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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 21 June 2014
I always loved Eureka. It was just so quirky and weird and Colin Ferguson was absolutely charming as the "every man" sheriff in a town filled with super geniuses. But when I watched it on TV the long breaks in between seasons made me lose the thread of the story, and by the time it came to the final season I was so annoyed I literally couldn't make it past the first episode. So I never finished it.

But the story nagged at me. And then I saw the boxset on Amazon. All 5 seasons neatly packed in one sexy box. And I bought it. Total impulse buy on my side. I didn't even think about it. I just remembered how much I loved the show and how I never finished it. Also, by that time Colin Ferguson has gone on to be the bad guy in Haven, and I needed to see him good again.

The box arrived and it really is very sexy. One big book of DVD's to page through. The only thing I missed was a booklet with an episode guide, but that's such a little thing I don't really mind. It's not a new release of DVD's with new extras. They basically took all the previous season releases and put them together in one big boxset. So the extras aren't fantastic. But honestly, that's not why I buy DVD's. I buy it for the show. I wasn't disappointed.

And let me tell you! If you ever wanted to watch Eureka, watch it in marathon style. I think it took me maybe 2 weeks (with silly interruptions like work and having to talk to family) to go through all 5 seasons, but it made so much more sense! The show had a flow from one season to the next. The little twists and turns remain fresh in your memory, because you just saw it a day ago or so and the final season was actually a big surprise in how good it was and how well it wrapped up everything that's happened before from season 1 to then. All the loose ends got tied up. A great conclusion for the show. I'm so glad I bought it and that it's now part of my collection.

If you were a fan of Eureka, I would completely recommend this boxset. You won't be sorry. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.
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I became aware that this series was out there sometime around the third season, but the strange way that Playback chose to sell the box sets – "Season 3" and "Season 3.5" (something they also repeated for the fourth season) – put me off and I decided I would wait for a complete series boxset, buy that and then watch the whole of it from start to finish.

I really wanted to see this show, as I'd been intrigued by the premise without even seeing a single episode, and then I saw the crossover episode that they did with Warehouse 13 (actually not the best introduction they could have done to the series, but it was enough to confirm that this was a show I would like) – and it seemed to me like a long wait for it. But now I have watched every episode and I really enjoyed it. It's something I'd definitely watch from the start again in a couple of years time.

A divorced Sheriff tracking down his wayward daughter arrives in a town populated almost exclusively by scientists and immediately gets caught up in a bizarre and slightly comical mystery of the kind that subsequently goes on to happen every episode for 5 seasons – if you're a fan of Warehouse 13 you can basically swap the concept of "artefacts" for new and untested scientific discoveries. It's not realistic, sometimes its not even remotely realistic, despite the attention the writers have to including genuine scientific concepts and terminology, but it's always a lot of fun. The best thing about the show is its characters. The relationships between them and the DOD-funded company that runs the town change over the series so as to keep it fresh.

The town's new Sheriff – Jack Carter – finds himself living in a smart house that has its own personality, has his car destroyed nearly every week by experiments gone awry, and has to police a town where everyone is smarter than him and he understands very little of what is going on. But he does understand people and he always manages to work out the puzzle of whatever mystery is happening that episode with what the others call his "everyman logic". Sometimes he has to deal with obvious threats to the town such as biohazard outbreaks and doomsday devices, and sometimes it's a bit stranger – such as shared dreaming, exploding robot dogs or floating buildings. At the start of the fourth series there's a time travelling episode that, instead of ending with everything going back to normal, has far reaching and permanent repercussions, changing the relationships between the main characters and the town itself. It could not have come at a better time, as the show was getting to the point where it needed to be switched up or risk the audience losing interest. Thankfully it works, and is enough to keep the series going strong right through the fifth series as well. The show ends on a high note, and even manages to pull off a final episode that pays homage to the first episode and the series as a whole.

It's a lot of fun, has a positive message and is a genuine feel-good family show.
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on 3 October 2013
This trendy box set is ver compact, stuffing all 23 discs into a single plastic case (about four standard dvd cases thick). It looks good, and comes in a carboard box too, would have preffered a slip case though, as the box already has creases from opening and closing only a few times. The discs are all labled for their repective seasons but don't list how many episodes each disc contains, not a big deal, however, i was rather dissapointed to discover there is no episode guide or even a peice of paper with a simple list of episodes per disc. With a box set this size, 5 seasons and 76episodes it will be a nuisance rembering on which disc your favourite episodes are. Thank god for imdb and i can make and print my own list and stick in the box for refference. Otherwise, a great set featuring tons of bonus features and a great lighthearted sci-fi series suitable for all. And for the price too, can't complain.
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on 23 November 2014
Eureka was a fun series to start with and I did enjoy the adventures of the main characters to begin with, however it did grow a little stale in the middle and only really improved again just before the end. I first caught Eureka while on holiday abroad and as tit was a later episode from the final series, I liked what I saw, so bought the box set when I returned home.

The set has a good number of disks, which seem to be a hotchpotch of disks taken from various season box sets all compiled into one large case, that can be fragile. On opening the box for the first time, the central spine fell out and scattered the disks on the floor because it is not fixed in the box. The disks can for this reason be a little confusing because of the labelling on them.

The extras are OK, but some of the features are repetitive. The additional Christmas specials though are not worth watching because not only are they syrupy sweet and sickly, they also do not carry the story arc. However for a day spent home from work poorly is never good, but curled up on the sofa under a duvet with Eureka quickly puts a smile on your face.

The interactions between father and daughter characters played by Colin Ferguson and Jordan Hinson started off as quite funny and as the series developed became more sentimental, providing you can ignore some basic incongruities in the story arc. However it is characters like the different mad scientists that each week put the world in peril that make this series so amusing, but after a while even this gets less and less believable. The introduction of Claudia from Warehouse 13 into an episode though made me aware of that series and where Eureka ranks as ok to good, Warehouse 13 is simply fabulous and a lot less formulaic.

In terms of value this set is great, the package is a handy size and being able to burn through the series in one go if that is your thing is pretty handy. If you liked the series on TV, then you will want the DVDs just to enjoy the show with out the numerous irritating ad breaks, but don't expect brilliant levels of writing if you new to the show. It is still a fun little show though and I did enjoy the good episodes.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 30 April 2016
Very entertaining series, a kind of "Fringe" light. There is some overlap of technologies involved in these two different series. Weird and wonderful.

The writers and actors also have a good sense of humour. There are some hilarious bits in amongst the serious stuff.

JoJo is one hot female deputy. And Fargo is a riot - "Come with me if you want to live!" Now where have we heard that line before?

Cafe Diem must be the most often evacuated cafe in the USA.

This box set containing the entire five seasons in one lump is the a best buying option. It's great value and much cheaper than buying the individual seasons separately.
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on 9 April 2014
A Town Called Eureka, if you haven't seen it, is a brilliant series of scientific mishaps and adventures that always seems to be solved with common sense by the town sheriff. The gizmos, gadgetry, and special effects are really cool not to mention the characters, plots and scripts. I absolutely love this series and totally thrilled I now have the entire series in one giant DVD compendium. Oh and it arrived quickly, excellent value, well packaged, no complaints.
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on 7 January 2014
This review is purely on the boxset itself as I haven't seen enough episodes of the show to review the show itself yet. My boyfriend bought me this for Xmas as I am a fan of Warehouse 13 and I know that there are a few crossover episodes.

The box itself is pretty unique and cool. It looks like a big VHS case with all the discs in a removable stack but there's no inlay though so it's hard to know exactly what is included on the discs as in episode list or extras.

The main reason I decided to write a review is because there are 77 episodes but there are only 76 episodes in the boxset. I thought like many that the Xmas episode at the end of season 4 wasn't included but after a bit of investigating I found that the so called S4E21 has become S05E01 on the dvd boxset so if anyone thinks that it is not included, it is but the fact that this boxset has no inlay with it and it is not stated on the back that it is indeed included it leads you to believe that it isn't when it actually is. Also if you're looking for S4E10 it's on S4.5 Disc One under the "Bonus" section rather than with the other episodes on the disc.
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on 29 March 2014
After viewing a couple of shows on television, I decided to buy the season 1 to 5 box, and now I'm hooked. By the way, one X-mas episode can be found under "bonus" of season 4. Super sympathetic characters, crazy town, original stories and unexpected plots. A US marshal is kind of "lured" into the position of sheriff of a town called Eureka and manages to do his duties among BIG alter ego's and IQ's 150+. This may sound familiar but the show is so original, it is great fun to watch.
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on 14 August 2015
Only having UK Freeview TV meant that I was never able to pick up on this series when it was first shown on non-Freeview channels in the UK, although it has recently had an airing on a UK Freeview channel, however, I only picked up on its' existence through the Warehouse 13 'cross-over' episode. I was, therefore, most pleasantly surprised when I ordered season one of Eureka second hand on a whim for next to nothing. Intrigued and entertained enough to buy the Box Set of the complete collection I found the show well acted, off the wall, thrilling, very funny and very entertaining. It would be valid to say that maybe it went a season too far as it struggled to keep coming up with new story lines for a show that was almost exclusively set in this one wonder town of geniuses call Eureka, however, if you get into the show, there is still enough entertainment in the last season to make it an enjoyable watch.
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on 30 May 2015
I'd never seen this show before, bought it on impulse after reading the reviews.
Its taken me 5 weeks to watch all 76 episodes of sheer brilliance. A good mix of comedy, drama, and Sci fi. A must have boxset.
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