you're using flamible liquids)they are a bit short. Delivered 3 days after ordering or there abouts.
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on 7 November 2015
Fantastic minimal cooking set. I like the lightweight pot-stand, and the fact that the frypan/lid does click in the main pot making a solid box that is convenient to carry.
The frypan is great for cooking eggs (during my cycling trips I always pass in front of farms that would sell fresh eggs) and other stuff, the non-stick coating means that very little water and time is needed for cleaning. That is convenient when resources and time are limited.
There is a thick plastic protector in the frypan, which helps to prevent scratching the non-stick coating. For the main pot, just keep a kitchen cloth inside to prevent rattling&scratches, unless there's someone so wise to travel without a kitchen cloth?

Mind you, the main pot is small, holds 500ml of water at the most safe point, 550ml if you dare, 600ml if you're heating soup or other food that does not boil. This is enough for the solo user, if you're cooking for two get the 0.9lt pot for the Trangia27, and this Mini-Trangia kit will neatly fit inside :-)
Also, the real weight of the mini-Trangia is a good 40gr more than stated. Yet, by using an alluminium burner (sorry Trangia for the brass one) you can have a complete kitchen with less than 350gr.

See the picture:
Mini Trangia 0.6lt pot, inside are the mini Trangia pot holder, an Alluminium DIY burner with cap, a kitchen towel, a small gas lighter, 1/4 of kitchen sponge, a plastic spork, a small wooden spatula, 1mt of kitchen alluminium foil; in the Mini Trangia frypan there is a 13cm tall pot windscreen made from alluminium baking tray. Not pictured the Mini Trangia pot stand.
Field tested, works brilliant with no fuss.
review image
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on 8 May 2010
All you'd expect from a Trangia. Small and light enough for solo cycle touring/hiking, even with a bottle of meths. So simple and clean to use. Withstands the strongest of winds, and surprisingly stable. Great little bit of kit at a fantastic price.
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on 15 May 2015
If you're looking for a stove to boil water in 2 minutes flat, sounding like a jet engine then look elsewhere!

This stove runs on denatured alcohol or methylated spirits, which is available to buy at any hardware store. Running on Meths has it's advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are: It's quiet - nearly silent in fact. Great for that "Getting back to nature" experience. The fuel is cheap. No empty gas canisters to throw away. You always know how much fuel you've got left (Just by looking). The flame, once lit, is *really* hard to blow out. The disadvantages are: It can be hard to start in near freezing conditions, the flame is virtually invisible, there isn't much energy in Meths as there is in gas canisters, so you can expect to double you cooking times compared to gas.

This Mini-Trangia Cookest contains a Trangia Stove (lid & simmer ring), Stove stand or "Windscreen", a aluminium pot, a non-stick frying pan (with a small plastic sheet for protection) and a pot gripper. It is all neatly self contained as the frying pan lid clips over the top of the bowl and everything else is contained snugly inside. Providing the lid is put on correctly it will stay put as two tabs hold it securely in place. The actual burner has the usual screw thread top and simmer ring. This makes it very easy to store and carry. There is no strap like on the larger Trangias, however it's not really necessary on this model. There is space inside to store extra small items like matches, a lighter or a cleaning sponge.

Setting up is simple. Fill the brass stove up with alcohol / meths, place it in the wind screen, where it is securely held in place and then light it. Put the bowl on top of the windscreen and use the frying pan as a lid on top of the bowl to help keep the heat in. To simmer, adjust the ring to the required diameter and place it over the burner. There is an art to using this simmer ring and you may need to practice. Once you have finished cooking, close the opening on the simmer ring (if it's already on the stove you'll need to flip it off first with the grippers). Drop the closed simmer ring on the burner to stop the flames. **Once cool** you can either just screw the cap back on to save the fuel for later or pour it out into your fuel bottle.

Using this out in the field is really simple and it fits easily into any day or rucksack. Why only 4 stars then?

Firstly - you'll need a proper wind shield in anything other than dead calm conditions. This stove doesn't have adequate protection from the wind, unlike it's larger versions. A sheet of foil / titanium will do.
Secondly - Although the pan gripper is adequate and is able t hold a full pot of water with no trouble it does feel "rough" when gripping the bowl and frying pan. I feel that if you don't take your time in making sure the placement is right then there is a chance you'll scrape the non-stick coating.

If you're looking for a nice compact stove for hiking / walking / solo camping then this is ideal.

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on 3 May 2013
Very compact set, and easy to set up and use. Like the economy and green credentials of burning meths also, not to mention the fact that it is so easy to get hold of. Bought this for hiking and biking trips, and think it will last for years. Only thing i've found not to like is the fact then if you thin the fuel to a 90/10 meths/water mix as recommended, then it seems a lot harder to light in lower temperatures, although it definitely burns more cleanly. I have fashioned a better windshield from empty beer cans cut open and wired together, and it will boil water about 5 minutes quicker in strong winds. Another word of caution; ordered the 500 ml fuel bottle to go with it from Amazon back in late March, with a delivery time of 2-3 weeks, and as of 3rd May am still waiting for it!
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