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3.6 out of 5 stars354
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 13 October 2011
I bought this satnav as an upgrade from my original TomTom 1 version 2. It really is a Jekyll and Hyde device. When it works it is great, really great. The smart routing automatically guided me around a slow horse-box one time, and the traffic alerts are way more accurate than overhead gantry signs or anything you hear on the radio - very impressive. The Google search is outstanding - you can search for, for example, a coffee shop close to you, on your route, or close to your destination; wonderful !

But when it gives problems it is terrible. The first sign of trouble was when Google search stopped working; it told me it couldn't contact the server, even all the other Live services (e.g. traffic) worked fine. I contacted TomTom support (after a long wait) and the techie advised resetting to factory values, which worked. The trouble is there is no way to back-up your settings. You can back-up your favourites, but that's all and it is very obviously an after-thought in the software. You can't back-up anything else, so getting the device back to how you like it is a long & tedious affair.

A week later it started rebooting every minute or so. This time I was away from home so couldn't restore my favourites after resetting to factory values. It worked, again, but I had to re-enter all my settings by hand, again.

The bottom line is that when it works properly it is fantastic, the best satnav I have used, but it's flaky. TomTom appear to have taken this device to market before it is ready, and before they are ready to adequately support it. If you are going to buy one I advise you wait for 6-12 months while TomTom iron out the very obvious bugs, and train their techies to suggest things other than "Reset to Factory Settings".

UPDATE - 2 years later. I have kept the unit up to date with all updates and have kept Live services going and I have now lost patience with TomTom. My unit has completely stopped showing safety camera alerts despite my Live subscription being up to date, and I'm not the only one - search Google for "tomtom live 820 cameras" and see what comes up. The scary thing is that other TomToms clearly use the same firmware/software, so the erratic behaviour I am seeing is also seen on other, more expensive TomToms. I have bought my last TomTom. If anyone knows how I can trade this thing in for a Garmin please reply here.
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on 2 October 2011
I had read many reviews of the 82x and 100x TomToms containing a lot of complaints, so when I took the risk and bought one I was relieved to find that most problems seem to have been overcome. Updating maps, speed cameras and live traffic info work OK, and the integrated mount works well. The screen is clearer and the instructions better than my old "One".
What doesn't work? Well the MyTomTom software used for updating is pretty poor e.g. while you start downloading the initial map update (about 1hr) it immediately reports "your maps are up to date" - reading the many complaints I suspect this leads a lot of people to quit before it has downloaded. MapShare is not yet available and the memory (which is 95% full with European maps) cannot be increased because the SD card slot is not yet enabled. What is amazing is that these devices have been on sale for over a year, with both these features trumpeted in the sales blurb and no prominent mention that they don't work.
So while I am pleased with the device and it is great at the job, I have given only 3 stars because of dishonesty/incompetence on behalf of TomTom. Full marks for Amazon though.
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on 6 September 2011
I bought this to replace an aging Tomtom One XL V1, and so far been very happy I used it next day for a trip and the planning was so much faster than my old model also love the spoken street names and the advanced lane guidance when on motorways was very helpful, the only gripe I would have if any was that before my first trip I connected it to the PC and had to wait about 40 mins for updates to download and install which delayed me going out, but once that was done everything great, would recommend, I choose this over the 820 model for the 5" Screen which is easier to see but I dont see me ever driving in Europe but you never know but for the £20 extra over the UK only 820 model with smaller screen I think it was worth it.
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on 21 April 2012
Went through the set up easy, first journey entered my destination every thing was great. Directions, clarity of screen, voice, instructions etc. Good buy I thought.

Second journey switched on and enterered destination. TomTom said searching for a valid GPS signal. Oh, I thought, its the area it will pick it up in a minute. So I started driving; 10 minutes later still no GPS signal and I am lost. Eventually had to phone a colleague who directed me as I drove to my destination. Arrived for an important appointment 15 minutes late.

After the appointment, tried again for homeward journey again, no success. Later that day I did a reset and picked up a GPS signal. Great I thought, thats fixed it but no. Switched it off and the next time I switched it on I lost the GPS and had to reboot again.

When I went to look for support it turns out that this is a known issue to TomTom across most of their models and is on their Website. There is a supposed fix on the Website but the instructions and guidance are completely hopeless. They give instructions which are simply incorrect. For example, to identify the Software version they say go to Settings and then select MyDevice. Guess what? There isn't a my device menu in TomTom 825 its actually in Status & Information. When I finally found it and checked the version it appears the software version on the device is not the most recent. The fix instructions say go to the MyTomTom application connect your device and it will automatically update. Guess what? I connected to MyTomTom and it tells me my device is up to date. I have looked to see if there is a way I can force an install of the latest software but there are no such instructions on the TomTom. Finally, I thought I would contact TomTom direct but Guess what? There is no information on how to do this either by phone or email on their site. So I have finally given up and my device is being returned to Amazon today.

It is interesting to note that when I went through the return process on the amazon site I didn't have the option of a replacement. When I checked on Amazon today, despite having 6 in stock they have removed it from sale.

Final conclusion, at the moment I wouldn't go near a TomTom with a barge pole. I would happily buy this device again in the future but only if I am reassured that:-

1. TomTom have finally resolved this problem; and
2. They get their customer support sorted out so that the information on their site is accurate and customers experiencing technical difficulties are guaranteed the facility to be able to contact them and get the different levels of support they need.
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on 1 October 2012
Wow what can I say? When it works it's generally very good but there are a ridiculous number of problems with it. I won't bore you with all of them but will mention a few points.
We used this in France and Spain this summer and found the google live search option very good - it enabled us to find hotels, petrol stations and restaurants at will. What really disappointed us throughout the 3,700 mile round trip was the constant failure of TomTom to know the speed limits on roads that were not new and had been present for many years. This fundamental flaw caused a lot of annoyance and could have been expensive (if stopped by the police) and dangerous. In addition, the live option we had was, at times, hopeless. In two French towns in particular, where there had been road works for some time - installing tram lines - the device was unable to cope with this and sent us round in circles. We eventually used the old fashion method - a map! It was far easier. Finally throughout the trip, the device was slow to plot routes and froze on a number of occasions and even shut itself down on three occasions. Once again, fortunately, we were also using a map, but this kind of killed the point of having a sat nav.
In the uk, it has performed generally very well but again there has been annoyance with traffic cameras as it constantly asks if a camera is still present or not. Not particularly safe when driving. TomTom really need to sort themselves out and spend a bit of money on decent R&D. They've squeezed out most of the other companies and seem happy to rest on their laurels.
Final gripe. Upon receipt, I could not use it straight away but had to update it immediately as they knew there was a problem and a patch had to be downloaded. Once again, on a new model, perhaps I could understand, but on one that has been around for sometime they should be ashamed!
Amazon have been fantastic and I'll be returning the unit and looking elsewhere. Hope this helps other.
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on 14 August 2012
I bought the Go825 Live ready for a long cross Europe trip. My old Go700 would have been illegal in France even though the Speed cameras were out of date. Not sure how much longer it will keep going for and did not want to get stuck in some back Italian ally somewhere. Having read may reports from users I was rather nervous about buying another TomTom product however the GO700 had always been reliable so I took the plunge and bought the Go825 Live. After a small amount of time the 825 connected to My TomTom web site and I managed to get the map upgraded OK. I think I am quite tech savvy however I can understand that many folk out there may have difficulties with this.

I first used the device to run up to Lincoln from Romford. Very impressed, all worked well and the Live service was tremendous. Come the big trip again I was very impressed as I was directed to my hotels in Frankfurt, Innsbruck, Pesaro and Sorrento with ease with over 2 hours of traffic jams avoided. I just love the way it asks you when a quicker route has been found around a traffic delay and you answer using the voice command. The sound volume was OK and most of my millage was completed in a convertible with the roof down.

It was on the way back along the Amalfi drive that things started to go wrong. Turned on my 825 and up came the splash screen. The map failed to appear but splash screen was followed by the TomTom wording up the left side of the screen. This would disappear after a few seconds and back came the splash screen. This screen cycling went on for a good 20 minutes or so. I eventually managed to turn it off by keeping my finger on the on / off button for a good 10 seconds. This problem has reoccurred several times on my trip home and on one occasion in Florence it took over 40 minutes to get the dam thing going. I am now back in cool UK temperatures and the problem still exists. I guess it will have to go back which is such a shame because I have really grown to love it. As some other reviewer has said when it works it works brilliantly.
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on 7 July 2012
I bought TomTom GO 820 Live through Amazon. there was a fuel cashback promotion of £30. i replaced my old one for this. when i received the device, i claimed the cash back next day. it returned to say that i need to attach serial no.photograph, which was not there where they said it would be . i had already sent a photo of serial no. found on the tomtom box, but was not acceptable. finally i managed to speak to them and they told me where to look for (their help line is 9 am to 5 pm-mon to fri only). i found it- had to remove tomtom "LOGO" to see it, (not very easy to capture)-sent it again- this was 3rd time i had done it. TomTom have refused to pay me cash back value of £30,as my claim was "time expired" i should have claimed it within 7 days. after lots of complaints/arguments they have extended my live cover by 6 months- six month of live cover for £30?.i had no choice but to say yes as it was take it or leave it, no other options. i think this tentamounts to "cheating". i request every one considering buying it to be very careful. the company is at best "dishonest". it is a good product though.
I also have comments for i complained to them about what tomtom did and they took no actions whatsoever and told me to take it up with tomtom, i find this intriguing. i believe that whoever sells the product should be responsible to fulfil any promotional offers, i bought it mainly attracted by the promotional value of £30 cashback, and should be telling the provider companies to honour the promotion OR refuse to sell their products on their website.Dr Vyas
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This was bought as a replacement for my trusty 720 and the Co-pilot installed on my android smart phone.

The significant improvement over the 720 is the speed with which it starts and picks up the satellites, usually in under a minute if it remembers where you last switched off. If you are in a completely different place to when you last used it, it can take a few seconds longer.

The quality of the routing far exceeds the Co-pilot for android, highlighted on a recent journey, it took the route I know to be the fastest while the phone wanted to take me on a journey that was 20 miles longer. I also like it when it tells me that I have reached my destination `on the left' or `on the right'.

The suction cup which is now integral to the device is well designed and holds up impeccably when stuck to the windscreen. However, I tend not to use it in my car as the windscreen is some distance away from the driving position, sometimes making it less easy to see. I have the 820 installed on a Brodit clip on the dashboard within fingertip reach of my steering wheel. Easy to access while on the journey without having to lean right forward.

The Tom Tom live is very good and keeps up to date. For instance, during one journey there was a huge back log off traffic on the opposite carriageway through road works and this was shown on the device. On my return journey about two hours later no delays were reported and sure enough there were no longer any delays. Very impressive.
It is also a dinky little device, solid build quality and looks good.

I didn't have any problems connecting it with a windows 7 laptop though I do prefer the old Tom Tom Home program that I used with my 720.
My only irritation with the device is the design of the USB socket, proprietary connection only.

All in all, Tom Tom have again brought out a capable sat-nav that outperforms the rest, not only on the routing but also on the live traffic updates.
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VINE VOICEon 16 February 2012
Feb 14th 2012

Its far too late as this has been on the market a year; but today TT finally updated the firmware and the download fixes a lot of problems, plus the SD card slot is now enabled.

Now it works fine; but should not have been sold without the promised functionality it was sold as having.

I had a very capable TT520, which has failed - hence a new unit.

TT820 UK
In use, the voice has been clarified to hear better.
A lot of functionality has been removed - but there's enough to get on with.

Keyboard, why have a different screen for numbers and letters, makes inputting a postcode tedious; but it works.

POI, none - there are no POI's in the 'community share' option, there were thousands for the TT520 and I like the A##a supermarket petrol stations, cos they are cheaper by far.

Mount, it's fixed to the back of the unit; but works well.
The USB cable wraps around it for storage.
Annoyingly they have changed the standard USB socket to a mini version, meaning my old cables are useless.

In use - the Live traffic saved me 5 minutes on a blocked road into my home town.
yesterday I encountered a water mains road blockage, the satnave then told me no rout was possible on re-planning.
I had to ask a rather thick navvy; "Turn left and then left at the next roundabout!" Even when I got to 50 feet of the destination, the unit then told me to turn around and go another 2 miles in a circle to get to the house I could see, only when I parked did it tell me I was there!

It also tells me my house is in the next village, 2 miles across opem fields, or 5 miles by road.
I live in a big town.
Rather worrying as I need to find pensioners remote houses in strange places to assist them.

New firmware seems to have updated this problem, but not fully tested as yet.

At the moment - its better the Devil you know.
Looked at friends Garmin - having used a TomTom, it is not comparable nor as easy and satisfying to use. Garmin is rather mickey mouse after TomTom, hence my purchase choice of the TT820
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on 7 April 2012
I have had no end of problems with this product since I purchased it 2 weeks ago (end March 2012). Once turned off after using and then turning on again for another journey, it constantly 'freezes' which means I have to run a complete restart almost daily. This may be a faulty product my friends who have the same Tom Tom complain of the same malfunction. This is frustrating and not what I expect from Tom Tom!
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