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4.3 out of 5 stars59
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 1 April 2011
Not sure what game whitetornado is reviewing but it certainly cannot be Top Spin 4! I have to say, this is one of the best sports games I have ever played on the 360 and by far and away the best tennis game!

It is not only highly addictive, but incredibly challenging and rewarding. Both career mode and online are brilliant, giving you the ability to develop your own character or use one of the pre-designed pro's. If you get an equally matched opponent online you're in for a treat. I played out a two set thriller with a 3rd set tie break that lasted 48mins - you don't get that with many online games!

Graphics are excellent, gameplay and controls are tight and the overall presentation of the product is spot on. The controls are extremely responsive and as you player deteriorates in terms of stamina the placement of the shots become even more crucial and sometimes harder to pull off.

If you are new to the Top Spin games or an avid fan I am certain you will be able to pick this up and play instantly - follow the tutorial to begin with though, this helps with a few tips that may enhance your game!

I would recommend this to any sports game fan and would advise tennis fans alike that you won't get a more real experience on the 360 for tennis than this!!

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on 23 March 2011
Got this game yestarday and it's only becuase I am at work that I am not playing it now.

As the previous reviewer stated it is better than TopSpin 3.

The crowd are alive on this version and the Umpire asking them to be quiet is a nice touch.

We now get the players waiting to come onto court at the start of matches. We get to see them make their entrance (waving to the crows etc).

During the break, the camera shows the players going to the chair and we get a close up of the players.

The actual tennis is much much better. It is definately not easy starting out in the career mode and it takes some time getting used to the controls but once you do the fun begins.

When I started my career, I chose to use the Real World Tennis game (i think it's called) where the players play the normal 5 set matches etc. This has a more realistic feel to things and I also get to see my guy get cramp in the 2nd set of his very first match (come to think of it he does go down a lot!)

Anyway, I have hired a coach and he is getting better. I chose to specialise in Baseline attack and every now and again I have sparing matches with random players.

We now get mail, yes mail from people (my player has had an offer of tennis t-shirts) and we can also see how many fans we have!

There is still more that I have not yet discovered so I will leave it like this:

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on 30 March 2011
topspin4 is a very realistic and entertaining game ,i have the previous game topspin3 and it was desent but it just was a hassle to play
topspin 4 is a game that i have been waiting for a game that plays well and looks good ,i played the demo on xbox live and i was very impressed with it, now if you dont enjoy or like tennis this game is not for you. But i love tennis games try it you will not regret it, i have played most of them on the xbox and this game ticks all the boxes first let get to the gameplay what you have to understand about topspin4 is ball striking is sbout timing the ball hold the button to long and the ball will go out you must get the timing right , i dont think you will get a tennis game better than this for a long time.
topspin4 is a game all tennis lovers should buy,a lot of time and money have gone into this game and it shows ,they could have added some more female greats like steffi graf and martina n but i will try to make some female greats in the career mode.
topspin4 is a 5 star game and i enjoyed playing it .............
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on 11 February 2012
TS4 is a good game, as other reviews have said great graphics, it's quite realistic and good game play. However, there are, in my opinion, a few flaws which really let it down and irritate the heck out of me.

First, you can't match the playing stats of the top 4 players, even when you reach level 20 (the highest level in career mode) this is not fair and gives those players a real advantage (especially when you play on very hard difficulty as I do)

Second, Andy Murray plays like a God and it is pretty much impossible to beat him. I have a far better serve and lots more power than he does, yet I can't get an ace against him and he hits me off court like I'm not even there. Even when I have him at my mercy and hit a power shot, he still manages to get to it. That is NOT realistic or fair (bad game play there 2K)Furthermore, it is virtually impossible to hit an ace against anyone, even when you have a really high serve stat.

Thirdly, there are times when the game just takes over and absolutely nothing you do will allow you to win, it's pre-programmed and I HATE that. Also, even though I have a forehand of 80 it still makes me hit balls out from positions that I just wouldn't if my forehand was that good. Again, that's not realistic especially when the top players hardly ever hit balls out (ok, yes they do but not as often as you will.)

You may think I'm being picky, but these three faults for me very nearly ruin this game. It doesn't matter how you develop your player or what attributes/stats you give him, nothing works against Murray and very rarely against the other top players, but then if you can't get the same stats as them, how are you supposed to compete?

This game is the best tennis game out there; however, there is still plenty of room to improve and some very BIG problems with this game.
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on 29 June 2011
I've had this game for about a week now and have found it is most definitely the best tennis game I've ever played. The movement is somtimes like watching real tennis. In the other reviews there has been a few rants about the difficulty, I did share this at first. However when I first started I was on normal difficulty and the game got veryyy easy very quickly, so I moved it up to hard. It became hard as I lost to someone below my level and also lost to Andy Roddick 6-1 6-2! He was quite a few levels above me though.

I am now level 19 and have won two masters tournaments on hard and am currently in the semi final of the Australian Open. After I win the grand slam (hopefully) I will put it on very hard difficulty and see how it goes. Make sure you do not just jump straight into tournaments on hard, make sure you practice and try to unlock the coachs' special skills as soon as possible. You will soon find yourself winning major tournaments and ready to take on the grand slam tournaments.

I did wish to start a career with a professional such as Nadal or Murray, I think it is only possible to start a career with a created player. But creating a player and bringing him up the rankings is fun.

I highly recommend this game and you may find it difficult at first (if you play on hard) but if you keep at it and keep unlocking skills and practicing, you will be a Grand Slam Champ.

As for the one star review saying he got 1 slam in 50 hours. I think you just need to practice a bit more? It is possible to get several slams per match, (Maybe change your coach) although I prefer to win with superb drop shots ;)
Also I recommend changing the play to real tennis format for longer and better matches.

I have not tried online yet and will do soon.

Get this game if you like Tennis. It may be hard at first but just keep trying!
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on 12 May 2011
I have had this for three weeks now.

Firstly the negative points:
- The graphics have not come on much since TS3 and there are a few minor graphical glitches, especially during the set piece graphics (i.e. walking on court, sitting down between sets).
- Presence of ball boys/girls, but they still remain firmly on the spot when the ball goes out of play
- The game froze completely twice in my first day, once after winning my first set (annoying) and then when I reloaded and went to the "my player" "player evolution" screen. Still no problems since so fingers crossed.

However, in spite of these I would still say this game is brilliant. I have only played the TS academy and career mode so far. Academy is brill to learn the controls - which are slightly easier than TS3 I would say, but still a challenge. The career mode is great. The increasing number of XPs you have to earn to upgrade your player each time is excellent and really makes you think about which areas you need to improve in given your recent matches. The coaches are varied and again make you think about how you want to improve and whether you can achieve their challenges to gain their unique bonus attributes. I like the presence of several rankings as it means you still have something to aim for in your first year, alhtough the TS ranking is still the creme de la creme. The sponsorship you gain is good, rather than using XP points to unlock different clothing this occurs when you play and impress in sponsored tournaments, which is again immersive and a nice touch. The different options of practice match or special event before each tournament are great. For example, exhibition matches, charity events, yoga retreats, going to a disco etc. and again make you think about what you want to do (i.e. get more fans, gain more XP, or just have fun) and a year in I played my first doubles match for charity which was so much fun. The crowd noises are great and the building noise and anticipation in longer rallies or when you reach a difficult shot are very immersive, along with the umpire quietening people down. I rarealy notice the cheering before a point is totally won and to be honest I think that when this occurs its pretty obvious you would not get to the ball anyway and does happen in real matches. The graphics of entering the court from the players area and sitting down inbetween games/sets is good and a nice touch - again immersive, but the actual graphics of it aren't brilliant. I was concerned after reaching my first masters event and winning the first round that I had mastered the game, but was then trounced by Federer 6-0, 6-0 which pleased me greatly as it was another incremental difficulty level within the same career mode. I have played so many hours already (full matches) and still only in March of my second year. Have played in masters events but not good enough to play in grand slam yet. Also have playing for my country to come too, so still a way to go and experience in the game. Last night I beat Federer and Djokovic for the first time, took 50 minutes and all 3 sets to see of Djokovic and wear him down, so not easy.

I'm rambling now but you get the idea. It is a very very immersive game. Quite hard and a good, deep and phased increments of difficulty career mode. I love it and would recommend it. As for the person who said they only managed one smash, they should practice their net play more as I have at least one or two per match!
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on 2 May 2011
This is the best tennis game in the series as it has crisp visuals, decent gameplay and a good roster of past and present professional tennis players to choose from.

The career mode is the most fun but be warned as the Grand Slam tournaments can get very challenging, so it would be good to practice your tennis strokes and strategies in the Top Spin Academy and ball machine screen.

The only thing i don't like about the game, is that sometimes even before a shot has finished touching the ground you can hear the crowd cheering for the victorious point - a minor distraction that doesn't take away from the games playability, but does sometimes take away from the fun a little.

I do recommend this game however as i think it's probably the best tennis game out there!
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on 12 February 2012
This is the best tennis game on any platform. In my opinion it is also one of the best sports games ever. Tennis is a pretty tough sport to make a decent computer game out of, and this is the best attempt at recreating the game that I've seen.
The control system takes a little time to get used to, helped by the ability to play against a ball machine, and by the tutorial lessons, and once you start to get the hang of it it really does work very well. It gives you a good deal of freedom in terms of shot type and placement and you really do feel in control over where the ball is going. The artificial intelligence it pretty good and significantly better than I've ever seen in a tennis game. The 'real' players included do seem to play at least a little like their real counterparts and offer a good challenge, particularly when you meet them in Grand Slams. The career mode works well, starting out feeling pretty easy but becoming gradually more difficult as you gain access to tougher tournaments. By the time you reach Grand Slams, if you've kept the difficulty level at 'very hard' the whole time, it becomes fiendishly difficult! I've had the game nearly a year now and I've only won one Grand Slam! You are allowed to change the difficulty during a career, but that seems like cheating to me :-) On the whole though, the game gets difficult because the opponents become more consistent, accurate and intelligent with their shot choices and placement, such that you feel like you're being outplayed by a good player, not that it is being made deliberately impossible by a computer.
The game is frustrating at times, but I feel this is usually because the game of tennis can be pretty frustrating - not because there is something wrong with the mechanics of the game.
The rewards during the career mode are good - it takes some time before you find yourself playing against any recognisable players, so when you do suddenly come up against James Blake, Andy Roddick or Djokovik etc., it is a great moment. Winning a close, hard-fought match against a top player is very satisfying.
The graphics are pretty good, without being particularly impressive, and the atmosphere is ok, although it would have been nice if they had commentry or something to bring the game to life a little more.
Highly recommended game for tennis fans. I feel it really has been underrated as a sports game/sim.
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on 12 December 2011
There are a lot of good things about this game. The technique is tough to master - I sat on the bottom rung of career mode for 4 hours before winning a tournament and going to bed, but when I came back to a it few days later I had lost the exact timing you need to play the great shots and was losing again. I found that frustrating, but I would rather have that than finding it too easy. Undoubtedly more talented Xbox-ers will grasp the skills quicker than I did, but it should still represent a good challenge particularly if you want to start as a poor player and build up to facing the top stars - I haven't even seen them yet as I don't want to spoil the surprise! The graphics and movement of the sprites is also good and the rendering of the stadia is also good. The weather and shadows in use can make it quite hard to see the ball, but then that is what real tennis players are facing too so it is a positive feature of the gameplay rather than a criticism.

A few bad points: the soundtrack in the menus is annoying, there are Daft Punk and LDC Soundsystem tracks on there (both great bands) but not much else from what I could hear, and these real tracks are always replaced by the single-bar intro tune whenever anything is loading. This gets very repetitive if you're playing for long periods - and as mentioned above, I have found you need to play for a while to get the right rythym going with timing your shots. I'm sure the music can be turned off but it should have been programmed differently in the first place.
Some shots don't seem to find the sidelines you're aiming for, as you use the same direction-stick thing (I actually use the d-pad for this game, seems less strain on the thumbs) to manouevre the player as to aim the shots which doesn't give you much time if you're racing across the court, so a lot of opportunities are missed as your sprite hits a tame return right down the middle where the opponent can get to it. Maybe I am doing it wrong or my player will respond better as he improves.
Lastly the scoring system in career mode is a bit odd, all the low-ranked tournament matches seem to be a single 'super tie-break' (first to 10). I don't want to play a full match but it would be more realistic to have a first-to-3-games set instead, for example.

Overall I am enjoying the game and haven't even played multiplayer, played any games with the top stars/venues or got very far in the career mode yet, so I would recommend Topspin4 as a good tennis title with some longevity. Certainly worth the low price for a new game to throw into a gift bundle.
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on 29 August 2011
I'm a big tennis fan and I've played a lot of tennis games over the years (going back to Super Tennis on the SNES). I think this is definitely up there with some of the better ones.

Although tennis games sometimes feel a bit unrealistic, Top Spin 4 is actually a pretty good representation of what the sport is like in real life. I think the main reason for this is that hitting shots well relies on timing (you have to release the button at the correct moment to hit the shot perfectly) rather than just holding down the shot button for as long as possible and watching your player smash it back over the net at 100 miles an hour every time (as in some other games). The end result is a game that's easy to pick up and play, but difficult to master.

The only minor complaint I have is that there is no option to choose to play in single player/xbox live/practice modes from the top half of the court (i.e. hitting the ball towards the camera). By default you always have to play from the bottom. This is fine when you're just playing single player, but what me and my friends have found is that when we go to play against each other in multiplayer everyone is so used to playing from the bottom half of the court that nobody can win a game from the other side. The whole dynamic of the match changes from "who can hold/break serve" to "who can win a game from the top half of the court". If there were an option to play in single player/xbox live from the top half then it would have worked a bit better as you could at least get used to it.

Overall, though, that's a minor issue and I would recommend this both as a realistic depiction of tennis and a game that's a lot of fun to just pick up and play.
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