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From the producers of The King?s Speech comes the remarkable true story of Robyn Davidson (Mia Wasikowska), a young woman who leaves her life in the city behind to make a solo trek through almost 2,000 miles of sprawling Australian desert.

Mia Wasikowska,Adam Driver
1 hour, 52 minutes

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Genres Drama
Director John Curran
Starring Mia Wasikowska, Adam Driver
Studio Entertainment One
BBFC rating Suitable for 12 years and over
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32 of 33 people found the following review helpful By Neuromancer on 3 July 2014
Format: DVD Verified Purchase
For those yearning for a real connection in a superficial world of distractions and material focus, of disconnected lives, "Tracks" is a welcomed antidote to our ADHD culture. The film depicts a young woman's nine month journey across the vast Australian desert - one where, through the environment and events, she confronts herself, along with her buried past, cultural views, and on a universal level, nature itself. From an emotional desert to the cleansing tides of the ocean, this is a journey into the psyche, into the soul of a person who is separate from everything except her animals - it's one where she encounters resistance from without and within, and is finally able to accept the caring of others. Most importantly, "Tracks" shows us a young woman who needs to challenge herself physically and emotionally, to extend her boundaries, and is determined to see it through. Nothing, however, is overdone or spoon-fed to the audience, everything is achieved through a naturalistic focus, no drummed up Hollywood melodrama or cliches. John Curran's direction is masterful and measured and the cinematography of Mandy Walker is breathtaking - a rich tapestry of color and glorious light, from subtle shade to blazing sun and starry nights, capturing the lonely panorama of the Australian Outback. The entire cast is pitch-perfect. Adam Driver and Roly Mintuma lend humorous and empathic support, the loyal black lab, Diggity, and the four camel companions are all distinct personalities, each an important player in the story. Ultimately, though, none of the film's emotional resonance would have been possible without the amazing central performance of Mia Wasikowska, who brilliantly embodies a loner going through an intense experience that's both external and internal.Read more ›
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57 of 60 people found the following review helpful By Mark Pearce on 30 April 2014
Format: DVD
In 1977 a lonely Robyn Davidson(Mia Wasikowska) decides to travel 1700 miles by foot with four camels(3 adults, one offspring) and her dog Diggity from Alice Springs and go due west through some pretty hostile terrain to the Indian Ocean. Along the way she meets some interesting characters and has to put up with a part time companion in the form of National Geographic photographer Nick Smolyn(Adam driver) whose magazine requires the obvious in return for being the main sponsor of Davidson's trek.The only problem being that Davidson could really do without him because as,in the words of Greta Garbo and i'm paraphrasing,she wants to be alone which is the main motivation for the trip.

Based on a true story and remaining very faithful to it even if her reasons seem elusive and her desire to do it with camels is never convincingly explained, Tracks is a hynotically episodic film in the best possible sense. More mellow than melodrama, the film doesn't hitch itself to emotional highs and lows. Instead the whole thing plays out so leisurely and delicately that Davidson's odyssey seems refreshingly matter of fact which of course it is not.Walk,unload,sleep,get up,walk ,unload,sleep.Along the way she gets some help from some Aboriginal elders, stays with assorted folks dotted throughout this barren landscape and Nick filters in and out too with instrusiveness and helpfulness in equal part.

Director John Curran(Painted Veil,Stone)steers the ship effortlessly and the landscape is stunningly rendered in shot after shot after shot. However the star here is Wasikowska whose performance is a delight.She plays Davidson with just the right amount of obstinancy,warmth and clarity of purpose while at the same time retaining a aura of emotional fragility as to the enormity of her undertaking.
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7 of 8 people found the following review helpful By Lewisham Guy on 4 Sept. 2014
Format: DVD
The long trek depicted here across barren Outback terrain was truly heroic. A determined young woman, her faithful dog, a couple of pack camels, and some great Outback characters who helped her along the way all make for a terrific movie. All the amazing beauty of that world--- the crystal clear air, the sharp colours and intense light--- cannot hide its hostility, so walking through it and surviving is a remarkable achievement. It emerges from flashbacks and conversations with the National Geographic photographer who shows up now and then to take pictures (the magazine financed and covered the trek) that the woman herself desperately sought solitude. She was understandably frustrated when the outside world sometimes burst in on her
journey in the form of journalists from all around the world and even tourists with their cameras at the ready. But here lies what I see as a weakness of the film. In the end, we don't really understand what the journey meant to her, how it may have altered her world view or sense of self. What difference, that is, did this whole experience make in her life? I wish this interior story had been explored more fully in the movie.
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By Ihaterain on 28 Mar. 2015
Format: DVD
I found this film to be utterly pretentious and lacking any meaning.


I know it's based on a true story, but the journey seemed to have no purpose.
It wasn't "she went on a journey, but the real journey was the one she took inside herself" type nonsense, she didn't seem to change at all. She was a miserable cow who hates people before she left and she seems the same at the end. It's just her winging her way through the dessert being faced by no real danger or threat. You never feel like she is at any risk or that her undertaking is in any way difficult besides having to shoot a camel or two. I still don't really know why she did the journey, and i don't know what she got out of it. There is an explanation about how her dad was an explorer and she had a difficult life etc but this would only work for me if she gained something from the journey, changed as a person, found a purpose etc but there was none of that. The whole thing seemed utterly without meaning. The story of personal growth that I presume was present in the true story which inspired a film to be made about it was missing, i just didn't feel that this was a human story, it was impossible to relate with the main character or feel any empathy for her. She also didn't ever seem that far from human contact,which made me feel even more that she was never in any danger or risk during the journey.

People can pretend that this film is deep or meaningful but it isn't, it just isn't. It thinks it is deep but it wasn't for me. Yes, i know that if you're reading this and you think it was a deep and meaningful film you will feel obliged to leave a comment about how my life lacks meaning or that i should look into my soul or some personal attack. Please do as I think it's hilarious.
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