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Tools for Non-Profit Organisations

Our technologies offer simple and effective ways for non-profit organisations to raise awareness, collect needed supplies and solicit funds. Amazon customers support thousands of non-profit organisations and worthy causes through features such as:

Wish List

Amazon Wish Lists can expand a non-profit’s potential donor pool to Amazon’s millions of customers and offer a great way to ensure that they receive the right number of the exact items needed. Customers use the lists to find out what organisations truly need, and buying and shipping the items is fast and easy. Additionally, donors know they can depend on our patented payment technology to make their transactions safe and secure.

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Amazon Associates is Amazon's affiliate marketing programme. As Associates, organisations place links to Amazon products and services on their websites. For each purchase made through these links, the organisation earns up to 15% in referral fees from It's a great way for nonprofits to earn revenue without asking donors for direct contributions. Plus, donors know that each time they make a purchase through these links, they're helping their favourite non-profit organisation to benefit.
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> Support for Disaster Relief Programmes