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4.4 out of 5 stars781
4.4 out of 5 stars
Size: 55 g|Colour: Medium Brown|Change
Price:£48.95+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 4 December 2013
Why oh why didn't 't I hear about this before! I have been miserable with thinning across the front of my otherwise nice thick brown hair for years. Bought wigs, fringe attachments, all sorts, nothing looked right. Read about Toppik, didn't believe it but tried a small pot in desperation. It surpassed all expectation. My hair looks full, natural, all thinning has vanished, it stays put (I just used a fine spray of ordinary hairspray after applying it) no marks on pillow case, just washes out with shampoo. Reapply, takes all of a minute and off you go. My friends all thought I had a new wig and didn't believe me when I said it was all mine plus Toppik. No-one seems to have heard of it, why don't hairdressers have this stuff. I have got my confidence back and have just bought the larger tub as you get more for your money. I have never been so pleased with any product and have never written a review. This is truly amazing!
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on 10 October 2011
When I first tried this, I wasn't impressed. It seemed like I had to use a lot of it and it was just matting my head black with powder.

Then I did things differently from the supplied instructions.

If you have short to medium hair like myself, do this instead.

Style your hair with a hair wax or putty FIRST. Don't put it on then style it like the instructions say.

After styling, place toppik where you need it (in my case, the crown and top of my head, I have a small amount of hair at the front). Don't put it on too thick (you can reapply easily you know).

When you are content with the amount, finish off hair style with a strong hold hair spray. This isn't crucial but will help your confidence.

Now, I have to say this - I applied this one night before work before realising I had run out of hair spray. During my ten minute walk to the bus stop in the heavy rain, I was worried sick. I thought " Oh my God! This going to wash out, be patchy and look a complete mess".

There was no need to be stressed. Toppik stayed in and passed this unplanned test with flying colours. It doesn't rub off in bed either.

The only way this product gets out is by the use of your hands (don't scratch your head too much) and by warm water and shampoo.

I'm dark headed and wasn't sure which one to try so I purchased the dark brown AND the black. Both look great.

Still, it is by no means perfect. Applying to your crown without assistance can be a chore and guess work without a mirror. If you scratch your head a lot or run your fingers through it, your finger nails look like gravedigger's ones - but I guarantee you this -

If you are lacking a bit of confidence because of that increasing bald spot that is your head - this cosmetic solution is perfect. After you get used to applying it, you'll really see the difference and feel confident that it's unnoticeable. I usually wear it out at weekends/parties etc (the work thing was a one off in the first month of use).

I personally recommend it highly.
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on 8 February 2015
I will admit I was quite sceptical when I placed my order. I bought the 0.42oz bottle as it was only £13 so I thought it was worth a gamble. I can safely say it has worked wonders. I don't wish to over-sell the idea, but if you're reading this you likely know how it feels to have thin hair. It isn't the be-all and end-all, but it does get you down. You start to feel insecure and your confidence takes a hit. I am happy to say that because of this little bottle of hair fibre, my confidence is up and I feel better. It's simply marvellous.

I carefully did my research about this product and read up on it for a while. I didn't rush into it and it weighed up the pros and cons of the reviews I read. When it arrived I tried it out and was immediately blown away. I took before and after pictures (which I have attached) to compare the difference. See for yourselves.

The fibres themselves are like little bits of dark-coloured flakes, sort of like a dusting of sifted flour, but slightly more dense. I have brown hair so I wasn't sure if I needed medium or dark brown fibres, I went with medium and it seems to be a perfect colour match. I have confided in one person that I am using the product and they said they would have never known.

Applying the fibres is the one bit I don't really enjoy. At first I had just the fibres without the "Hairline Optimizer". I would get out of the shower and dry my hair as usual. I would also style my hair using some VO5 "paste" or similar product, again as normal. Then the tricky bit of the process was applying the hair fibres. I did find I would end up with the fibres on my forehead as my hairline is worst at the front. It was tricky to get it "just right" and the fibres made my forehead look dirty, so I would need to use a flannel to wash it up. It was hit and miss, the product was working, but my application wasn't spot on.

I did buy the Toppik Hairline Optimizer (which is in short a plastic comb with a "hairline" cut into it) after about a week of trial and error. This helped me greatly and has made the process a lot easier and a LOT less messy. I read reviews which said some people didn't get on with the optimizer, but as my front hairline was the worst affected area it was a great help to me. It gives a natural result very quickly (and with minimal mess).

The one tip I have found since using the product for nearly a month is don't use too much of it. At first I was putting loads of the hair fibres on. Less is certainly more. I start of with a light dusting and go from there, little by little, until it looks just right. I also don't use it right up to the front of my hairline anymore, I put the fibres back into my hairline just a little bit which makes it look more natural. I bought the 0.42oz bottle about a month ago and I dont believe it's running out anytime soon, with daily use (once daily).

It can be messy applying the fibres. I now tend to quickly wipe down the sink after I use it (stood in front of the bathroom sink / mirror). It's like a fine dark colour dust, which would obviously not look so great built up over time. That's a small price to pay. It adds about 2 minutes to my morning routine.

I haven't noticed any loss of fibres in wet weather or windy weather. They really do stay put. I suppose it's fair to say that if I applied the fibres at 8am they would probably require a "touch up" if you're doing something of an evening, but that's not a certainty. I haven't worn it with hats, but I would imagine putting a hat on may remove some of the fibres. If you were to run your hand through your hair heavily yes you would see dark "dust" on your hand, but it doesn't come away otherwise. I also haven't noticed any fibres coming off during the night, but by the morning it would certainly need re-applying, showing or not. Showering will require reapplication.

I recently really splashed out and bought the fiberhold spray as well. This is a nice little addition although I can't say it's vital. I have used V05 "volumising" spray hold for a few years, it's not too dissimilar to the fiberhold spray. My set-up consists of the 0.42oz medium brown fibres, the hairline optimiser and the fiberhold spray. That's all I'll ever need. Next time I'll buy a bigger bottle of the fibres probably as I'm confident I'm going to keep using it.

I cannot stress enough what a difference this has made to me. I'm a young man and for the first time in years I feel confident about my hair. I have tried all sorts in the past including regaine, biotin, alpecin shampoo and other creams etc. Toppik is the first product I'll be buying more of. I really felt compelled to share this review because I know when I was looking online I was curious to see what others would say.

I personally would say give it a go. If you're still reading this at this point (thanks for staying with me) it's probably worth the small amount of money to try it out. I personally have found this product to be nothing short of a miracle. Any downsides to the product (the mess it makes, the extra time required in the morning) are totally worth it because of the end result.
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on 1 August 2015
I'm 25/female and suffer from female pattern hair loss. This product has changed my life! I'm so self conscious about this condition and if I had the money for a hair transplant, I would do it in a heartbeat! But this is the solution for me in the meantime.

I have three issues with this product. The first is that it is insanely expensive and I get through a 27g pot a month. Secondly it can look quite obvious in certain lighting or become quite patchy towards the end of the day but when you touch it up, it doesn't look so bad. Thirdly, when you exercise and your sweat mixes with the toppik, the sweat running down your face from your forehead and hair is GREEN. literally green! So watch out for that!
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on 5 January 2013
Great product. If it doesnt work for you, you need to know you need to grow your hair out a bit.Essential products are great with me as well. very speedy friendly service.
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on 10 April 2015
This is my second purchase of this product. I have very black hair with a very white scalp and suffer from hereditary female pattern baldnes which is very prominent around my front hairline above my fringe. This product although not perfect is probably the best thing I have found to disguise my hair loss. If you use it out of the tub as it comes then I found it to be very messy with the fibres going everywhere but I blocked most of the holes with tape so I could get them where I needed them to go. The overall look of them has given me back my confidence but if you look closely it can look clumpy. They recommend the toppik holding spray but I find hairspray just as effective. It stays put in light rain but it will come off if you get a good soaking! Also if you use headwear, ie a scarf or hat it will rub off too but overall I am happy to use this product
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on 20 April 2014
Don't use in sunlight, and don't use with hairspray in warm weather / sunlight as it turns green!! Other than that, great product.
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on 16 June 2013
Ok, so this is what you need if 1) you are losing hair and starting to develop a 'healthy' bald patch and 2) don't yet have enough money for the hair transplant that you know you are going to get one day!

I have been using it for over three months now and if I showed you the before/after pictures - you probably wouldn't believe me.

It is VERY good. Just google for some videos and you will learn how to use it. It will stay on pretty much all day and takes seconds to apply. When you take a shower, most of it comes off and it will leave black patches on your towel and it will come off on fingers if someone ruffles your be careful (guys, you know what I mean!)

Apart from that, this is now a must have item in my backpack and a separate one stays permanently in the bathroom. Women use foundation, lipstick, eye liners etc etc etc etc etc etc etc every single time they step out of the house. It is not so bad for us men to cover up some of our problems ;)
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on 22 March 2016
I was considering surgery to strengthen my receding hair line - Been to see 3 different surgeons - However after those consultations, although they all recommended surgery, I still felt it was maybe a bit much. All the surgeons recommended medication which would strengthen remaining hairs and stop further hair loss, so I felt, at least for now, that course of action is enough. After doing some research on the air loss forums, I found a lot of chaps have found a happy balance with that medication and a camouflage product such as this. It isn't fake hair, it won't work on existing bald areas, But if you're thinning, say at the temples or crown, where you have hair but can see through to the scalp, this WILL help.. it does give the appearance of thicker, fuller hair. Ive only had it a couple of weeks, not sure how much I've used, but it seems pretty full still. It'll remain for a couple of days at least until you wash your hair. Doesn't leave any marks. It can be a tad dry/itchy but I would expect that to be honest. All round, I'm very happy with it and don't see any need to try a different product so far.. Ive used it with a generic hair spray to keep it all in place.. If you're like me and your hair was a daily concern, please do your research, it does help. The forums are great. Hope this helps
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on 11 November 2012
I'm 23, and very self-conscious when it comes to my hair (or lack-thereof). I was spending almost an hour in front of the mirror depressing myself by angling other mirrors to view the back of my head and seeing thinning which I felt I shouldn't be seeing at my age. It was a really bad experience so I decided to try and find something online that might be able to help.

I came across Toppik by doing a quick Google search and, reading all the reviews, decided to give it a go. It was cheaper than alternatives so it was worth a shot. It arrived discreetly packaged and I was really skeptical - this couldn't be the fix, a little pot of coloured fibers? I went to the bathroom and liberally sprinkled it over my entire hair, run my hands through it and shook it up a little. Your hands get messy but it's pretty easy to get rid off, just wash it under a little warm water.

Now for the moment of truth. I went to the nearest mirror and once again ran my fingers through my hair -- the results were remarkable. I angled another mirror to see the back of my head and, to my surprise, the same result was apparent there. My hair looked full again. This magical stuff doesn't just fill your hair out, it does it while looking completely natural.

The important thing for most people looking at this product will be; "Will it all just fall out during rain or wind?" and the answer is no, not unless it's some hurricane or monsoon. Even if that is a concern for you, you can always spray on some hair spray to hold it in place a little firmer.

The best part for me was the comments I received both at work and home. My colleagues said "Wow, your hair looks amazing!" and my Fiancee echoed those remarks -- a huge confidence booster for me. I know this sounds like I'm employed by Toppik, but I assure you I'm not. I'm just an advocate for a product that changed my life for the better and want to convert skeptics into just giving it one chance. You really won't be sorry.

+ Cheap compared to others.
+ Lasts a long time, a small pot can last about a month.
+ Stays in your hair until washed.

- Messy application.
- Showers can also leave the bath a little messy as it all washes out.
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