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3.6 out of 5 stars43
3.6 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
Price:£11.95+ £4.06 shipping
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on 23 September 2010
Not much time to write a detailed review, however, very disapointed. I think the first Hawx game was better! Such a shame. IMO the graphics on this are poor - some of the pre-rendered cut scenes have dreadful blocking of similiar colours. You can't pick your planes for the missions. Most of the missions are boring and too samey. Not much sense of speed. The dog fighting is pretty poor. They seem to have messed up the control / feel of the plane to.
Fingers crossed the next Ace Combat will be here quickly ~ this doesn't even come close to the PS2 AC games.
Best flight sim on PS3 is IL2, best flight arcade remains HAWX(1) then Heroes Over Europe then finally at the bottom...this.
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on 13 February 2014
[All the following refers to at highest, Medium difficulty settings for the game, possibly even slightly lower, I forget!]

1) You cannot complete some missions without playing through them at least once and working out which part of reality is being twisted, thus how to complete the mission according to the game's contrived algorithm, rather than how you would LOGICALLY go about it based on the information given to you, what you can see in advance of flying just 100m from it (too late then!) and the given weapons available etc.

2) Speaking of which, the game is so un-intuitive that it even gives you sudden new weapons or manoeuvres to perform, like precision bombing, which you haven't ever practised! Without telling you how they can and CAN'T be used, often. Annoying to get a 'Wrong Plane Position' message, or 'Target Too Close' message. OK, WTF are the distances, then? Sure it tells you ONCE, and you have to remember, from ten missions back!
Whilst counting-down a timer to give you pressure! Failing and repeating is inevitable - NOT the hallmark of a good game in the hands of a (reasonably) skilled player, is it? NOT rewarding, just tedious as others have mentioned. Most missions may not have these issues, but are STILL very often unintiutive to work out how to complete them in the ONE playing. Like you get in real life - no second chances. Any game worth a toss enables 'natural' gameplay like this, not repetitive 1980s-Arcade-style trial-and-error... you'd think things would have progressed, right?

3) All the above is made the worse by the poor control system. OK, I'm still new to PS3 (yes, in 2014!) but I've been playing games since 1985 at least. Poor controls are poor controls, and the finesse offered by the PS3 controller is limited for certain games (shooters, flight sims etc) but HAWX2 even manages to mess that up and make it worse than its potential! POOR. I got more used to it, but by that time had nearly-completed the game's Story Mode. Also as other posters have commented, the control system is limited by the game's own contrived way of handling the control input... HAWX on PC was a joy to play, even with the same issues mentioned in points 1 & 2 above. At least it didn't make it artificially hard ON TOP OF the limitations/mistakes made in the control system.

4) I'm 'Level 21' but never got any weapons upgrades or interesting planes - the F22 handles like a TRUCK compared to the venerable Mig29 (maybe the most realistic part of the game, as the Mig29 and especially the Su27 are manoeuvrable fighters indeed, as is the F22 but not via a Dualshock3 in HAWX2!) This made the game basically about hammering HSMs at fighters and hoping I had enough AGMs (forget using cannon to shoot ground targets due to over-speedy auto-throttle, slow-down when ANY transparency, smoke/explosions are happening at low-level and the controls' lack of precision).
I completed the game, sneered in disgust at the names in the credits, and went to play the Free Flight option. I got to choose from a Mig23 and something WORSE. Great. That's the reward for completing the game? Hmm why? Others have mentioned playing online gets you more... great, what if I'm using my PS3 as entertainment because I have no internet available, for example? Or... cynically driving players to PAY MORE for DLC and whatever the fishy-smelling Uplay from Ubisoft is...

5) AUTO-THROTTLE! Terrible! To fly slow and with precision (how else do you have time to visually-acquire targets that the game's rubbish targeting system fails to do for you?) you HAVE TO hold the BRAKE button down constantly, which leads inevitably to a stall - OR you have to worry about hitting it perfectly in combination to all the rest that is going on, whilst your poor fingers are ALSO having to control the joystick and you NEED to keep two fingers on the rudder buttons to achieve ANY level of accuracy.
Especially when trying to strafe and concentrate cannon fire on... ANYTHING. Which then requires the thumb to be over the 'O' /Circle Button. Meaning you cannot hold down Triangle to 'padlock-view' (lock the camera onto) the target at the same time - which is essential to such targeting in real life OR a game! Then, in addition, you can't see the target clearly for the targeting box around it... until you're close enough to accurately put rounds on target - but you're going too fast due to the auto-throttle, so without accurate controls/targeting to manage a quarter-second burst on-target - you inevitably overshoot and have to go around again (whilst getting hammered with missiles and flak / cannon). BAD GAMEPLAY, NOT REWARDING PROPER SKILL AND EXPERIENCE.

6) Enemy aircraft manage to pull-off ridiculous manoeuvres - even harder to beat than the 'Cobra' manouvre that exists in real life. They can turn 'on a dime', even the cumbersome Mig31s, and whilst this means they stay still in the same patch of airspace for a couple of seconds, you still can't get them with cannon for some reason. THEN they, in a sudden switch from you being on their six, are head-on to you, firing with cannon and HIT YOU. Funny how even if you expect this, after a few practise runs - it's still REALLY hard to hit them, even with a few rounds. Even when they are 'sitting still' for those couple of seconds in mid-air. NOT realistic, for whatever reason. Probably the control/speed/targeting issues.

7) CONTRIVED A.I. and 'assistance' from the game. I'm not talking about the A.I. 'actors' like your wingmen and ground allies... which have been commented upon as being really worthless and unrealistic, never shooting more than 1/100 enemies in a mission. NO, I'm talking about the fact that the whole difficulty of shooting enemies suddenly changes, based on some unknown 'challenge' the game decided to put you on in the middle of a mission!
Suddenly, once the 'challenge' is over, the planes become FAR, FAR EASIER TO SHOOT. This is so ridiculously unbalanced that it spoils the game more than anything else! Artificially-contrived suddenly-on/off hard difficulty, instead of a SMOOTH learning-curve. I could deal with a harshly-steep learning curve that pays-off, but where's the pay-off here?
Maybe the game saw I was struggling and ramped-down the difficulty for me and your experience may vary - but it was so clunky in any case! No game is any fun with this kind of clunky learning curve and contrived obstacles to learning the game's dynamics, is it?

There's no satisfaction in being brutally shot with 30 missiles per minute, that track you really well at times, even if you flip to 170 degrees or more at the last second - whilst YOUR missiles miss unless there's a perfect line-up on the enemy's six and they - suddenly, in this contrived manner - stay still. Whilst the enemy aircraft seem to have many more flares than you do... Then if the game is satisfied that you're masochist-enough to have somehow gotten through this, suddenly it makes every enemy aircraft a sitting duck in comparison.

8) Not specific to this game but related to the control issues:
Why doesn't PS3 and all games developed for it (and the XBoxes should do the same) FOLLOW CLASS-COMPLIANT WINDOWS/DIRECTX JOYSTICK STANDARDS? That way, people can buy a good joystick and at least TRY to use it on their other systems, which the games should be able to support with little impact to gameplay (especially if the controls are far-from-perfect anyway). Whilst the developers can save time if they're familiar with DirectX Joystick protocols... Oh yeah, Sony wants their control and their $ cut, for licensing and such, right? That would be cool if it made for a high degree of integrity for the gaming experience, but DOES IT? On the evidence of this game as one of the leading titles, no it doesn't.
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on 4 October 2010
I had already bought HAWX and enjoyed it so could'nt wait for HAWX2. It has a good story and gameplay is good but the developers should have had longer gameplay and reduced the story that is played out in between missions! Almost all the story seems to take place in dark, gloomy intelligence rooms/bunkers with lots of large screens and intel consoles with lights flickering and bleeping, and a few audio sections as the mission begins.
About a third of the missions are very short and seem a little irrelevant, the graphics don't seem as good as HAWX1, although they look great while at altitude when you go really low the trees look very blocky and unnatural.
Like most games nowadays UBISOFT and HAWX2 seem to put more effort into their multiplayer modes than the central story and peripherals, also 60% of the trophies are for multiplayer mode!

All in all a decent game for players who love aircraft, jets games etc but i'd hoped for more for my money!!
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on 20 September 2010
If you liked HAWX1 or the ACE COMBAT or (if you can remember F22 Raptor) then you will love this game.

After spending considerable time playing this game this weekend I can confidently say that this game is a big improvement over HAWX1.

Now you can do
1. take off and landings
2. Mid air refuelling (which actually requires more precision flying than you would assume.
3. Fly a predator drone
4. Provide air support with a AC130 gunship
5. Better quality graphics and "feel" of the different airctaft

Most important the AI is improved so it is actually more challenging and requires more focus/concentration than HAWX1 did.

One reviewer comapred this to HALO. We should only compare like-for-like. How many games can compare to the HALO series????

This is a really fun arcade style flying game which is a considerable improvement from HAWX1.
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on 31 October 2013
If you have played the previous game this is a great step up and I feel this is better than the first with both the graphics and game play.
If you like high speed action then this will be a good game for you, not great because of some of the flights between check points seem long and slow, but when the action starts (depending on what difficulty you have it set on) can become very intense and will test your reflexes. I would not however recommend this game to anyone who gets motion sickness as I have found myself flying round in circles and loops to get away from missiles and I don't usually get motion sick, I love racing games and they never make me feel sick at all, but I have found myself having to stop every so often for a break.
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on 15 December 2010
Having purchased and played on both the original Hawx and this sequel I found myself disappointed and a little perplexed why they have taken a simple yet fun plane shoot `em up and replaced it with a game which fails to build upon the initial success. The sequel looks rushed and subsequently has taken a step back with a game that is less polished both in terms of visuals, game play and scenarios. Ultimately it doesn't really sit as a fun shoot'em up nor a competent flight sim and results in a frustrating gaming experience which could have promised and delivered more. I would be inclined to revisit the original Hawx than play the sequel again.
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on 24 September 2010
I'm one of the few people who owns a PS3 and a Wii at the same time and still loves both. I'm aware of the differences between those systems' performance and have to say that, where the graphics are concerned, I would be disappointed with them on the Wii; I'm VERY disappointed with them on the PS3! This game looks atrocious in every way.

The gameplay is really outdated, too. In an early mission I was told to get into position on another plane's "7 o'clock". I couldn't tell which way the target plane was oriented so flew close to get a better look... Hey presto! I must have hit the area I was supposed to be in compleely by accident (approaching from the wrong direction) because the game paused and reset itself with me flying alongside the enemy craft perfectly in the "7 o'clock position" at a perfectly matched speed: "Checkpoint reached". There's no realism at all: hit the checkpoint from any angle and the game jumps to the next pre-programmed section where everyone's in the position they are supposed to be in. I don't like that at all, there's no real challenge. The whole feel of flying the plane comes from an eighties arcade game, too! I'm going back to IL2 as soon as I've finished writing this... or Blazing Angels which I have for the Wii; either one of those kicks this game's unmentionable body part!

My main reason for writing this review is that there is no option to invert the Y axis on the camera. You CAN invert the camera but it inverts everything so that pushing left moves right and vice versa! I know this won't affect a lot of players but I always invert the Y axis because I can't play any other way, so for me it makes the camera targeting sequences impossible. I wrote this review primarily to warn those people who expect the targeting reticule to move down the screen when pushing the stick forward but to still move left when you push it left, that there is no option allowing that in the game.

Whether the graphics and gameplay are to your taste is a personal thing and many will have the opposite viewpoint to mine, but not having the option to use the controls the way you want (or need) to is something I would have wished to have known before buying the game. I hope this is useful to someone.

(If I'm wrong and there is an "invert Y axis only" option that I missed, please leave a comment on this review to let me know)
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on 31 January 2011
I would expect something more.. much more from the first one. The addition of landing and take off is nice.i would love though to have to ability to chose my own fighter to complete a mission, like HAWX 1, I wonder why they removed this feature.
Anyway I enjoyed playing it I am not thrilled but it could have been much much much better..
Guys... give freedome to the gamer next time.
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on 3 December 2010
I think that H.A.W.X 2 has recieved some low ratings some I will stick up for it. It's a lot of fun with a variety of missions and planes. It is very enjoyable to fly such a variey of planes and makes it more interesting.
The graphics are very good and the multi player is also good with a lot of unlockables and things to do...but it does get a bit boaring.
When I read reviews, many people said its not as good as the first one but is better in some ways-well I don't have the first one and I really enjoyed this-its will keep its place on my shelf.
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on 24 March 2013
Having played ace combat (which I loved) and then playing this game, I thought that the feel of flying wasn't quite as fun.
There really does need to be a flight sim for the ps3 or the Xbox if your one of those ;)
There is a gap in the market, and if one publisher can pull there finger out and create a decent flight/fighter sim then there is huge potential profits!
But back to the game, basically it's not bad but could be a lot better!
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