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VINE VOICEon 19 August 2011
Alright let's get it out of the way, yes it's cheap and cheerful, a little bit plasticy ut what do you expect for something that's over £100 cheaper than the official ( and overpriced! ) Canon item? I bought it for my 5D as I was not going to spend £140 on button on a wire! All I wanted was simply the ability to trigger once and hold the shutter in bulb but having seen the , for the most part, positive reviews I decided to take a chance on this item. Contrary to what others have said I don't think it's any more or less plastic that any other gadgets you get these days but they are knocking out a digital timer with a very specific purpose so they have to cut the costs somewhere to keep the costs down for you the consumer.

So what do you get? Well you get the gadget on about 3 feet of cable and the adapter you require, in my case the 3 prong 5D type. First silly niggle. The plug is L shaped and as it inserts the L shape pushes the lead towards the front of the camera! Bit daft, as it means that it will be forever pulling down and eventually expose the wires and fail, not very bright that bit, better has it go straight down. The box itself has a very clear 2 inch LCD display, two control buttons and a joystick/D-pad type of control for changing the values, finally the shutter button with a lock sleeve that you can freeze the shutter down for those bulb shots.

When you come to operate the gadget you get to set the delay, length and interval. So you can choose how long before the first shot gets triggered, how long the shot(s) will be and when you have set the number of shutter activations, how long between each shutter activation. Each of those timers can be set to a max of 99 hours, 99 mins and 99 secs, a bit daft to go that high but they're there if you ever need it! You have a beeper on each movement of a button and each hour/min/sec changes it beeps, luckily you can silence the beeper too! You also get a back-light on the LCD for working in the dark, a nice touch and lock that stop all the controls from being used except the shutter button, nice touch when you have it all set and you find yourself fumbling the dark and mess it all up!

The manual is very comprehensive and runs you through the features quickly in about 5 minutes, clear and concise and for a primarily Asian gadget the English translation is actually very good for a change.

Yes, it's plasticy. Yes it's cheap and cheerful, like I say you're getting the same gadget as Canon's but for over £100 cheaper, you can't really beat that!
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on 18 October 2008
I can't think what the Canon model offers over this. It works perfectly with my 40D and it very easy to use. The only negative is that the shutter release button feels a bit cheap. I wanted it to feel like a camera shutter release button but it didn't. I don't know if the Canon has a better build quality but would hope so seeing as it is at least 3 times the cost. The only reason I'd get the Canon over this is if I was a pro who used it all day every day. I also expected this unit to be smaller. It's about the size of a stereo remote. Buy this one.
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on 7 March 2010
I bought this after reading the previous reviews and decided, after looking in shops at the Canon TC80N3, that I couldn't justify £130 on the Canon one when this offered the same functions for under a third of the price.

Order from BV Electronics was estimated to be delivered between one to two weeks later but arrived next day so top service from them. The item was delivered in a jiffy bag and inside the box was a bit battered but all of the packaging within the box was fine as was the remote. Whether or not the box got damaged during delivery or was dispatched like that I don't know. Either way though the remote was fine.

Initial thoughts were that the plastic isn't the best quality, that the battery compartment cover seems a bit flimsey and the release button certainly doesn't feel as good a quality as my old Canon RS80 remote release. I also managed to pull the metal cover on the connection bit off within about 10 seconds. Might sound scary but the actual connection is fully enclosed and the metal is, I presume, merely there for asthetics. Nothing that a small blod of superglue didn't sort.

I've had a play with it a few times now though and to be honest, despite my initial concerns, the quality of the plastic seems fine for its intended usage. It is fairly comfy to hold and easy to use. Does what it says on the tin really! The display is clear, buttons well spaced and it has a backlight for night time use.

When setting it up for time lapse style shooting it will also autofocus the camera two seconds before the shot is taken if that's what you want. Otherwise leave the lens on manual focus and it won't.

Why anyone would spend three times more on the Canon version is beyond me. Buy this and save yourself some money that can be put towards other equipment.

I've docked it one star due to being able to pull the metal cover off so easily prior to me supergluing it on.
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on 5 September 2008
works perfectly with my 40d, timer function highly customisable ( ideal for time lapse projects) and even comes with 2 duracell batteries.
If you need a remote switch with a timer buy this , it does the same thing as the canon version but costs a third of the price.
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on 24 July 2009
Great little product. Works well and the build quality is good as well.

BUT the manual - WHY? Why oh why doesn't someone spend more than 10 minutes badly translating the one page of information? Maybe I'm a bit thick, but the person that translated this guide was thicker!!!

To review this in the same way they write their manual:

Product nice is, lousy in the manual finding but button is velly good.
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on 7 November 2013
I bought this to try out time lapse photography, but didn't feel I could justify spending out on a Canon unit considering this was a try out.

Unlike the experience of a previous reviewer, the unit sent did fit my Canon 7D OK and worked fine.

Build quality is OK and the fact it doesn't have an off switch doesn't seem much of a problem as long as you don't leave it in it's 'ready state'. Either way a couple of replacement AAA batteries is no real hardship.

I did have one glitch, which I think is most likely the camera. When I selected that the camera should turn itself off after a minute, I found it would only power down after two minutes. This means the camera will stay on if the interval selected is less than two minutes, which does degrade resilience of how long you can keep going on a standard battery. (Still managed 8 hours of shooting though)

However if the interval is greater than two minutes, no problem as the camera powers down, greatly increasing endurance. I also set the camera so that it doesn't display at all on the rear LCD display, which also helps battery life.

Anyway, if you want to have a dabble with time lapse and don't fancy lashing out for Canon original equipment. I think this is a good deal.
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on 31 December 2012
This remote works flawlessly on my Canon 5D mk2 - recently did a timelapse of us decorating our house. Worked well.

Perhaps slightly larger than the Canon equivilent, probably due to taking AAA batteries instead of the C2032 type but having paid less than 10% the cost of the Canon original, I can live with that!

Has lots of features like delay start, adjustable shutter time, number of shots, interval, sounds on/off, backlight, etc. Not used in the field, only playing around the house, but it has proven to work without issue. Looking forward to using it on a photography trip soon :)
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on 17 July 2013
This is a very inexpensive way of achieving time lapse photography with my Canon camera. Unit feels good and works well. Very easy to set up, although supplied instructions are a bit vague. The display is permanently on as there is no off switch. However, as display is LCD this should not have a dramatic draw on battery life.
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on 19 November 2012
Attaches to my Canon 7D no problems.
I don't understand how Canon (or any other brands) can get away charging extortionate prices for add-on equipment which extends the
functionality of their products. You pay enough for their products already, so thank god for cheap imitation knock-offs that do exactly the same job (minus the logo) at a fraction of the price!
This is one example of a good OEM imitation.

The unit is ergonomic and sits comfortably in your hand, all the buttons feel and work well enough for their purpose.
They aren't going to fall out or anything, but they also don't really provide any real tactile feedback apart from a slight click, which seems to have caused a little annoyance to other people according to the reviews I've seen.
But this really isn't a problem and it does what it says on the box, without any fuss.
The LCD is backlit so you can see what you are doing in the dark (providing you can find the backlite button on the device when it's dark. ;)

The only quibble I have is that you can't seem to turn it off and it just stays turned on...forever...or until the battery runs out,
whichever happens first. ;)
You may want to take the battery out manually to power the unit off, but this seems a bit of a hassle, so I guess most people resort to just leaving it on, expecting the drain to be minimal. I am a little worried about the overall life span of the battery since I don't know how much the unit is drawing when in 'standby', but I guess this will not be any more than any old Casio wrist watch. This being true, the battery should last a year or two. I do have visions of the unit dying half way through a unattended shoot, but that hasn't happened yet.

I recommend this unit to anyone not wanting to sell their mother for the Canon OEM equivalent. ;)
4 stars purely because you can't turn the damn thing off to stem battery drain.
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on 26 March 2014
I class myself as quite intuative when it comes to technology and gadgets from working in IT for so long. But i had to resort to reading the manual on this one because I just couldnt get the LCD timer to really work how I wanted it too.

The first test out in the field and I was actually reaching for my old single push button remote, as I couldnt get the intervals working properly.

I possibly need to re-read the manual, and use it for some long exposure timed star trails to really feel the benefit of it.
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