Top 10 Albums of 2005 (in order)

A Listmania! list by Anon "rob-mccrudden"
1.  Funeral by Arcade Fire
The list author says:
  "Simply the greatest debut album i can remember. Forget Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs, Razorlight, Killers etc, this is how to announce your arrival!"
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LCD Soundsystem
2.  LCD Soundsystem by LCD Soundsystem
The list author says:
  "The perfect mix of rock and dance. Many have tried and failed but LCD has expertly married the two genres, taking the best from both."
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Cuts Across The Land
3.  Cuts Across The Land by Duke Spirit
The list author says:
  "Best rock album of the year. Great overall sound, good songs and a very sexy singer."
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4.  Takk... by Sigur Rós
The list author says:
  "More beautiful music from these Icelandic masters. The music press called it their most 'commercial' work when they meant 'accessible'. I mean Sigur Ros 'commercial'? come on!"
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Demon Days
5.  Demon Days by Gorillaz
The list author says:
  "Gorillaz latest is a work brimming with imagination and invention. Colourful and genre-hopping, Damon Albarn and DangerMouse will find this hard to top."
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Leaders Of The Free World
6.  Leaders Of The Free World by elbow
The list author says:
  "Surprise of the year for me. Never really got Elbow until this album but it is a corker revealling new layers with each listen."
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Kicking Television, Live in Chicago
7.  Kicking Television, Live in Chicago by Wilco
The list author says:
  "The most underrated band around at the moment. Brilliantly crafted songs lifted (mainly) from their last 2 records and played with heart and skill."
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8.  Illinoise by Sufjan Stevens
The list author says:
  "Never heard of him until around June but was instantly captivated by an album that has an real ability to transport you somewhere completely different. Sounds like Badly drawn boy when he was good."
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Last Chance Disco
9.  Last Chance Disco by Acoustic Ladyland
The list author says:
  "Jazzy Rock? Rockin' Jazz? Whatever, Acoustic Ladyland defy definitions but they certainly make a great noise without a guitar in sight. Best Drumming of the year too!"
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The Campfire Headphase
10.  The Campfire Headphase by Boards Of Canada
The list author says:
  "Maybe not as good as Geogaddi or Music has the right... but a welcome return nonetheless"
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