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4.9 out of 5 stars175
4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 13 March 2011
I used to watch Top Cat all the time as a kid and was so surprised to find out that there were only ever 30 episodes, I'd imagined hundreds! So here they all are, lovingly reissued in a 5 DVD box set.
But it's not only the original series you get, there's episode commentaries on three of the shows, 2 documentaries and a host of other extras to really complete an excellent package. Go ahead, you won't be disappointed.
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on 21 October 2011
This is just a great walk down memory lane (for me) but my kids (aged 9 and 11) also really enjoy it. We sit down as a family from time to time to watch the next episode and it is just good wholesome, very funny, family entertainment. I think this is one of the best value for money items I have ever purchased (NB even my wife loves it and she just hates cartoons generally). The voices, the characters, the humour, this was a very polished cartoon series and the somewhat out of date and clunky animation techniques take nothing away from the enjoyment. I am constantly amazed at how good it is. Only trouble is there are 30 episodes and we are now on number 28! Recommend, recommend, recommend.
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on 24 May 2011
This was a groundbreaking series of cartoons that you made sure you were home to see when they were first shown in the kids teatime slot.
Witty with devious story lines and a believable anti-hero, just a lot of fun. Anyone who enjoyed these cartoons first time around should take the opportunity to buy the complete series and enjoy all over again.
It does make you wonder if the writers of The Sopranos and the Wire watched these original cartoons for basic ideas.
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on 4 January 2012
This is a must for all Hanna-Barbera fans. It ranks along with the all-time-greats of annimation. As a child (well teenager actually) I always had a soft spot for Benny. I rushed home from school to see this when originally aired on TV, and was rarely disappointed. Now after all these years, once more the child, I watched the shows again and laughed my socks off. All of the characters say so much more than just the words they speak. Beautifully restored, with some interesting bonus features (like actors voices and original storyboard sketches), this is great value for money. Whether you have or haven't seen it before, it's well worth owning as all the characters are just so adorable. The only negative is the multi-disc packaging, which I couldn't get the discs out of, fast enough.
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on 19 October 2009
Enjoy all 30 episodes of Top Cat (or as I still think of it Boss Cat), the Hanna-Barbera cartoon series made in the early 1960s. This show stands alongside the Flintstones as being at the very pinnacle of sitcom-like cartoon series that can still be enjoyed by young and old today. But unlike the Flintstones it didn't overstay its welcome by making too many episodes and so having a drop in quality.

The format is a simple one that Top Cat is a cat living in an alley with his gang and who is always embarking on money-making scams. Officer Dibble seeks to clean up the alley while defeating the scams, but TC always foils him. The set-up is broadly based on the classic Bilko sitcom from the 1950s, with TC being close in character and voice to Phil Silvers and his side-kick Benny the Ball looking like and being voiced by the man behind the character Duane Doberman. The others in the gang of cats all play entertaining roles with Brain playing the stupid cat, Choo-Choo being the nervous one, Fancy-Fancy being the ladies-cat man, and Spook being the cool one. For some reason I've always liked Choo-Choo the best.

The series still works because the stories are strong and the characters so well defined. You instantly know how everyone will react to any situation and as the characters are voiced with care they are as believable as any in a live-action sitcom. Allen Jenkins' Dibble in particular is a classic and he is a perfect antagonist to Arnold Stang's TC. There's not really a bad episode in the run and so this stands out as a cartoon series that can't be faulted.
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An animated version of the comedy series Sgt Bilko was an inspired idea by Hanna Barbara in the early
1960s. And what was even more inspiring was the idea of swapping the scheming army Sgt and his bungling men for a Top Cat and his feline alley cat friends. It all works really well and this classic series takes on a life of its own with great fun.
This complete set of episodes on DVD is pure magic. A great set of stories that are light hearted comic fun. It is really entertaining. I remember the series from when I was growing up but seeing these episodes again as an adult is just as interesting.
The comparison to Sgt Bilko is there for sure. From the sweet talking con cat leader to the dimmest of dim fall guy character. But this series does have its own identity.
Top Cat, better known as TC, lives in a luxury dust bin in a Manhattan alley. He eats scraps from the nearby deli and drinks milk stolen from nearby doorsteps. He makes calls on Police phone, much the consternation of Police officer Dibble.
Like Bilko, TC always has an eye on earning a fast buck, or something similar in cat terms. His dense henchmen, the equivalent of Bilko's platoon, are Brain, Fancy-Fancy, Spook, Choo Choo, and Benny the Ball.
Top Cat is always up to a scheme and always gets in a mess but somehow seems to come out clean in the end. There are some great stories and the whole series is interesting from beginning to end.
The DVD set is well presented here in this slim box set and the picture, sound and colour are great.
It is wonderful to have this series on DVD and if you like Hanna Barbara cartoons you will love this one. It has to be one of the greatest cartoon series of all time.
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on 3 January 2010
When at sea,we had a Chief engineer. he couldnt have breakfast without watching Top Cat,before he started the days work. I know them all and still I bougth them all after I retired.I love them.
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on 22 November 2012
The smart alley cats led by none other than Top Cat himself from his headquarters in a dustbin always get the better of the fall guy, poor old Officer Dibble, alias Officer Dribble. An entertaining gane of characters, but it takes me back to the enjoyment I had in them when I was very much younger than I am now!
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on 26 September 2009
Top Cat is about a bunch of street cats trying to make money with various schemes and cons with hilarious results.
The sound and picture quality is brilliant,the box set consists of 5 discs.5 stars ,people of all ages will love it.
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on 12 December 2012
Well what can I say what hasen't all ready been said for this set.

All 30 episodes of the original 60's Top Cat series (no Boss Cat here :D) are included in this box set, plus some very nice special features like audio commenteries and interviews with some of the surviving cast and artists etc., including an interview with ol' TC himself; the late Arnold Stang, created exclusevly for this set.

Now there is a bit of a difference between this and the US version.

First the US version has a unique slip cover which when you removed the outer pakaging, you're left with the same alley background, but on the DVD case, you have Officer Dibble catching TC using his police phone, like what he's doing on the main DVD set slip cover, that is gone, but it's only a minor loss.

What's also a minor loss is that the UK set lacks one of the special features, a couple of Kellogg's Corn Flakes commercials as well as a Top Cat sponsored by Kellogg's promo, that comes before the end credits. Apart from the Kellogg's promotions (which I guess couldn't be included in this version for regional rights issues), the rest of the special features remain in tact.

But the US set is 4 discs, this is because disc 4 is double-sided, so you had to be carefull how you handle the fourth and last disc as both sides need to be read by the player. However, the UK set is 5 discs instead. They split Disc 4, into two different discs, meaning you won't have to worry about handling the DVD's too much.

So apart from a slight pakaging change and the omition of a special feature, but you gain 5 discs, this set is still worth owning if your a Top Cat fan and with the price it's going for these days, you might as well grab a bargain.
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