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4.6 out of 5 stars37
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 20 March 2012
Is there life after death? Do you believe? Can a spirit fall in love? I ask these questions so I love to read stories that revolve around the afterlife. Touched By The Light is an engaging story of a young woman recently tossed into the confusing spirit world. Searching for answers, Mya stumbles upon Laurel who can "hear" her. Together they try to bring comfort to Mya's surviving family. During their growing friendship, Mia meets Dan, Laurel's boyfriend. A soothing friendship develops between Mya and Dan. Does it become love? Can it be love? Can these two ever be together? A worthwhile read to find out! Ms Halton caught my attention with this story...and even surprised me!
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on 4 September 2011
As a novice dead person, Mya's spirit is lost and confused until she finds she is able to communicate with Laurel. Although this is a comfort to Mya to find a connection with someone who is still alive back there, her increasing involvement in Laurel's life, and her relationships, takes us through an intriguing and sensitive story. By about page 94 I had decided on the happy ending that I wanted for Mya but could see absolutely no way of it being possible. Which, of course, leads to the totally unexpected twist about which we will not speak.

I must confess that to start with I flinched a little at the switch between characters all written in the first person. But as I read on and got used to the form, I found that Linn had managed to keep it going without confusion as to who was currently 'speaking' and it gave the reader (or me anyway) a sense of intimacy with each character.

Anyone who is not totally sceptical of some form of life after death will have asked themselves questions highlighted by this novel.
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on 19 July 2011
A great read with a lot of originality and clever twists.

The story is told from the first person perspective of ALL the main characters. At first I was concerned that I would get confused, but the author does a brilliant job of writing in distinct voices. At no point, did I get lost. In fact, there is a close, personal effect that it leaves behind. It felt real. It felt like I was the ghost traveling from one mind to the next. Very nicely done!

Also, the paranormal element of the story is shown in a way that you find yourself wondering, "could it be really like this?" It's very clever, well thought out and surprising. There are a couple of excellent plot-twists in there that makes your eyes pop out and flip that page. In the end, this is a wonderful love story.

It is hopeful and full of possibility.

I highly recommend it.
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on 22 December 2012
`Dying was, quite frankly, incredibly easy.' This is the opening to Linn B Halton's Touched by The Light - and you have to admit it's an intriguing hook. It drew me immediately into the story, telling me what to expect and then going on to briefly outline poor Mya's predicament. She's finally got a point where she can see her way forward in life (and love). More importantly, she knows what she wants and has the tools to achieve it, and... wham ...suddenly she's on the other side of it and having to struggle all over again - to find her meaning in death.

Death - it's a scary word. The story, however, though obviously having physic and paranormal elements, isn't scary at all. It's more a story about love and life, relationships and how we cope with the scars we carry into those relationships. If you haven't already gathered, Mya is a ghost. Telling her story in the first person (kudos to the author for telling the story in first point of view for all characters, by the way, which is cleverly done, each character having their own unique voice), Mya finds herself in the midst of love-torn, Laurel and Dan's relationship. Laurel, it turns out, is able to communicate with spirits, which gives us the clue that Mya is somehow meant to `meet' her. She has no clue why, though, and thus begins Mya's quest to sort out her own conundrum as well as Laurel's and Dan's difficulties.

Touched by the Light is a thought-provoking love story, a fun romance with a psychic twist, a few `will they?' surprises and a must-read-on feel good factor! (I loved Mya's first encounter with the Ouija board. Definitely felt I was there. I won't say where for fear of `spoilers' but it made me laugh). It raises questions and looks at what draws us to other people. In short, it delivers - and has a hugely satisfying ending. I would highly recommend this book. A fabulous read to tuck up with over the holidays!
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on 1 August 2011
This is a psychic romance story. In the story Mya knows she is dead although she cannot believe it she remembers a bright comforting light and she is now in the afterlife, she really wishes that she had read up on the afterlife because she is confused if this is the way it is suppose to be or if she is doing something wrong. She wonders whatever happened to the angels and the clouds, she asks herself wasn't there someone who was suppose to greet her to show her the ropes?

Mya wants to talk to people and she finds that she can communicate with a girl called Laurel who has the gift of been able to talk to spirits. When Mya sees that Laurel is having problems in her relationship with her boyfriend Dan. Mya starts to think and believe that it is her mission to get Laurel and Dan back together, turning Laurels life upside down. Mya spends her time drifting between Laurel and Dan she is unable to control how and when she appears, and she no longer has any sense of time. When she is not spending time with Laurel she finds herself spending time with Dan, who she cannot talk to but Dan feels her presence, but because they cannot communicate, he does not know whom the presence is and he is already in a fragile state.

Will Mya bring Laurel and Dan back together?

Although this is a psychic romance, you do not have to be interested in the paranormal to read this book because it is not a ghost story, it is more about human emotions and feelings. What is different with this book is that through out the chapters the story is told by all the main characters from their point of view and this is really done well with excellent writing so you do not get confused or lose the plot in anyway. There are some unexpected twists in the story, which add to the story and make it an excellent feel good read.
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I found `Touched by the Light' to be an unusual and thought-provoking novel of love/romance and logically unexplainable connections.

Written in the first person throughout, Mya starts us off on our journey as the scene is set with the theme that flows through the most of the story. We also see the story from the perspective of Laurel and her boyfriend Dan and also Mya's sister Sadie and a medium called Grace.

Each new section of the story has a title so at no point was I confused with who was `speaking'.

This is a modern love story and Linn B Halton portrays her characters with depth by examining their emotions. We become involved not only in Laurel and Dan's relationship but also Lennie's love life (Lennie is Laurel's best friend), Grace's love life and Mya's family. We get to identify with the characters through how they express themselves. In reality, we are usually drawn to other people on a heart level because they provide something we think we lack in ourselves - they are our `mirror' and this theme is quite central to the characters.

You don't have to have any previous knowledge or belief in the spiritual world to be drawn into the story. There are explanations that will enhance your enjoyment! Even though this is quite a `deep' topic, there are a few fun moments, for example when Mya is frustrated while `being' in Dan's company.

The writing flows and we are led on to each new level at the right time. There is a balance of emphasis between `life after death' and the romance. It really is not a heavy read!

I only have one criticism .................and that's with the paper the book is printed on - it is so white that my eyesight found it hard to adjust to read anything else for a while.

There's not a lot I can really say about the story itself without revealing any spoilers ................. I will say I hadn't figured on what was actually happening (although I knew something was because of the unusual link between Mya and Laurel) or who really was the link between the characters.

This love story is all related to how we interact despite the emotional wounds we carry and how through introspection and sharing we have the capacity to become whole.

If you want a love story that has depth and soul then this could quite possibly be the book you are looking for.
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on 2 May 2011
When I purchased my Kindle I promised myself I would not buy any more paper books but the release of Touched by the Light made me break that vow such was my enthusiasm to read this book. And I wasn't disappointed. It is a brilliant read. This Psychic Romance delivers on all counts even if you don't believe in the supernatural and paranormal, life after death, spirits or anything remotely psychic. Touched by the Light draws you into the story immediately when Mya, knowing she has died, is thrust unwittingly and unwillingly into a quest to bring together two love-torn people, Laurel and Dan.

There are no ghosts to spook you, just one or two things that do go bump in the day; a door slamming, items being thrown across a room but these are just ways Mya makes herself known to Dan. Laurel can talk to spirits, and Mya finds herself able to communicate with her, trying to make sense of her own predicament as well as solving Laurel's difficulties especially when summoned by a Ouija board and a medium who tries to make sense of what is going on in their two worlds. Although at times we do lose sight of Mya a little along the way, the ending is surprising, raising more questions than can possibly be answered on this journey into the spirit world, but a satisfactory conclusion nonetheless.

New writers are frequently told not to write in the first person because of how limiting this is in enabling the necessary reactions and actions between characters but Linn has achieved what many writers never do in creating believable characters in an intriguing plot that moves forward a pace. Each chapter is told from one character's viewpoint delivered in the first person. And it works! No small feat for a new writer. I can thoroughly recommend this book and I look forward to reading more of Linn B Halton's work in the not too distant future.
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on 6 April 2013
The story is told by several characters, but the main one is Mia. A spirit or just a soul lost in different dimension. Altough 100 precent that she is dead, she realises that she is caught between the worlds, with no sense of time... When two names don't get out of her mind, she is convinced she is on a mission to save a relationship between Dan (Daniel) and Laurel.

During her best attempts to do it, she is mentally connected to Laurel and later she almost 'haunts' Dan. The amazing part is, noone is afraid of her presence. Laurel is very sensitive and although she hides her abilities, she can talk and she sees dead people since she was little.

Dan is different kind of man. He doesn't know his girl friend's abilities, and after they split apart because of lack of communication, he feels defeated. Mia's 'presence' help him to heal himself and talking to her is better than any visit with a psychiatrist...

Anyway... Altough of all Mia's effort, things take a different turn...

This book was my second from Linn B Halton and I was absolutely not dissapoined. At first I needed to be more careful to follow all the characters but at the end it was fun and original. The story is not told only by one person, but from several, yet Mrs. Linn made them unique in their personalities.

Well written and absolutelly recommended.
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on 18 March 2012
I wouldn't normally read a romantic novel, but what attracted me to this book was the link between romance and the paranormal. Even so, I half expected to be giving up on this after the first couple of chapters and returning to the kind of stuff that I normally read. How wrong could anyone be.... And how pleasantly surprised I was at how the two subjects blended so well.
I liked the story of how Mya adjusted to being "dead" i.e. from her initial reaction of "where am I and what's happened?" To her relationship with medium, Laurel, and how she became involved in Laurel's failing relationship with boyfriend, Dan, in an effort to get them back on track. However, you will have to buy your own copy to find out if she succeeded! All in all it was quite simply a very enjoyable read.
I was quite surprised at how I got into the plot and was able to relate to the characters, there are also various twists and turns along the way to a wonderful climax.
I shall definitely be keeping an eye out for this author's future work, because if her subsequent efforts are anything like "Touched By The Light" they will be 5 star reads for sure!

Richard Holmes
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on 30 January 2013
Mya is a troubled spirit she's not quite passed completely to the other side. Laurel is receptive to spirits and it's through Laurel that Mya finds she can communicate. Sadie her sister is distraught and in an attempt to seek some answers she finds herself visiting a seance. Meet Grace the reluctant medium hosting the seance. Mya asks Laurel to pass a message on to Sadie and so the story begins. As we meet each character the story is woven together. With twists and turns round every corner you'll find yourself wanting to find out what happens.

What happens to our spirits? Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? I found this a refreshing story and despite the subject matter a very easy read. The reader gets swept along with this story. Told in sections featuring each character separately and told in the first person every time, which you soon get used to

The only negative if there is one, is that I did guess the outcome but that in now way detracted away from my enjoyment. Please read this book I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
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